Dracarys vs. Everybody


I never knew why you were all so angry and full of hate always trashing and insulting people it never occured to me that thats how the people have become in The US/UK its shocking but the only person when i think about it from my Entire region that has been like you has been @Lethal-Bacon and thats just 1 player.

So i dont have anything to prove to you anymore i know i am a lot better at you in this game and for outside maybe as well but i have always been kind to everyone here including all of you from Fiasco i can finally say for once i understand you all and i guess thank you for showing me i am better. When your a good person and you know it it can be the most powerful thing.

@NutsNBoltz and everyone that ever insulted me i forgive you and hope you get everything that makes you happy and is good from this game and life.
Who even are you?