First 7 Day Login Reward Discussion Thread


So it is consecutive loggins, not consecutive days.
Got it :)

I think its great. That 100 pop is interesting. If i lost my city with +100 population in it, would whoever took it also get the +100 pop in that city?

The Envoy

If i lost my city with +100 population in it, would whoever took it also get the +100 pop in that city?
The effect is lost upon being conquered.

Would you be able to put the extra population in the inventory?

Doesn't make a lot of sense, since you only have it one time.

To be honest, we are thinking about a similar (stackable) effect for the upcoming oracle prophecies. But in that case, it would be smaller and only provide +10 population or so.


You keep it permanently, once you lose the city it disappears. Great work on thinking outside the box :)

King Leo

The 9 hour of 30% attacking bonus your troops get on the 7th day is also awesome :D
And the 100% refill of favor on day 6 and 100% refill of all resources on day 7.


It says you get it your first seven days on a server. What if I am on an older server where I have already signed in 7 days, do I automatically get them or do I need to login 7 more days?

The Mad Monarch

Will players that are playing now still be able to get the 100 pop bonus? I sure hope so.


lets say ive beenplaying for 10 days and my city is taken. i accept all the awards. do i get to try and get them back or atleast the +100 pop when i restart the orld?

now lets say ive played 10 ays. i haven collected any rewards and i get conqured. do i sill get tousethem in the new city?


Very useful, but the question has to be asked what happens after the 7 days, if this ends then we will be worse off than we are now, if it continues then that will be a good thing, the only negative point is when you accept the daily rewards that have troops it puts you in the red with population if you do not have enough when activating the reward, maybe they should look at an alternative reward in place of the troops if the activation of the daily reward should put the population into negative figures.


well maybe this will get players to stop blaming inno for more worlds...this kind of improvement is all we need :D
next thing we need is a better way for messaging


So that means in one of my cities I will get extra 100 pop? And do that thing remains in city after city is conquered? I mean that if I take city from someone, who have accepted that 100 pop reward, is that city have extra 100 pop?


Grepolis is getting serious :D loving the 100 population on day 3!