Closed Grepolis Gods meet Queen Elizabeth II



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2022 is the year the Queen of England celebrates her Platinum Jubilee - 70 years on the throne. Celebrations are taking place 2nd yo 5th June and the Gods of Grepolis have been invited to a state dinner. They are all wondering what gift to bring.

So here the competition is to pick a God and decide what gift they would choose to give to an English Queen. You should also explain why you chose this.

As its the jubilee we have lots of prizes:

3 x 1000 gold plus manti II
5 x 500 gold plus 100 land Expansion
Runners up 50 land expansion - all genuine entries at random as long as stocks last. The mods are the sole arbiters of what is a genuine entry!

So to enter post your gift suggestion, the god and why you chose it.

Good Luck - the competition closes on 31st May at 7pm uk time.
Zeus god. I chose Zeus god because it has manticores myth units.


Zeus would gift her the only thing Zeus gifts mortal and immortal women.

His progeny. Finally giving her the heir she’s always wanted, and given that her late husband was Greek it’s only fitting that it be Zeus to sidle in afterwards.

Oblivious Death

The god will be Zeus, and he will bring the greatest gift of all, Ambrosia. It is said that any mortal who consumes the food of the gods, will be granted immortality. Zeus likes the queen, and wants to see her again for the next jubilee when she hits 100 years on the throne.

I think it would be a funny and unexpected gift, seeing as most everyone has heard the rumor the Queen is already immortal considering her long life and presence on the throne!


Grepolis Team
Ok everyone here is eligible for a small land expansion token so please message me with the world to collect it. You all have 1 more day to enter and then i will give out the prizes.