How has the PLAYERS of Grepolis changed?


Epsilon is now in my head as the best server EVA!

still in glorious Delos

Nice quotes boys!!!!

I've always tried to lead The Open Source Government with style and class while we try to kick some !!! =)

EN5 - Epsilon - 250 member cap, OSG was MRA, 1st run out, The SWARM evolved passed us. "Lube" always got the job done /w them. OSG had many pacts, knew many People in O34 area, O56 ED ZAPPA ran very well, and smashed out One For All...over time, they did well also!!! Original world, farmed the villages by attacking them instead of demands, Hades was not around....

EN20 Upsilon - ??? member cap, we sure didn't hit it. Some newbie in O75 area attacked The Four Twenty/Bone Heads and then it was all downhill as they jumped more than they could chew, lmao. Up to 6 cities, restarted, O86 area, others in the area didn't like us growing and was a nice little war there....which we lost (I think 4-5 oceans on us, something like that, haha). Came here b/c of 2.0 upgrade, which eventually came to all worlds, lol. Wonders and Hades is why we left Epsilon for Upsilon..."Up"grades. :p

EN29 Ephesus - 120 Member cap, we had a NICE run here. O57 starting point. Ate O58 south of us. The Undead Army didn't have enough life to take us on, was over quickly. Made additional teams as our numbers grew, O46 and O67 were nice battle grounds. Few pact allies worth mentioning: Bloodlust Knights, Island Guardians, Guardians (outgrown by their sub team IG, haha).

Rivals worth mentioning from EN29: Southern World Empire46/Arch Angels/C.D.C/Galaxy Alliance/Schola Nova/Dire Wolves/Eternal Soldiers....all good fun.

EN50 Delos - 500 Member cap, our current OSG world. O24/34 area (fond of 34, so I may eat it on Delos "Elite" Warriors/The Forgotten Ones, a nice 4-5 ocean MRA /w Elites in their mix....Slightly Mean south of us in O35 area, other Rival teams beyond those areas...

Rank Name Points Players Average points
1 Delos Imperium 6997558 99 70682
2 Lacking Diplomacy 5424525 68 79772
3 Exiled Renegades 4452758 74 60172
4 Empire of Death 4265335 58 73540
5 Slightly Mean 4186317 97 43158
6 Delos Elite Warriors 3965625 69 57473
7 Centauri League 3478268 96 36232
8 The Forgotten Ones 2527020 181 13961
9 Aurora 2252531 55 40955
10 HORDE 1934961 73 26506
11 MANOWAR 1850821 40 46271
12 Alpha Wolf 1581811 31 51026
13 League of Warriors 1497269 53 28250
14 Scottish Equilibrium 1303949 171 7625
15 Open Source Government 822122 41 20052

We barely made top 15 here in rankings. Good thing pages aren't top 10 or top 12, haha. :D

As for lack of style, taste, and mutual respect among gentlemen, usually we boot out losers (or who we THINK are losers) from giving OSG a bad name. War? No problem. Spamming up forums, being a crybaby, being dishonourably inactive? *BOOTED*

Not many I'd put in that list. Wavebreaker was never OSG but doubtful he ever would be. (en29)
Scottypilgrim was OSG, thinks DOS attacks are proper ways to fight wars. lol. (no longer OSG). Also got himself booted by being a retard, getting drunk and abusive in forums/messages.
Princess Punk/PORGOMCA (same acct, banned a few times, single day bans, for it, lol). No it's my "wife's" account, I SWEAR!!! LOL. Also booted from OSG. Forum spamming and last word on EVVVERYTHING can get ya booted, even if yer on our main island, you won't be for long....loser.

Being an awesome Player and on 24/7 is a bonus but having some skillz to and being patient and understanding goes a long way. OSG never asks much of our Members, win or die by yer own inactive hands but if you mess /w the gears of war, they'll run over you.

Some Players are simply better off as BP than contributing to the Empire......let them build up nice cities for you to take down the road....think LONG TERM. ;)

Oh, also nice when teams forced into merge or die want founder/leader rights off the hop. utta here!!!! hahaha.

I sure wish Players could take 1/2 their culture to a new world when moving over.....a game unbalancer but a shame when a world dies and all that work restarts at 0 again.....

EN5 Epsilon I was 60/64 cities for my best personal far. :)