Top 12 Kasmenai Top 12 Sink or Swim


Listen I'm sure you're good players, I'm fairly certain I know ranga from helike (although a slightly different name) so if he's the same guy then he's an awesome player. The truth is you're so far away from anything of significance on this server you don't even qualify as a border skirmish for us. I get that goauld shot his mouth off and got found out but he's seen more war here than most of your alliance put together bud. To sit there boasting about the cities you take from us when most of them are 15 hour + TT from where our alliance is grouped together (in the core where all of the real fighting happens) is a bit dopey really.


well done guys, looks like you're having fun out there in the back end of nowhere taking inactives or cities so far from any form of defence that you can attack at will. No natural enemies, it's almost like you're having a war on your own lol. You are officially the heroes of Ocean 75 (you can't hear it but I'm giving you a round of applause right now).
:D always with the "all your city takes are inactive anyway" line...your right, every time we attack an active player that player seems to go inactive, happens over and over again. Pretty good skill right? So far from any form of defense? I beg to differ with the 422 cities in 065 you guys have (5 times as many as us) surely some of it is defense? I mean you tried to defend it, but 40k troops and what 5k birs wasn't really enough, but hey if you think that's a war on our own then grepo has changed. We have no internals, all we do is fight enemies.

The point of my post was to show what a moron goauld was, I think I proved that. Yes i understand we far from anything but who doesn't want to show off killing that amount of defense :D Have you ever killed that many transports drubzie? But I suppose it doesn't count right cos all we do is attack inactives :D
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Or maybe you just target the wrong people. All I get is a blind attack here and there and some free BP. I even built my walls and 50 Cerberi for you! What do I get? A 600 hop hit without cats on one of my little cities that I dont care if you take XD


Take a few cities noob so my morale doesn't defeat me more than your troops and then ill attack you as much as you want. I suppose you are fairly busy with school though, so I understand why you have only taken 1 city this year....


Yeah I am especiallt with drivers ed taking up 2 and 1/2 hours 4 days a week right now. I am on a lot less than what I like. Anyway, will have a few more cities soon ( and by that I mean in 12 hours or so ). :p


1) DBD / DBD Genesis - Shitty BP, MRA, Bunch of simmers. GP sucks. Gonna sink once their defense buff wears off. Buncha noobs.
2) IO - Swim. Dominating all the oceans.
3) LMS - Massive sausage fest. Sink.
4) Noc - Swim. Takes the crown, wanna bet?
5) TD - Getting whooped on by NSD. Sink.
6) 4H/4.1H/4.2H/4.3H - Elite, tight-knit. Definitely not an MRA. Float, then swim when they make 4.4H
7) TIMBER WOLVES - Way more bite than bark. Definite swim.
8) Sword of Damocles - I prefer taking arrows to the knee, rather than swords. You guys suck. SINK.
9) Crazy Knights I - I hate your name. Float.
10) Chrome Angels - Who?
11) The Kingdom - Swim. You guys are 1337.
12) Guardians of Hades - I, also, hate your name. Swim


WTF is that? That must of taken a bit of time but very good, I am happy we have analyzers in the world :D:D:D:D