Top 12 Kasmenai Top 12 Sink or Swim


Im all alone ... without alliance atm ... dont know anything about revolt so probably i will sink ... plus i dont know how to swim even though i live in seaside city :heh:

One Trick Pony

Be nice to see a top 12 next week or so, though most will be "MRA SINK"

But as long as my alliance stays top top 10 im happy for now!


Just to save this forum alive I made my early predictions. I did not intend to insult or hurt anyone.. this is my subjective view.

+ good position, solid average. Looks like these guys played together in Emporion, Golgi but never was close to top teams.
- unknown quantity at this point, academy, Caps Lock
float. (due to position)

2. Seven Deadly Sins - o45/o55
- bad position, unknown quantity at this point

3. Old School Grepo Legends - o55
+ most experienced players in this world, good position, leadership
- cheesy name

4. Black Flag - o54
+ one more small top20 group from World Golgi
- unknown quantity at this point, academy

5. EPIDEMIC - o45/o44
+ few experienced players
- bad postion, Caps Lock
float/swim. (if they eat SDS fast enough and take their best players)

6. Criminally Insane - o54
+ good position, few experienced players. It will be interesting to watch how they split the ocean with Black Flag.
- low average

7. Join Or Die - o44
- bad position, low average, unknown players.
sunk. (should be dead soon after BP ends or become DOMINATORS 3rd wing)

8. Nocternos - o44
+ experienced players from World Abdera. War with DOMINATORS group will be decisive.

9. The Vanguard - o55
+ One more Golgi team with few experienced names
- bad position
sunk/float. (if they move outside core oceans)

10. Black Flag Pirates - o54
+ few experienced players
- Black Flag's academy

11. Grave Robbers - o55
+ few experienced players, good average
- position

12. Wolves in the Fold - o44
- bad position, low average, unknown players.


Here is my attempt as the forum is dead seems even the trolls have gone on holidays.My Swim/Float/sink/drown are next 4 weeks so will do another one then.
Top 12 alliances

1 Old School Grepo Legends & 3 Next gen grepo Legends 538102 /404482
Last 7 days growth - 319839/267433 pts ABP -59294/44476 Conquests-42/29
Some big names from past worlds , some might believe they diluted themselves with the merger however this has not been the case.Over 600k growth and 100k abp so definitely going in the right direction OGSL have lead the alliance attackers for the majority of the last 7 days and the second alliance will need to post better stats as morale world is all about bp .Good leaders who know how to win worlds and have settled new players in well.This is an alliance who will be around for as long as they want , boredom ,complacency or a mass coalition will be their biggest threat.They have cored up well in a few oceans , they do have a few players in wrong oceans so a case of ensuring they get to the core as unit speed is slow so could lose a few cities to late post but generally seeing clusters in right place


2 EPIDEMIC 482743
Last 7 days growth-296142 pts ABP -66232- Conquests-51

This is the alliance i am in so will try not to be bias. This is more then a premade alliance there has been aggressive and sensible recruitment with the few outside the core being friends or recommended.This is an alliance that knows how to defend and have yet to lose a city but they have made efforts to be more offensive and have taken 2nd place and may take 1st but will need to ensure they are balanced.There is a balance to their council and have targets but need to know when to be strong and when to be more open. however this is not about the gogli core in fact a lot of stats are down to new recruits and starting to see great teamwork.Have pacted well and starting to cluster south 044 and 045.Have to contend with Seven deadly sins and Dominators x 564 but so far holding well


4 Seven Deadly Sins 396346
Last 7 days growth- 267433 pts Abp-41736 conquests-17
They were one of the front runners early game and saw a dip with a few top players moving ,but merged with Masters of rogue chaos and have climbed back up so they are here for now.I feel they pacted poorly as they were approached at the start and ignore dialogue which means they are confident they will rule 045 , I think we are at war with them but seems very disjointed as they were no where near the majority of our players and seems driven by the main players .Whilst going through the merger they lost a few cities but have shown good growth .I feel the next 3 weeks is key for them if they have a few good ops and results then they will be one of the front runners if not then may see a few more leave.They do however have a few great players and a top 5 fighter.Not sure the name makes sense as the SDS are based in greed selfishness
Float- For now next 3 weeks is key

Last 7 days growth -205997 pts Abp - 189400 Conquests- 9
I have only done the main alliance as will take too long.i do not know what the plural for MRA is but it may become known as Dominators . You have good growth but poor conquests , there is more then one way to gain cities then recruitment.I will reserve judgement as i hope that 3 alliances will be the limit if not you lot alone might kick us into WW stage early.So will need to settle down as have players that do hit back and aggressive so just need to follow suit as lost a few cities to impact on growth.They have the majority in 044 so may cluster up but will say they lost some top players early on.Time will tell how they do but every world has an MRA but MRA can work so just need to sack your recruiter as s/he might not know how to say no.
Float-For now only because will take longer then 3 weeks to take out that many players-

6 The Lost Boys 291759
Last 7 days growth- 224160 Abp- 44022 Conquest-16
Not at all Lost in fact seem organised and great growth good conquest and good core south 045/054.They have great players and not to be ignored but the tests will come later as the rim opens up and bigger alliances expand but impressed .Some of you have not hidden your names very well but good to see you in this world and hoping in a few weeks they are one of many challenging then one of two coalitions. Great players good leadership and great growth .

7 Nocturnos 278455
Last 7 days growth- 149197 abp-26351 Conquests-6
Not great growth and have fluctuated lately , 6 conquests are not enough for 75 players .This maybe because they are in 044 and have pacted too well that restricts growth but will need to become more aggressive otherwise will find an issue when the bigger alliances enter. You have some well known players so maybe when the inactives go you will climb up.
Drown- Not as an alliance but top 12 not sure the growth will come but you have good core of players

8 Criminally Insane 275974
Last 7 days Growth-156247 Abp-31172 Conquests-4
Like this alliance because of the name and reason behind the allaince. This is not the same CI of Helorus but they have good ethics and good people .They have been in top 12 since start and have stalled in growth lately maybe over pacted but early in game so steady growth is just as good. In an ocean of many premades but seem safe for now and as long as they get more aggressive then they will be around for a while.
Float- Will stay top 12 but top 6 will need a war

9 The Varangian Guard 258556
growth last 7 days -178442 Abp-42214 Conquests- 11
This is one of my tips for the world came later to the world and have great average pts average bp and great stats .They have a few players in top 50 fighters so will be a challenge for the top alliances.This is a rim alliance and on morale worlds this can be a blessing as easier to work in then out .Due to being a premade they have clustered well they can build up smartely and work their way in , their growth will depend on pacts but with the roster they may just not need to pact
Swim- on of the outside bets , we will see who else joins

10 Black Flag Pirates
Last 7 days growth-151463 abp-21588 Conquest-4
Started off well and have stalled somewhat , another premade but seem to of pacted too well that may of stunted growth.Good players but have only 1 player in top 50 attackers but a few in top 150.They do know each other so capable of playing to a system but if they are to stay in top 12 will need growth and conquests .Another that shares an ocean maybe another that needs a war but maybe not yet.
Float- will stay in top 12 because of experience but to go next level need to up their game
11 Death Before Dishonor 214363
Growth last 7 days-138117 Abp-24379 Conquest-0
Looks like you lot chose Death , unfortunately wrong ocean , no1 and no3 alliance is not great .You have stagnated and have lost a few players lately but i have been in your position keep plugging away and maybe look at a new ocean.You have defended well but to keep cities from your enemies you are going to have to up your game.Sorry hate to see alliances go to wayside so early but looks bad.
Drown- Wrong shared ocean and not enough experience

12 Wolves of Destruction. 170110
Growth last 7 days - 83078 abp -15625 Conquest-0
Decent growth for not full roster if they move a few players into first alliance will have a higher ranking but have 2 fairly even alliances.They are at war with Dominators so will need to become aggressive and take the war to them but will like to see how they get on.Pacted or nap smartly but will need to offer more to ensure they are not over run.good roster need more growth and also take a few cities but for now they will yoyo in top 15 until they consolidate.
Float/Sink-This is a top 12 prediction will need Dom taken out and then they need to take advantage as harder alliances then them.

This is just an opinion if i have insulted anyone then oh
I hope for once we can get an even world with the top 12 not cuddling up against 2-3 alliances .I hope the smaller less experienced dont give up as seen so many noobs become top top players.Please dont take any offence as just going by stats , i will do another one in 4 weeks.



rachidc said:
Some of you have not hidden your names very well but good to see you in this world and hoping in a few weeks they are one of many challenging then one of two coalitions
great top 12 and pretty accurate i think too...not hiding our names very well ? that damn Mr.Goodkat :D

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The conquest counts are INCORRECT for the time this was made (and for some time before that). Particularly in the case of the 2 you said will drown, Nocturnos and Death Before Dishonor.

Interesting read, but inaccurate.