Lambda Wars Revised


This is how it is right now:

KOF vs IS and Myriad
OOC vs IOH, IS and Myriad (They are doing surprisingly well actually, except Myriad doesn't have too big of a part in attacking OOC)


I am actually the old leader of OOTS, but when things went downhill I quit the game over the summer (of 2011) but I had been talking with friends over fb and I came back. Since I could be closer to my alliance I took over pedrohe3's account but for some reason, I still have my old forum account because my accounts in Iota and Psi are not deleted yet =P
(they are up for deletion, I just forgot to delete them earlier)
So yeah, thats the update so far and is really whats going on. OOC is really doing a lot of the fighting though and to MY surprise, Myriad is doing a lot of fighting too.

So update it please bud.


You forgot even though im not paticularly fighting im waiting preparing ever little of my forces for IS and their cronies lol