Mobile UI Feedback Thread

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
We've recently published a new devblog article showcasing our new mobile UI for the hybrid app. If you have any feedback about this update please share it with us here. You can read the article here on our devblog.


So basically we can't check what troops do we have in our city now LOL. There's no option to see the troops we have, pretty bad move this new interface...

Reimu Hakurei

You have to go into agora...... Big oversight. there's just empty space on the left side of the screen where current troops in the city should be.
I play on a different server but I had to register to share my thoughts because this is.... TLDR: JUST REVERT ASAP THIS NEW UI IS TRASH! This update feels like it was made by "developers" who don't play the game or the intern was sat infront of computer and told no paycheck until you do something, but don't make this something any good!

Just revert the update, or give us the option to choose between this mess or the previous one. The 1:1 copy of the browser version wasn't perfect in every aspect but everyone would choose that over the current one.

Quick bar that is a part of a PAID benefit is completely removed from the phone where it was at least twice as important to open buildings and such. Paired with this new UI that makes the easiest one click steps to access important elements into Mortal Kombat like 10-20 precise button presses just makes it even more important! If the UI stays bring it back ASAP!!!!

We can all agree that one of if not the most important option is the unit movements overview. WHY DOES IT NOW TAKES 4 CLICKS AT MINIMUM TO GET TO??? Plus I assume since its hidden we don't even get the flashing red swords showing we are attacked. (Not sure, need to test, maybe its like in the other app.) We need to open the menu, swap to the 2nd button layout, click the overview, that puts us to the trades and from then switch to the unit movements.
(Just noticed we have a build and train overview button only when in town view, on the top left I'm dying you guys are something of a different breed holly!!!!!) FUN FACT THE TRAINING OVERVIEW BUGGED FOR YEARS NOW NO ONE USES IT BUT THERE IS NO BUTTON FOR THE UNIT MOVEMENTS CONGRATS!!

Where are the units??????????????? I know its not that important in a strategy game that's about attacking and defending with said units. (SARCSM) but holly f....... how do you sit there and "develop" something for weeks probably and not think about the basics? (Plus you removed the quick bar great job once again I can't get over that fact sry)
I need to swap to the town, open the pole thing (don't know it in English), and swap from culture to units in the town? Or go to the barracks and docks?

I stop right now cause I just getting more and more mad.
Its not the fact that you guys trying to update the game WE REALLY DO APPRICATE THAT even after how many years.
It is that we had a 1:1 mostly working copy of the browser layout with every feature as on the browser, everyone was familiar and stuff and it worked. And just like that we got an obvious DOWNGRADE that's not optional and it is completely killed the mobile version.

You guys started this new app and made it into the old app ... just sayin... please REVERT!!!!


I agree with the above replies. This update is a hot mess. By no means was the other version perfect but it was a lot better then this and what we had on the old app. Please give us the option to revert back to the old UI until further changes are made.


Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

You completely trashed the playability of the classic interface! Bring it back NOW!


I like the new menu , but could you make wider is so all are on 2 pages or allow the user to modify the order so we can pick which ones are n the first screen.
Why remove the quickbar?
Where is the building queue in the city screen?
Why can i not see what units are is currently in the city ? there is a big space on the right where this should be..
It is still the wrong orientation, phones are comfortably held in portrait but not landscape orientation. if is fine to use if i place on a table but not when out and about.

The top left unit queue and build queue buttons that you have put in should only show the queues for the city selected , this looks like sloppy programming by just linking them to the existing oveviews , these overview screens are hard to use on mobile and i don't want to have to scroll though all my 100 cities to see what i have queued in the current city. it would be better to have 4 buttons ( or bring back the quick bar) for barracks, harbour , senate and academy in that city

I like the city select and order but unfornately when i then use the left and right button next to the city name at the top it completely ignores the selection and order.

Where is the attack planner button ? captain just shows farming overview.
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At the very least give us the option of switching to the classic interface!

You guys broke it, now fix it!


You are expecting users to learn how to find stuff on the new UI immediately in a game of minutes and seconds.
And the stuff we are used to may no longer even be around in this new UI!

At least release this as a beta and allow us to chuck this version until you address the basic questions like where to see troops and building queue.

Am i mistaken but have the buttons become even smaller with this update??


Hmmmmm …

obviously we have no need for date or time, since everyone who plays this game has their clocks/watches synched to western Europe time.

did you ask any real life players what they thought of this mess? Units hidden, movement hidden, takes forever to get to useful information … don’t do this again!


What has happened, where has all the information gone!

Looks like back to online interface on ipad, the new app layout is lacking all of the information you had before.

Bring back the old app interface!

Queen spunky

I don’t think it is that bad. Ok, there are some stupid things but in overall you actually see things. Lots of improvement ahead but that is Inno, why bother testing when you can just release it and let players do all the testing for you.


I like the clean appearance and definitely more useable for adult fingers on the mobile phone.

I've been trying to train myself to get used to the new layout.... But some really useful quick-glance things are missing.

Having a UI that is close to a PC / Laptop layout... would be cool.... and a lot less brain hurt .... Especially when the Attack Horns are firing off...

PS ... YOU HAVEN'T REMOVED THE ATTACK HORNS......????????????? AND..... No, I don't need anybody testing this theory out on me ....
The Attack Horns is the main reason I have the App.

This version of the App makes the Mobile Grepolis Gaming ....SO Much better than the last version of the App
I insist that others who are serious about the game Install the App....


To Developers.... Love that you dare to make changes... Keeps the rest of us on our toes.... I hope what is being mentioned here and in this thread ..makes the game better for all.

Kind Regards
Space Pirate