Most unhonourable alliance I've seen in my 8 years of playing

I am 100% not doing endgame again, most boring **** I have ever done in my life. Is it really so bad doing something once though?
Step 1: Merging with the 3rd alliance in points, Non aggression pact with the 4th and the 5th
Step 2: "oh no the endgame will be boring we've nothing to fight :( "

Congrats for the victory, your team deserves it but time will be long for you.


I hear there is a new world with a good fighting alliance you could join if this bores you too much?
as much as i want them to play it, lets be serious.. there is no competition on that new revolt, everyone but fiasco is mra food, pretty much the kind of enemies TF likes to have and beat up :)



Step 1: Fully absorb all players from Ghosts and Ghouls.
Step 2: Get beatdown by a much smaller TF
Step 3: Lose
My favorite part about them complaining about us merging is how JD approached those teams first, those teams told JD no, and then came to us for help against JD (all of this after JD merging with the #2 ranked team while we were still ranked 4th). They can be salty all they want, but the teams with brains saw through their charade and left only garbage for JD to recruit.