Operation Herodotus


January 21st, 2010 - World opens.
January 22nd - Notable alliances formed: Phenomen, Army of Aliens, United Aegean Republic, Praetorian Legion, Saints of Tartarus, COIG, Northwest Kindred, Praetorian Guardians, Macedonian Empire, Flame Demolition, Lions, Athenian Navy, Romanian Warriors, Extraho Imperium [see February 25th], Boreas Final Blow [see March 29th], TITANS, Kingdom of Honor.
January 23rd - Serenity formed. (predecessor to Molon Labe). This is Sparta formed. Time Warp formed. Kingdom of Warriors formed.
January 24th - Peaceville formed. Xmortis formed. The Titan Alliance formed. Blood Brothers formed.
January 25th - The Republic formed. Clan Harmada formed. South East Syndicate formed. Flame Demolition begins losing members over the next two month and a half.
January 26th - Mor do Kuli formed.
January 27th - Myrmidons formed. Titanus et Ares formed. Clan Wheel formed. MITHRA formed. Roman Republic formed.
January 29th - United Nations formed. Dark Judgement formed. Romanian Warriors begins crumbling. It takes ten months for the alliance to disappear.
February 2nd - Wolfs Bane formed. Renegades formed. Virtus Phoenix formed.
February 3rd - Praetorian Guardians II formed. Peaceville begins to crumble.
February 5th - The Dead Rabbits formed.
February 7th - Legacy of Pirates formed.
February 8th - Northwest Kindred loses dozens of members over the next month.
February 9th - MITHRA begins to crumble.
February 13th - Kingdom of Warriors loses dozens of members over the next five months.
February 14th - First colonization by thug2605.
February 20th - TITANS begins merging into United Aegean Republic.
February 21st - D.I.E. begins merging into Phenomen.
February 22nd - Kingdom of Honor begins merging into United Aegean Republic.
February 24th - No Surrender formed.
February 25th - Extraho Imperium begins merging into Praetorian Guardians. This is Sparta begins crumbling.
February 26th - StoneCutters formed. Extraho Imperium ceases to exist.
February 28th - Phalanx formed.
March 1st - Phoenix of Carthage formed. This is Sparta ceases to exist.
March 3rd - Serenity merges into Clan Harmada to form Molon Labe.
March 5th - Mirage formed. [Importance questionable.] Athenian Navy begins losing members over a month and a half.
March 12th - Holy Elite Guard of Nub formed.
March 16th - Elite Corps formed.
March 17th - Beginnings of the Xmortis-Myrmidons conflict.
March 19th - Blood Brothers reformed.
March 21st - Time Warp begins to crumble.
March 22nd - Blood Council founders semi-retire. UNA-75 formed.
March 25th - COIG disbands; Knights of the Phoenix forms to take its place. Molon Labe announces merger.
March 26th - Clockateer gains founder rights in Blood Council and old founders are booted.
March 27th - Blood Council becomes Alliance of Defiance; ceasefire with Army of Aliens.
March 29th - Yondo's Declaration; United Aegean Republics becomes United Aegean Empire. Wake of the Kraken formed. Boreas Final Blow begins merging into Saints of Tartarus.
March 30th - The short-lived Knights of the Phoenix alliance begins to crumble.
April 2nd - Boreas Final Blow ceases to exist.
April 3rd - Lions begins crumbling; a large number of members join Xmortis.
April 6th - Virtus Phoenix declares war on Kingdom of Warriors. [approximate date] Roman Republic begins to crumble. The Dead Rabbits begins to crumble.
April 7th - Praetorian Legion begins to crumble.
April 13th - Clan Wheel and Time Warp go to war.
April 14th - Iceni Celtic Elites formed.
April 21st - Army of Aliens declares war on Phenomen.
April 22nd - Time Warp ceases to exist.
April 23rd - United Nations begins to crumble.
April 24th - Molon Labe declares war on Army of Aliens. Flame Demolition begins to crumble. Renegades begins to crumble.
April 25th - Mor do Kuli declares war on Army of Aliens.
April 27th - Divine Angels of Death formed.
April 29th - The Three Kings formed.
April 30th - Children of the Hydra formed. Athenian Navy loses dozens of members over a month and a half.
May 1st - Wake of the Kraken join Myrmidons in their war against Xmortis. United Aegean Empire begins to crumble.
May 2nd - The Republic begins crumbling. Renegades ceases to exist.
May 6th - Flame Demolition ceases to exist.
May 7th - MITHRA ceases to exist.
May 11th - Forty4 formed.
May 15th - Pros Theon formed after a group secedes from Myrmidons; Pros Theon continues the war against Xmortis.
May 21st - Lions ceases to exist; most members join Xmortis.
May 24th - Praetorian Guardians begins to crumble.
June 6th - Forty4 begins crumbling; members join Phenomen.
June 9th - Macedonian Empire crumbles and The Argonauts is formed in its place.
June 12th - The Outcasts formed.
June 16th - Hunters Moon Alliance formed.
June 20th - Northwest Kindred begins to crumble over the course of six months.
June 21st - Titanus et Ares and Clan Wheel begin crumbling; a large number of members join Dark Judgement.
June 30th - The Argonauts begins crumbling.
July 2nd - The Great Spartan Army formed.
July 5th - Mor do Kuli disbands.
July 7th - Molon Labe disbands and reforms. Virtus Phoenix declares war on Kingdom of Warriors. Members of Praetorian Guardians and Praetorian Guardians II join Kingdom of Warriors.
July 9th - Aetolian League formed.
July 10th - The Titan Alliance begins to crumble.
July 14th - Wolfs Bane begins merging into Pros Theon.
July 20th - Kingdom of Warriors begins crumbling. Forty4 ceases to exist.
July 27th - Elite Corpes formed (Reincarnation of Elite Corps).
August 3rd - Titanus et Argos formed.
August 4th - Athenian Navy begins to crumble.
August 12th - Dark Judgement declares war on StoneCutters and Children of the Hydra.
August 15th - Members of Holy Elite Guard Of Nub split and join Xmortis.
August 18th - Pros Theon looks at alternative merger options.
August 19th - The Forgotten Legion formed.
August 25th - Fall of Pros Theon.
September 2nd - The Republic ceases to exist.
September 3rd - eGOD reinstated as King of Molon Labe. Battle Hardened Spartans formed. Spartan Swords formed. The Dead Rabbits ceases to exist.
September 12th - Pros Theon ceases to exist.
September 15th - The rest of Army of Aliens' active members start to leave over the next two months.
September 20th - X-Treme Warriors formed.
October 2nd - SCHEUL leaves Army of Aliens and forms SYNERGY. X-Treme Warriors begins merging into Phenomen.
October 3rd - Blood Brothers begins to crumble.
October 4th - A large chunk of members begin leaving Saints of Tartarus and most join SYNERGY.
October 16th - The Ionian Revolt formed. Knights of the Phoenix ceases to exist.
October 18th - Athenian Navy ceases to exist. Roman Republic ceases to exist.
October 20th - New Order approaches Xmortis for cessation of hostilities. X-Treme Warriors ceases to exist.
October 30th - Blood Brothers ceases to exist.
November 1st - Xmortis removes New Order from its list of enemies.
November 2nd - UNA-75 begins crumbling.
November 5th - Virtus Phoenix declares war on Phalanx. [approximate date]
November 7th - UNA-75 ceases to exist.
November 18th - Kingdom of Warriors ceases to exist.
November 22nd - DIVINE GUARDIAN KNIGHTS after a group secedes from Xmortis.
November 30th - The Efficacious formed. (SYNERGY offshoot) Praetorian Legion ceases to exist.
December - The Three Kings attack The Efficacious.
December 1st - Romanian Warriors ceases to exist.
December 2nd - Battle Hardened Spartans and Spartan Swords merge to form Controlled Burn.
December 4th - Retirement Home formed.
December 6th - Saints of Tartarus ceases to exist. Mirage begins crumbling; most members join Xmortis.
December 11th - Members of The Efficacious begin joining Phenomen and Virtus Phoenix.
December 12th - Pirates ceases to exist.
December 14th - DIVINE GUARDIAN KNIGHTS merges into Divine Angels of Death.
December 16th - Titanus et Argos begins crumbling.
December 18th - The Efficacious ceases to exist, most join Phenomen; The Three Kings continues to attack ex-members.
December 31st - The Outcasts begins crumbling; members join Divine Angels of Death.
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January 3rd - The Three Kings begins merging into Xmortis.
January 9th - Macedonian Empire ceases to exist.
January 14th - Virtus Phoenix breaks non-aggression pact with Phenomen and declares war.
January 15th - Phenomen declares war on Xmortis. The Great Spartan Army begins crumbling.
January 19th - Molon Labe declares victory against The Great Spartan Army. The Outcasts ceases to exist.
January 25th - Titanus et Argos ceases to exist.
February 1st - Molon Labe, Phoenix of Carthage, and South East Syndicate declare war on Phenomen.
February 8th - Virtus Phoenix declares war on The Ionian Revolt. [approximate date]
February 15th - TGSA formed after former The Great Spartan Army members secede from Molon Labe.
February 26th - Virtus Phoenix and Phalanx agree to a ceasefire.
March 1st - The Three Kings reformed.
March 8th - No Surrender surrenders. The Titan Alliance ceases to exist.
March 12th - Oceanus formed.
March 24th - Aetolian League begins merging into Wake of the Kraken. The Furious formed.
March 31st - Aetolian League ceases to exist.
April 17th - Elite Corpes begins merging into Phenomen.
April 19th - Oceanus begins merging back into Xmortis.
April 24th - Eastern Tide formed. Legacy of Pirates begins crumbling.
May 3rd - StoneCutters begins crumbling; WINNING takes its place.
May 11th - Elite Corpes ceases to exist.
May 21st - Retirement Home ceases to exist.
June - Virtus Phoenix goes to war with Xmortis.
June 6th - Divine Angels of Death begins crumbling; a large number of members join Wake of the Kraken.
July 10th - The Ionian Revolt begins crumbling; most members join Wake of the Kraken and Dark Judgement.
June 12th - Divine Angels of Death ceases to exist.
June 18th - Phenomen declares victory over South East Syndicate.
July 16th - Molon Labe and Virtus Phoenix merge to form Event Horizon.
July 25th - Event Horizon formation formally announced.
August 3rd - Phenomen and Xmortis merge to form Dragon Slayers.
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Oh someone did take up the call....would be good to back up the info with references/links where possible, that way the subjectivity is minimal and references are non-personal, etc..

24/01/2010 11:44 PM GMT+1 (server time) - Xmortis Formed - u can check it yourself within the alliance events list ;)
29/03/2010 01:26 GMT+1 -United Aegean Empire Reform and War Declaration
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Ahh got it a bit wrong there Milo. Jan 25th is the day Clan Harmada formed. Not Molon Labe. For the merger, Serenity moved over into Clan Harmada as our forums were better. Then we changed the alliance name. Was easier this way.

So the changes needed are:

Molon Labe formed from the merger on March 3rd, 2010 and Jan 25th is Clan Harmada's formation date.


<a href="http://forum.en.grepolis.com/showthread.p
Ahh got it a bit wrong there Milo. Jan 25th is the day Clan Harmada formed. Not Molon Labe. For the merger, Serenity moved over into Clan Harmada as our forums were better. Then we changed the alliance name. Was easier this way.

So the changes needed are:

Molon Labe formed from the merger on March 3rd, 2010 and Jan 25th is Clan Harmada's formation date.
I was going to say :p


Thanks for the corrections guys. As for the alliance formation dates, I'm going off the date that the first member joined on Grepostats. Without your input, I may be completely wrong about original names, etc.


I'm about 1/5 done with alliance formation dates. I think I'll go ahead and look through another 200-400 pages of Grepostats and see if I can find any more that are important.

Nuada Nua

HMA was created on 6/16/10 at 4:25 PM and by the gods how we have grown :)


Alright, I'm pretty sure I have every important alliance. If anybody has any information about wars and mergers, I'd very much appreciate it.


I dont know if its worth it, but here is some info on the following....edit as you like, dont take it to heart - this is just info on history of beta

01-05-2010 - (Accoriding Dash Branaghan as Diplomat for Myrmidons), Wake of the Kraken decide to assist Myrmidons against the war with Xmortis.
Dash Branaghan said:
Dash Branaghan 01/05/2010 at 1:26 PM Fellow Myrmidons, Yet another ally in the fight against Xmortis has joined our call to arms - the brotherhood of Wake of the Kraken, an Ocean 67 alliance predominately (working into Oceans 57 and 76) have decided they have had enough of Xmortis' guff (I just wanted to use the word guff) and have banded together with us in a (temporary) full Alliance. Generals in those Oceans should contact Warmad21 to coordinate offensives, support, and generally get to know each other. They aren't a big alliance, but they are a good group of active people to be working with. So let's show them our support and work with them to continue our campaign to blot Xmortis off the face of Grepolis Beta.
15-05-2010 - The Argonauts was formed by Dash Branaghan and then renamed to Pros Theon a few days later which incorporated Puma and TheSpartanKing as the 'Tria' founders, it was formed mainly from Myrmidons O66 top players due to a dispute between Dash Branaghan (Myrmidons diplomat) and Siindbad (Myrmidons Founder) about his 'armchair leadership' from lack of assistance in the war with Xmortis. Dash Branaghan entered into lengthy negotiations with Xmortis during this transition phase, which unfortunatley failed to produce a result (NAP/Ally) and thus the war continued with Pros Theon as well. SeS also assist in the Nandil (of Pros Theon) removal mission.

18.08.2010 11:39 GMT+1 - Pros Theon look at alternative merger options

25-08-2010 12:46 PM GMT+1 - As the last founder of Pros Theon, TheSpartanKing announces the End for Pros Theon internally and suggests players join SeS.

12-09-2010 - Pros Theon officially ceases to exist, the remaing players splintered off into various other alliances
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Qlander: Do you know when the Pros Theon / Myrmidons - Xmortis war officially began?

Gotham: What was Controlled Burn's old name?



A couple of small alliances were formed on the September date, Battle Hardened Spartans and Spartan Swords. Both alliances ended up merging to form Controlled Burn on the December date I gave you.




What is really funny about No Surrender is we were attempting to have them become Molon Labe Academy, but somewhere along the line they went Silent and then vanished....

to bad for them eh