Petition to Remove Instant Buy!


I'll sign but it won't do any good.
"Profits come first" is the mantra of this company and it'll never change.
I wonder how many players will finally say "Enough is enough" and quit?

Axe Battler

Signed . I buy gold too . But this new feature is just stupid.

Axe Battler

Signed. I buy gold but this new feature is redic. it will stop alot of players playing and inno gmaes will lose out in the long run


Please don't de-rep without reading the whole thing:

I'd actually like to disagree with this thread. I've been playing since delta first opened and i've seen several features that have "ruined" the game several times over, whether it be switching from 1.26 to 2.0, the WW's, heroes and whatever else new change comes up. I originally refused to buy but eventually i become a light gold user (those +20% add up in a long term war). The issue now that we have is the instant complete feature which is essentially just an evolution of the halving feature for build time. The halving feature made it possible to jump ahead as well, just not instantly. I see the complaints about the removing of the halving feature and the complaints as people not wanting to spend the extra gold(which i understand, but at the same time. it is a premium feature, you will pay a premium price). Now as to Abdera "issue" where players are conquest ready before bp even ends, tough. This game is a marathon. Half those players will be gone in a month or 2. They'll leave behind a couple maxed out cities and that's all. For future servers, don't start in the core with them, wait a day and start on the edge of the rim. I personally love Abdera. I'm not playing competitively( I played on Pi and even 3.14 speed was a little fast for me) but rather i'm gold farming and making a killing.

In Grepolis we have three commodities and completing any action takes 2 of those commodities. They are resources, time and gold. Gold can be used to purchase the other two but must be purchased. I've taken advantage of Abdera. I've made over 5k gold in just over a week. I'm now making over 1k a day spending maybe 30 minutes putting up offers on the market(I know there are players who are making 5-10x that a day since they check more, but it's not worth it for me). Thanks to this server i'll never have to buy gold again. If it wasn't for Instant build, there wouldn't be such a demand for resources. I can get 10 gold for 800 resources on average(normally it's less resources)

There is absolutely no way that they will remove a premium feature because free players don't think it is fair. At least the players still have to buy resources from us rather than just adding a feature to trade resources with the market itself. I apologize if it seems like i'm ranting, i just fail to see a point to this exercise in futility. (in a perfect world there would be no premium features but unfortunately, we live in the real world)

Just my 2 cents, do with it what you want.


Well i read it,Maybe i'll de-rep you when i feel like it:p
That said,People protested against this stupid feature when they introduced it and even not they're doing so simply because It's ridiculous. In my opinion the halving feature was much better. You couldn't instant finish the queue,you could cut it down a lot but never instantly and i'm sure most of the player never bothered halving it to 1 minute or 30 seconds because it cost so much gold. Which is fair in my eyes. Gold should obviously be there,I'm not saying it shouldn't be but they offer way too many advantages to a gold user. Specially from events and now they get to instantly finishing building queues and troops for not much of a price. It's impossible to even keep a damn wall knocked down now either
One gold whore actually went through the trouble to demolish a 4K cities below 3K if i remember right because one of our players was a bout to take it. That's how imbalanced this feature is. Even with gold trading it's impossible to compete with these big spenders. When they didnt have instant buy there were a few who were able to actually stay up in the ranking by spending just a few gold. But now i doubt even they can keep up.
The devs implemented one feature to balance the game(gold trading) and one to completely turn around the balance they brought with the trading feature.Starting in the core has nothing to do with this either.I could start in the rim and if i wanted to spend so much gold i could easily get into the top 10 thanks to instant buy. What's the point of a browser game where you can instantly finish troops and building? You can log in 10 minutes a day buy resources,do a bit of farming...instantly finish all the building and troops queued and log out. The devs are just ruining the game day by day with their stupid greed. It will only be a matter of time till they decide to bring back those stupid warfare packages. I know this might not even get a response but if they consider making worlds without instant buy then that's a win. They can keep their stupid feature as long as they atleast try to listen to the community for once. Give us worlds without instant buy atleast!
And it's not just free players,there are plenty gold users who are against this feature too.