PnP: Sanity is Crazy!!! First Official Rim War


Sanity have redoubled their troops and have set their targets high and more in their league.
Yeah right. We are their next victims. A newly formed alliance of noobies and no one above 2000 points let alone a 2nd city. who are we? VALKYRIE ACADEMY. our sister alliance VALKYRIE isn't anywhere in their league either. Leave alliance or be destroyed. But as they have issued that threat to other new alliances where would we go?
I think i will find an island where the cities are just out of protection and terrorise them. after i rename to SanitytheWarriorsNot.

ps. perhaps every one could change deity and send Smiley an Earthquake or Lightning continuously until he is ready for conquering. send me resources, troops, ships, anything. he is just the playground bully picking on the new year cos the year he is in would slap him and he would go home to mummy and cry.
Do you blame them. They are trying to clear out their ocean of all other alliances with any "significant" amount of points. If you were good enough that he didn't feel the need to take you out, you would be in Sanity yourself.