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TGI, (Assuming it is the original you)

Points: 8/10 not bad:)
ABP: 10/10 TOP 15 in the world (IN my book the top 20 are all great.)
Alliance: 9/10 (Want to beat you guys so bad :))
Location:9/10 I would assume it used to be Aplha's frontline?
Rep: 10/10 I knew you since the world began, respectable and honorable player.

46/50 Definitely Hall fame Potential. ;)


Points: 9/10 inside the top 25 would have been 10.

ABP: 8/10 although just inside the top 25 it is pretty consistent with your point score.

Alliance: 8/10 Malas and Bloods egos take one off each.

Location: 8/10 a few weeks ago it would have been a 9.

Rep: 7/10 Pretty well known.

Total: 40/50


Points: 6/10, sims normally accumulate points at a much higher rate
ABP: 6/10 slowly getting it up, but there was that one week that you beat me so +1 point for that
Alliance: 2/10, weak alliance with a poor leader who has led the others astray
Location: 10/10, got to be good, you are in my backyard which makes your location excellent
Rep: 4/10. Been around a long time, should be better. Maybe giving up leadership will be good for you, not a highlight for your resume.

You may do better in another world and just chalk Omicron up to experience. Had many chances to impact this world and never stepped up. 28/50, I guess it's a good thing I think you are in a nice location.

Damn Blood, you lost your most important city to a player you called a sim player and now hiding in VM. lol i wouldn't bother coming back if i was you :D



Points: 6/10

ABP: 6/10 OK, for the number of cities you have.

Alliance: 9/10 Good alliance, filled with a lot of good players and a few coat tail riders.

Location: 10/10 Close to the enemy :)

Rep: 10/10 Made the most important conquest in the history of omicron.

Total: 41/50



Points 9/10 Nice points, good average, great player.
ABP 9/10 again very impressive in the top 5 ABP for as long as I can remember.
Alliance 10/10 Champions of the world.
Location 9/10 Enemies and allies all around him (but sadly no friends because nobody likes him)
Rep 10/10 love him or HATE HIM everybody knows who cb numbers is.

47/50 probably the best score I have ever given a player on this thread........



Points: 9/10 (just because if i gave you a 10 the score would have been ridiculous)

ABP: 9/10 decent ABP compared to points

Alliance: 9/10 before finishing the 4th wonder it would have been a 10 but we have slacked a little since

Location: 10/10 surrounded by enemies and allies

Rep: 10/10 who doesn't know you?

47/50 amazing score.



Points: 7/10 should have more cities by this stage of the game and with your BP
ABP: 9/10 Pretty good considering your size
Alliance: 8/10 no comment
Location: 10/10 enemy territory :)
Rep: 3/10 no comment




Points: 0/10 none
ABP: 0/10 none
Alliance: 0/10 none
Location: 0/10 nowhere
Rep: 0/10 Never heard of you.

I'm going to give half a point to you because I feel sorry for you.



since CB screwed this up i will try to fix it.


points - 6 of 10 - I know you took this account over so i think it more of a reflection on the previous owner
ABP - 7 of 10 good given your points
Alliance - 9 of 10
Location 10 of 10 - enemy territory and expanding
Rep - 5 of 10 - have not seen very many posts by you, but know you in game

37 of 50


Points - 9/10 - good average per city
ABP - 10/10 - number one cant beat that
Alliance 9/10
Location - 10/10 - surrounded by friend and foe
Rep - 10/10 - everyone knows you

48/50 - damn that is too high ;)


points - 8/10 good amount
ABP - 8/10 number 16 good given your points
Alliance - 9/10
Location - 10/10 - friend and foe all around
Rep - 5/10 - I dont think I have ever seen you post before but I know you in game

40 of 50


points who cares but 7/10
ABP 8/10 2nd highest out of few remaining TU veterans
alliance 10/10 because we are ranked #1 in everything
location when DF/GS were threatening our border you were in a great position now a little far because PR and CKD are the only ones left so 7/10
rep 8/10 well known player
great player. always is composed and is someone to look up to. plus i love seeing him destroy murtys plans by poking holes in them and what not