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Discussion in 'World Omicron (en15)' started by Thomas The Magnificent, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. ArcherOfOlympus

    ArcherOfOlympus Phrourach

    Apr 18, 2011
    Points: 7/10
    ABP: 6/10 (could be much higher but still good)
    Location: 9/10 (right next to your enemies)
    Alliance: 9/10 (unbeatable so far)
    Reputation: 10/10 (you're a DBZ fan so you get full credits ;))

    Overall: 41/50 (brilliant player keep it up)
  2. ash 42

    ash 42 Guest

    Points:2/10 your just starting back
    ABP:7/10 wow for 500+ points that good
    Location: 1/10 O62 the rim
    Alliance:3/10 new alliance to

    result:19/50 keep on going
  3. Ash
    Points:5/10 keeping conquering my friend
    ABP:3/10 keep it up man
    Location: 5/10 doesn't look like u have many ppl to attack
    Alliance: 8/10 very good group of alliances but it looks like u guys are kinda bored and count on inactives
    Reputation: 6/10 I know of u. I haven't seen u on the forums for awhile
    Total: 27/50 keep it up my friend
  4. bcae

    bcae Guest

    Points 7/10 not bad, top 100 doing good
    ABP 7/10 not bad, better at defending
    Location 8/10 solid formation
    Alliance 10/10 great alliance, all around
    Reputation 10/10 well known and active
    total 42/50 Great player
  5. Bcae
    Points 2/10 I'm dry u lost most cities it's just bad luck because of where u were positioned when u joined BS
    ABP 7/10 180000 is very good. U were an amazing player back in the day. U gotta get back to it man
    Location 8/10 good positioning because ur with allies. No one will touch u
    Alliance 1/10 I know u just got back and started this alliance
    Reputation 7/10 I've known u for a long time but others do not. U haven't been on for a while
    Total 25/50
    I know ur better than tht don't worry u are a great player just get back to doing ur thing
  6. mhawk10

    mhawk10 Guest


    Points: 5/10
    ABP: 7/10
    Location: 8/10
    Alliance: 8/10
    Reputation: 9/10

  7. No explanations? It feels liken don't like me when u do tht
  8. MisterMalas

    MisterMalas Guest


    Points: 2/10 - 21k is nothing in this world
    ABP: 1/10 - 670 ABP! Thats less than I get in one attack
    Location: 5/10 - too far from the action but should be safe till you learn
    Alliance: 3/10 - sorry but not impressed with GE and especially not an academy
    Reputation: 2/10 - see you here a lot but mostly laugh when I do.

    Total 13/50

    Probably not what you hoped for but I feel I was generous. Get some experience and learn the game. ATTACK SOMETHING!
  9. bcae

    bcae Guest

    Points 9/10 very nice, have to be in top 50 to get 10/10 though
    ABP 9/10 viry good ABP
    Location 9/10 good defensively and Offensively
    Alliance 9/10 honorable and lasting
    reputation 7/10 I personally don't know you that well.

    Total 43/50
  10. points: 7/10
    AMP: 7/10 (looks like your a fighter raked 37 well i think thts good)
    location:9/10 (since you have alot of your mates around and a ww all ready already
    alliance:10/10 (branched with #1 alliance but only @ of you)

    total: 38/50
  11. Mosert

    Mosert Guest

    points: 4/10 you arn't on the rim, you should be larger than you are.
    ABP: 5/10 about the same rank as your world rank, could be much better, could be much worse.
    location: 9/10 friends near by as well as LB being on your door step, a great place to grow and improve.
    alliance: 5/10 MRA's third branch... that being said GE would get a 7 or 8. They are decent.
    Rep: first time I heard of you, had to look you up. Therfore I have heard neither good nor bad things about you. 5/10 (neutral)

    28/50 There is lots of room for improvement and a very good possibility of it happening with where you are located. Besides GE needs a real fighter. Maybe you could step in?
  12. Mosert or I should say Amirashah lol
    Points 8/10 well points don't matter but ur high up there even though it's not ur original account
    ABP 5/10 sry bro I know the person who had ur account before was a sim player
    Location 9/10 friends and enemies alike
    Alliance 3/10 sry I'm biased u should be in a better alliance
    Rep 8/10 alot of ppl know u
  13. bcae

    bcae Guest

    Points 8/10 solid but not top 100 yet
    ABP 8/10 Not bad, little more to go
    Location 10/10 good location for attacking and defending
    Alliance 10/10 strongest alliance in this world
    Rep 10/10 well know and respected from my perspective
    Total 46/50 minamal improvement needed, continue forth to conquest and glory
  14. Haha bcae uve already done mine so the next person to do this can u give me one also
  15. bcae

    bcae Guest

    I know, but I'm good at it, lol.
  16. I agree however I just want another persons opinion
  17. tom82q

    tom82q Guest

    I will do you Rush.

    Points 8/10 Solid points score (will be higher once you build up those you colonized for WW
    ABP 7/10 Considering your prime location would have expected more.
    Location 10/10 Right in the core
    Alliance 10/10 Easily the best alliance in the game (for now).
    Rep 7/10 Biased opinion because i don't really know any of the TU guys.
    Total 42/50
  18. bcae

    bcae Guest

    Great, who will do me then, I never get done, catch my meaning, lol.
  19. Mosert

    Mosert Guest

    Points 5/10 lots of very low point cities. I know you where wiped out so it is a comeback.
    ABP 8/10 Good Job before getting wiped out.
    Location 7/10 filled up some islands in Evo oceans
    Alliance NA/10
    Rep 8/10 Most of Omni have heard of you. don't know you outside of Omni.
    Total 28/40 C- easy enough for a good player like yourself to improve. Good Luck!
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  20. notguilty

    notguilty Phrourach

    Apr 6, 2011
    points: 8/10 have more than me (top 50) but that just may be from the previous owner :S otherwise would be a 9
    ABP: 6/10 more than i thought u would have but still not great given ur points.
    Location: 8/10 - close enough to lose cities ;) -
    Alliance: 7/10 - for all ur faults u guys r still here and that has to count for something.
    Rep: 9/10 - Active on forums and man enough to admit when wrong

    38/50 - 5 more than the last time u got rated - so keep it up