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Discussion in 'World Omicron (en15)' started by Thomas The Magnificent, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Mosert

    Mosert Guest

    points: 8/10 top 100, but mot top 50. Good, but not great.
    ABP: 9/10 10 is reserved for top 5. I have always respected your attacking with an uncanny ability to gain ABP with few cities. Great job.
    Location: 8/10 Close, but not as good as some other Evo players.
    Alliance: 9/10 Only cause I am biased ;)
    Rep: 7/10 Not very active on the forums, but is a top attacker and is well known in Omni.

    41/50 - A great attacker, but not as well known in grepolis, and I am slightly biased, otherwise great job!

    As for my rating, I have taken recent hit in points due to a good attack by murty, the 2.0 downgrade (curses!!!), and a poorly timed RL event. Besides that, I took over the amirashah account in October or September 2011 (can't remember exactly) and since then have regained and held a top 50 position (even after these recent hit) and was climbing slowly up the rankings all the while having at least 5 open CP slots. ABP, no, its not great. I got a slow start because of the previous owner and have been going up in the ranks slowly, admittedly more slowly that I would have liked, but RL and constant attacks take a toll of the process. I can't argue with your rate of the Location of Alliance, but I would like to think that I am not always loosing cities, I have done my fair share of defending. As for the rep, I am glad that you think so highly of me as an opponent and player.
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  2. Mosert
    Points 9/10 though I dont care about points
    ABP 7/10 I know u don't have alot of time
    Location 10/10 great position those clusters were amazingly close with enemies and allies around
    Alliance 6/10 biased:p but alpha still has players tht are good and I respect
    Rep 9/10 I think alot of ppl in omicron know u
    Total 41/50 great player
    Mosert I want one from u;)
  3. Mosert

    Mosert Guest

    Points: 7.1/10 I thought you didn't care about points? moving to a bigger account with maaany more points sure seems otherwise :p Plus you didn't get there of your own accord, but you do have more points than me hence the .1
    ABP: 7/10 Not yours and very low, but I know you can bring that up, I also know old TGI couldn't attack, so it will get better.
    Location: 6/10 I have already talked to you about it a couple of times. you have horrible position. cities EVERYWHERE!!!
    Alliance: 9/10 again
    Rep: 9/10 I don;t know about other poeple, but I know you well and you are a very respectful, understanding person.

    28.1/50 Fix up that wreck of an account and you have it made :p
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  4. tom82q

    tom82q Guest

    Points: 9, top 50, 10s would go to top 10.

    ABP: 7.5 would expect a bit more considering your points.

    Location: 10, right in the core.

    Alliance: 9, proved they can handle the pressure of going up against the number 1 alliance in Omicron.

    Rep: 9 for Mosert but only because i read the forums, hadn't heard of "amirashah".

    Total: 44.5
  5. notguilty

    notguilty Phrourach

    Apr 6, 2011
    Points: 7 just outside top 100 I think u will get inside it soon.
    ABP: 8 nice considering your size
    Location: 6 - I believe ur out on the rim.
    Alliance: 7 - normally I would give the number 2 alliance more points but I have not seen a whole lot from u guys.
    Rep:6 - don't know u - only seen a couple posts -

    33/50 - not bad - I think it will improve.

    @Mosert - 3 ratings in 24 hours - throw out the low and the high and u get a 41.
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  6. cb627cb627

    cb627cb627 Guest


    Points:8 Perfect average city size(not a sim city player)
    ABP:10 Along with Val and Boby one of the best ABP to city ratio in Omicron.
    Loc:10 good for attacking Alpha
    Alliance:9 Best in omicrom, but to many sim city players.
    Rep:8 Just getting to know you

  7. bcae

    bcae Guest


    Points 9/10 in the top 10
    ABP 10/10 in the top 5
    Loc 10/10 core of the world, but on several fronts as well, well grouped with allies
    Alliance 10/10 number 1 alliance in the world
    Rep 10/10 I'm fairly certain everyone knows who you are, and if they don't well, they aren't really playing the game.

    total 49/50 may seem like a skewd rating, but I rate everyone within the same guidelines.
    Good luck in the future.
  8. bcae

    bcae Guest

    I guess this line got boring, I used to think it was interesting hearing what people though about eachother, Makes me sad to a degree that no one actually cares about the forums any more.
  9. bodnapa

    bodnapa Guest


    Its been a while since i have done yours

    Points: 5 / 10 - Well since rebuild you have done very well but not quite there yet.
    ABP: 8 / 10 - your ABP is still very good. you just lost some momentum but i am sure you will pick it up in no time
    Alliance: 8 / 10 - Good Upcoming Alliance.
    Location: 8 / 10 - well after the rebuild you are right in the middle of Allies and good enough to strike down Enemies
    Rep: 7 / 10 - you are well known but you rarely come down here.

    36 / 50 - Good High Class Player. Take more enemies down :)
  10. bcae

    bcae Guest

    bodnapa - why not, lol.

    points 8/10 can always get more, lol
    ABP 9/10 good good
    Alliance 10/10 yep
    Location 10/10 combat effective
    Rep 10/10 who doesn't know you, lol

    47/50 great player, keep it up
  11. The Grand Inquisitor

    The Grand Inquisitor Phrourach

    Jun 24, 2011
    bcae (before he left)
    points 7/10
    ABP 7/10
    alliances 10/10
    location 8/10 good location but you should have used a better placement of your cities i mean you had the chance of a lifetime i mean over 30 city slots that you can pick and choose where to have an amazing grouping in im just sad you chose to control 2 islands. then again if you attack someone you could send your attacks all at one and not have to wait hours to send separate attacks
    rep 7/10 used to be well known
    39/50 good player you will be miss
  12. Alex420

    Alex420 Guest

    The Grand Inquisitor

    Points: Doesn't even matter.

    ABP: 10/10 Top 16

    Alliance: 10/10

    Location: 6/10 Considering I couldn't make a map and see them all, I personally wouldn't like the spread because it would slow down trade and attack timing would take a long time. It's also good though because you can send support to more people in the alliance in different oceans.

    Rep: 3/10 Takes a while to build up.

    known as James T Kirk in-Game
  13. The Grand Inquisitor

    The Grand Inquisitor Phrourach

    Jun 24, 2011
    Points like you said don't matter
    ABP 6/10 not very high but a good increase since you took over
    Alliance 10/10
    Location 10/10 good tight formation in just o55 and looks like it's going well expanding in o56 and o46
    Rep 1/10 honestly I only heard of you once and that was when you had to quit a while back but that's it
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  14. tom82q

    tom82q Guest


    Points: 9/10
    ABP: 10/10 especially given your point score.
    Alliance: 10/10
    Location: 8.5/10 just because you are spread quite far but being in Evo allows that to happen without too much consequences.
    Rep: 8/10 heard quite a bit about you.
  15. BloodRed26

    BloodRed26 Phrourach

    Jul 3, 2011
    Points: 6/10, sims normally accumulate points at a much higher rate
    ABP: 6/10 slowly getting it up, but there was that one week that you beat me so +1 point for that
    Alliance: 2/10, weak alliance with a poor leader who has led the others astray
    Location: 10/10, got to be good, you are in my backyard which makes your location excellent
    Rep: 4/10. Been around a long time, should be better. Maybe giving up leadership will be good for you, not a highlight for your resume.

    You may do better in another world and just chalk Omicron up to experience. Had many chances to impact this world and never stepped up. 28/50, I guess it's a good thing I think you are in a nice location.
  16. The Grand Inquisitor

    The Grand Inquisitor Phrourach

    Jun 24, 2011
    Dang that's a lil harsh blood. You must really hate Tom
  17. tom82q

    tom82q Guest

    Lol. Every score made me laugh (apart from points) so got to thank Blood for that. How can ABP be 6 when i am ranked 27 in Omicron on ABP and 112 in points, pretty good ratio i would say. Weak alliance? Is that why you, Malas and Boudred tried so desperately to recruit us? And then continued to try and get my guys to switch sides, do you not think i get forwarded every message you sent? I think the best one was Malas praising some of our players that you were refusing to let into GS if we merged.

    I think the choices we made will make the biggest impact in the game, we have gone from an alliance whose only enemy thanks to GS was hours away to in the core of the biggest battle the world has left.
  18. Murtius

    Murtius Guest


    Points: 7/10 not that points really matter but he should have more cities considering the BP he has.
    ABP: 9/10 great BP for a player of his size and tbh it bugs me that he stops us from have a full top 12 lol.
    Alliance: 8/10 an alliance who has truly earned my respect by far our most formidable foe, would have got a 9 but took away 1 as I feel they have weaken a little since they took in DF members but still a great alliance.
    Location: 9/10 Well clustered (apart for one isolated city in 55 lol) and allies all around him.
    Rep: 7/10 well known by those of us who know him from the forum but I never hear his name (other than the op tab) in game.

    40/50 great score.
  19. The Grand Inquisitor

    The Grand Inquisitor Phrourach

    Jun 24, 2011
    points7/10 you more points than you should because of the over developed cities you have conquered. thats why i kinda hate conquering cities from players like HB. they think the "perfect" city is the best
    ABP9/10 great attacker i havent been threatened by you but i here you are a pretty good attacker when trying to take a city.
    alliance10/10 biased
    location9/10 you have alot of alliaes around you and alot of enemies as well. except for that city in o57 pretty good position
    rep 10/10 who the hell hasnt heard of you
    45/50 great player
  20. sablanizon

    sablanizon Guest

    TGI, (Assuming it is the original you)

    Points: 8/10 not bad:)
    ABP: 10/10 TOP 15 in the world (IN my book the top 20 are all great.)
    Alliance: 9/10 (Want to beat you guys so bad :))
    Location:9/10 I would assume it used to be Aplha's frontline?
    Rep: 10/10 I knew you since the world began, respectable and honorable player.

    46/50 Definitely Hall fame Potential. ;)