Rate The Player Above


Points- 8/10 700k is pretty good at this stage.
Location- 7/10 Awesome that you have so many frontline cities. But you are too spread out...
BP- 7/10 Poor ABP for your size, but really great DBP.
Alliance- 3/10 Chaos is going to disband soon...
Rep- 10/10 Haven't heard anything bad about you yet.

Total- 35/50


Points: 9/10 - One million is my goal in the end. Seems like you've already achieved it.. :(
Location: 9/10 - Mostly frontline cities and if you looked at yourself on grepomaps, you are just a blob of cities very close to eachother.
BP: 7/10 - I'm still ahead of you in ABP :D. Although your DBP is pretty awesome.
Alliance: 10/10 - Go EOD, woop.
Rep: 9/10 - I talked to you when we were enemies because you had cool city names. This automatically makes you amazing.

Total: 44/50

I love you Kev because you're one of the few who uses Skype. Small amounts of homo intended.


points:8/10 good stock of points,tells that you do less festival and attacks more.
location: 9/10 you have 15 cities in warzone,i wanted to give 10 points for that,but you are spread in 4 oceans alltogether which makes me to deduce 1 point.
Bp:9/10 very good balance and doing very well in attack battle point.
Alliance:9/10 one of the best alliance i have ever seen,though lod also comes in that category.
Rep:4/10 hear very less from you.


points: 8/10 above average
location: 8/10 you're in O35/45 fighting EoD and LoD with a decent amount of frontline cities
BP: 7/10 Good BP but 70% is DBP, whether you support a lot or get hit a lot I dont know
alliance: 8/10 strong alliance that I think will last
Rep: 7/10 I dont know much about you ingame but you're always on here
Total: 38/50



Points- top 20 overall but would be higher if he was a points collector but functionality seems higher priority 10/10 for NOT being one of those idiots that build 13706 cities that rob all your farm space

Location- well you dont get #1 attacker by hiding at the end of the world. seems able to cover a lot of space. 10/10

BP- only two above you obviously doing something right 10/10

alliance- top alliance in game what more is there to say 10/10

REP: dont know you only hear little bit from others attacking you or defending but i dont hear the "i hate that guy" talk that is usually associated with the top spot so 6/10

OVERALL: 46/50
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I'll do Bod's, gotta give him good marks though..since he is in the council ;)

Points:Top 150. I'll give you a 44/50

Location: quite honestly I can't tell mate. N/A

BP: top 120, 400K of it. Nice 48/50

alliance Part of the alliance and we kick butt! 50/50

Rep:Lots of people don't really like us, so we must have a pretty bad Rep. For that reason, I'll say that people mostly say,"That Bod thinks he is all that tough" Then they attack you and you whip their @#%! LOl, so good rep :D

OVERALL: I'll give you a 90/100 since you lead very well, and though you're small you have a really good BP rate.
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Points: 7/10 340k points 31 cities ranked 147, definatly not bad and shows dedication to the game
Location: 7/10 your cities are divided over two fronts but I can see how that works.
BP: 7/10 pretty balanced but could be more on both sides
Alliance: 10/10 you belong to the good guys mate ;)
Reputation: 8/10 good guy, active, prepared to help, can make me lauch, open to learn about the game, polite.
Overall: 39/50 = good score :) keep it up mm


well i cant rate people if im going to get skipped cause someone wants to be rated by his own team this isnt pick some one to rate its rate the player above and probably should skip the people who write but dont rate. and just cause you dont like a one of the five categories doesnt mean skip it just do the best with it


points: looking pretty good comparing to others and i rate this on the usefulness of the city not just points if you have 15 less cities than others that you have more points than its because you build cities for points and not war so 8/10

location: well you chose wisely to stay alive and WW worthy but you also only seem in range of the few cities that are close to your core (picking on the BP farms) so 6/10

BP: top 20 in attack top 30 in defense so pretty good there too 9/10

alliance: in the top alliance so 10/10

REP: well his alliance seems to really like him but thats not a huge achievement but he also seems a good enough guy to me. cant knock someone for being on the enemy side. 7/10

OVERALL: 40/50 pretty good


Points: 7/10 not bad going well considering your in the academy alliance
Location: 7/10 spread alot, 1 city on 1 front and a fair few on the other, decent though
BP:7 /10 alright I guess, good DBP but from your size I would expect more ABP
Alliance: 6/10 academy are you serious?! you do realize it's 5 months to wonders are you going to take down EOD them?
Reputation: 7/10 haven't heard of you ingame but just started to hear from you here, seem like a nice enough guy
Overall: 34/50

IGN- amalia.manos (some might know my history here :p )


Since when will people realize that ROD/EOD Are one alliance and basically the bigger players are in EOD and the smaller players are in ROD....We work together, when we win this world, I can still say I won it because I helped. Yeesh! lol :)
Thanks for doing the rate though.



Points: 3/10 should be a lot higher at this point, especially with 22 cities.
Location: 2/10 you have about 10 cities on the same island.
BP: 6/10 higher than expected.
Alliance: 6/10 can't be all bad, they're in top 12 attackers and top 10 defenders. although they are a rim alliance.
Rep: 5/10 no comment

Overall: 22/50


Alex :D

Points: 4/10, you might want to get more cities at this point mate, 28 is not bad but not really that good either
Location: 8/10 , at first i though u were just turtle in ball up in the little conner but after checking lod location turns out all your cities are in front line! great!
Bp: 6/10 Not bad, not much different between abps and dbps. very balance
Alliance : 9/10 - good alliance, won't commend anymore.
Rep: saw your revolt on forum quite often and i love captain Kurt so 8/10 :p
Overall: 33/50



Points: 7/10 almost top 50 so looking pretty good
Location: 8/10 has cities in almost all major battle zones
Bp: 7/10 top 40 fighter so pretty good but lacking in offense
Alliance : 3/10 falling apart at the moment hope to see them bounce back
Rep: 5/10 dont really know anything here except that he is active here and not annoying or anything lol
Overall: 30/50 pretty good concidering the alliance score doesnt help much