Rate The Player Above


Points: /10
Location: /10
BP: /10
Alliance: /10
Reputation: /10
Overall: /50

Lets start the game


Points: 7/10 (You started on the first day. Would have expected more from you bod. You still playing on rhethy?)
Location: 7/10 (Your mostly around smaller players and allies now. Dont seem to be so close to your big enemies)
BP: 3/10 (Very poor for this point in the world)
Alliance: 7/10 (In the academy so i wont give you high marks. In the top alliances academy though.)
Reputation: 9/10 (Mostly because you started a few things here to bring it to life)
Overall: 33/50

Thats the first time i ever did one of these.


Points:7 /10 (Decent.....but didn't you also start on the first or second day:/...maybe u should refrain from what I call Chicken mode;) J/k
Location: 5/10 (Your in a dead ocean and don't seem to be in a hurry to move into a more live one:)
BP: 5/10
Alliance: 3/10 (I expected more from a Omicron original alliance:) than again, you were rimmed by BS/TU anyways right;)
Reputation: 9/10 (Only because your an og from Omicron and Jimmy's friend
Overall: 29/50


No avera i started a week or two late actually:) I only hit VM once and i was not under attack at all at the time.

Cant fault you with the location. Give us time.

For the alliance umm no we were not rimmed by BS/TU. We were allies with them and our best players joined TU due to inactivity in our alliance. Wernt you in D3TH that was rimmed by them?:p

Points: 8/10 (Would expect better from the EOD leader:p)
Location: 8/10 (Similar to bod, But you have a few closer to the big alliances you should be after)
BP: 7/10 (With the way you want others to do you should have the number 1 spot mate & you have got none in a few days)
Alliance: 10/10 (Cant fault it i guess:( Kills me to say it)
Reputation: 9/10 (Much as i want to fault you your a damn good leader)


Well I made an account to rate avera and cause seems like externals are getting decentish now. :)
Points: 8/10 33 in the world not bad
Location: 10/10 Good core and has cities near enemies
BP: 7/10 Nice amount of BP 39 in attackers.
Alliance: 10/10 leader of #1
Reputation: 10/10 Best leader I've ever played with
Overall: 45/50


Darkwolf i bet you only gave him such good marks because he is your leader:p
Well as i seem to be the only one trying to keep things rolling.
Points: 7/10 (Low for your alliance but not terrible. I was generous to bod due to omi history:p)
Location: 5/10 (Same as avera and bod but you dont seem to be moving towards your enemies or big alliances all that much)
BP: 2/10 (No comment. Less said the better)
Alliance: 7/10 (Academy so not full marks. Academy to the top alliance though and ranked 5th so not bad marks either)
Reputation: 5/10 (I know nothing about you so i will be nice and give you a 5)
Overall: 26/50


Points: 7/10 Pretty good but nothing really special.
Location: 4/10 Must be pretty boring in 35 all alone.
BP: 6/10 Nothing special here.
Alliance: 5/10 Lucky to to living but living nonetheless. They are top 10 so they can't be too bad right ;)
Reputation: 10/10 He's the only one keeping these forums alive lol so I'll give him a few extra points :p

Overall: 32/50
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I will be pretty strict here and will delete any posts that do not have a rating with them ;)


Hi, new to the forum pls be nice to me ;)

Not sure how to rate iCyber so i will rate Kwelson

Points: 8/10 400k at this point is a awesome
Location: 5/10, my grepo map not working but i guess you are from far west? based on the bps
Bps: 4/10 normal
Alliance: 9/10 have high respect for EOD
Rep: just joined forum today so i will skip this :p 5/10

31/50 ;)


Points:5/10. 200k is not that good...probabbly he was on vm.
location:4/10 safe location with main attacking alliance far away
bp:3/10 very less attack b.p
alliance:7/10 good alliance,everybody believes it is mra but have great dbp and abp
rep:1/10,new to forum

(note:for those who will rate me.rate me in basis that i was 17 days late to this world and i use no gold)


cruel! i started rhethy on 8/10/12 :( . But i guess its easier to grow if you start at a later stage of the game?

Points: 6.5/10 , decent
location: (hmm, are we rating this based on safer location = higher points?) will give you a 6/10 since you have a nice cluster of cities but - some points since you are basically at the end of the world, which don't leave you much choice for expanding beside ramming into EOD
Bps:6/10 not bad , unlike me seems like you are a equally mixed between def and off
Alliance: 7/10 don't know much about you guys but i see some good players and possibly good leadership
Rep: 5/10 im new so i will only give 5 ;)

overall : 30.5/50

:D , any1 else want to rate me?


Well, this is my first day writing anything on the forums so what the heck.
Points; 9/10, late starter but ranked 69th.
Location; 8/10, good strong core with numerous cities on the front line.
BPs; 7/10, strongly defence oriented but VERY strongly defence oriented.
Allaince; 7/10, been written off repeatedly but now just about the only original left, must be something right.
Rep; 5/10 I'll just follow the flock here.
Overall; 36

If anyone ever bother to rate me....don't worry I'll prolly never read it.


Points: 4/10 kinda low for someone whos been here so long
Location:6/10 in a few hot spots which is good but seems spread thin
BP: 3/10 should be better id suggest attacking someone
alliance:8/10 been around for a long time
Rep: 5/10 no one really seems to know im neutral here
Overall 31/50


Points: not even relevant to a players worth
Location: grepo maps aren't working, but near me. :) 8/10
BP: 7/10 should really be higher at this stage.. you've been here longer than me.
Alliance: 7/10 decent attackers
Rep: 5/10 who are you? ;)


Points:6/10,very low points even though you are here in the world from july 2012, reason for 6 points is you didn't quit and came back to the world after loosing all cities or you was busy in rl.
location:7/10 good location since you can attack me and i can attack you in fair bit of time.
good in offense consedring number of city you have.Also not considering rod took your city in early stage of game,i think you should have good defense bp but i was wrong.Very bad defense points
Alliance:5/10 you are in a academy.Even if main alliance wins the world,you will not get a crown.
Rep:5/10 you are not that popular
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Points: 7/10 Rank 51 not too bad I guess.
Location: 7/10 Frontline cities with some core ones. A little spread out though.
BP: 9/10 Over a million bp. Better than a lot of people. But not me ;)
Alliance: 8/10 I have respect for LoD even if they are part of the coalition :Angry:
Rep: 6/10 Lots of people dislike you but I think your an alright guy from when we have talked.

Overall: 37/50


Points: not even relevant to a players worth
Location: grepo maps aren't working, but near me. :) 8/10
BP: 7/10 should really be higher at this stage.. you've been here longer than me.
Alliance: 7/10 decent attackers
Rep: 5/10 who are you? ;)
actually i have only been here since october so if you started in july you have been here a bit longer than me and i have more BP



points: as I've mentioned before, completely irrelevant.
location: 10/10 enemy lines :)
BP: 10/10 not to shabby on ABP and excellent DBP
Alliance: 10/10 of course ;)
rep: 8/10

actually i have only been here since october so if you started in july you have been here a bit longer than me and i have more BP

I did start in july, but left after about 2-4 months because of RL. I had to start over around November, with 1 city and 2 slots, and yet I'm still surpassing many people in BPs.

Yes, you have more BP, but you have also been with more cities for a way longer time than I have. You probably have a lot more time on your hands to play, I don't know. I'm catching up with cities though. It would go a lot faster if you kept sending me attacks like you did yesterday ;)

p.s. leave a ranking for the person above next time



Points: had to start over but has still been here as long as me after getting back so 6/10
Location: im kinda 50/50 here he has cities in good locations but is mostly in the alliance fold of protection so 6/10
BP: guy is contantly on the offensive and can protect himself. real deal player IMO 8/10
Alliance: good players that know how to play but couldnt stand alone with out EOD 7/10
REP: seems to be liked by most but also seems afraid to open PM's 6/10
overall: 33/50


mattujuju ( nice nick name lol , i have good laugh trying to pronounce it :D )

Points: 5/10, agree that points does not make player's worth but sometimes quantities beats quality ( sometimes!)
Location : ehrm, not really sure how to give points on this but consider you oriented on offense quite a huge chunks of cities far from front line 7/10
Bp: Not bad, no comment, 8/10
Alliance: no idea about HB so won't give points here 0/0
Rep: Active on forum, quite open :) 9/10

Total: 29/40

Been long since i have been rated again, any1 want to give a try? :)