Rate The Player Above



Points: 6/10 Definitely not bad as it's higher than half of the players in this world however could be better. Not sure on your start date so that could be the reason.
Location: 7/10 Relatively close to the frontline with EOD. And even a city in our ocean. :p
BP: 8/10 Good ABP, shows that you attack more than most people ahead of you in points. DBP is fine compared to your player size and overall pretty good BP.
Alliance: 6/10 I see only a few players that have potential, and you guys have yet to take a city in our ocean from an active player as far as I know. However, you still exist in this world so something is clearly working well in there. I tried to be as un-biased as possible here. ;)
Rep: 8/10 I think there are people out there who think less of you but I don't see anything that would make me think you're a bad person.

Overall: 35/50


Points: 6/10 Decent amount of points but could be higher depending on when you started playing
Location: 7/10 Nice cluster near the front lines but have some scattered cities throughout 44
BP: 9/10 For the amount of points you have, being in the top 20 in bp is impressive, even though more than half is dbp
Alliance: 9/10 Being number one has its advantages but at this point i would give FE the top spot despite the difference in points
Reputation: 7/10 Not one of the heavy hitters in EOD but is consistently in ops


Lord Red:
Points: 10/10 top 10 player in the server.
Location: Based in 3 oceans, each with a huge glob and most of them on the "frontiers" 8/10
BP:Top 30 in Fighting, thats good..6/10 of that is in Attacking, nice 8/10
Alliance: I have to give it too you guys, you're pretty good. 9/10
Reputation: you're known, I think?, as the ls making machine. Good rep, hardly ever see you on the forums though so 8 and a half/ 10
Overall: 42.5/50