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It is :)


Points - 5 - 2.4k A bit low
Alliance - 7 - A decent alliance
ABP - 7 - With ~1700 ABP it's a bit on the low side, but if i'm not mistaken, you started late.
DBP - 2 - Not getting hit much are you?
Reputation - 5 - Haven't seen you anywhere until now
Overall - 27/50


Points - 7/10 (in top 100)
Alliance - 9/10 (ofcourse I am biased)
ABP - 9/10 (top 10)
DBP - 4/10 (Low DBP, but also viewed as a good thing)
Rep - 8/10 (Never played with you before :/)

Overall 37/50


Points - 6/10 lagging behind need to get a second city
Alliance - 9/10 I'm also biased
ABP - 6/10 just outside the top 100
DBP - 4/10 Low but then you haven't been hit despite thedaughterofhera's best efforts
Rep - 8/10 Not played with you before

Overall 33/50


Points - 6/10 lagging behind need to get a second city
Alliance - 9/10 I'm also biased
ABP - 6/10 just outside the top 100
DBP - 4/10 Low but then you haven't been hit despite thedaughterofhera's best efforts
Rep - 8/10 Not played with you before

Overall 33/50

DJ you are a 50/50. Truly one of the best fighters I've ever had the honor of playing with. But please no one rate me I can't handle the criticism lol. Rate the player above me.



Points - 9/10 Ranked 10th, what more can I say?

Alliance - 10/10 We're smokin' this world ;D LOL

ABP - 9.5/10 Ranked 4th. again what more can I say?

DBP - 9.5/10 Again ranked 4th.

Rep - 6/10 Personally I've never heard of you, but judging by the reputation system and stuff. I guess.

Well done sir :D


Wasn't going to have a go at this, but this one's too good to miss the opportunity of...


Points - 5/10, nothing special

Alliance - 11/10, 10 for TF, 1 for Ctrl-Halt-Defeat

ABP - 2/10, not really got going yet

DBP - 1/10, ditto

Rep - 20/10 Responsible for much of the amusement on this server so far.;)

Overall - 39/50. :)

I'm boring, so better if someone else has another go at Tanarkin. ;)


Quit being humble, you'll be rated anyway :p


Points: 6/10, based on previous post ratings on this thread you're slightly above average.
Alliance: 10/10, #2 overall, #1 ABP, #1 DBP.. I'd say their doing alright
ABP: 4/10, you gave Tanarkin a 2/10.. and you have double his ABP.. soo that's how I came up with that
DBP: 3/10, same logic.. but not necessarily a bad thing to have low ABP. just gotta convince those noobs to start sending the unescorted trans and attacking birs your way ;)

Rep: 10/10 never played with him before but I love the external presence and wit

Overall: math
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points: 8th so 8 out ten i guess
Alliance: 9/10 can see them being one of the ones to beat
ABP: Get those slingers out! 6/10
DBP: doing ok, but probably not had much call yet! 6/10

REp: no idea so go for 7

overall: 38, a solid B+


I generally keep out of these but wth

points: 9/10 (not enough 13k cities for the top marks)
Alliance: 9/10 (No 1 at the moment but I don't recognise any names)
ABP: 6/10 (plenty of game time to get the ABP up but your ABP rank shouldn't be 10 spaces lower than your real rank if you are in top 50.)
DBP: 1/10 (try getting a few more defence quests in it may help)
Rep: 5/10 Not heard of you, your post count may be why though.



What is your name in game?

Or maybe you're using Kadjayuni but I've become so inept from not playing for 2 years that I can't even search for a name in the rankings?


Seems everyone knows what's good for them, as nobody has dared rate kad in his current state... :p

Check his siggy, Aicy :rolleyes:



Points - ~3k it's decent since you started late (25th of may) - 7/10
Alliance - Ok alliance for oc 64/74 - 7/10
ABP - Nice, (you started late) - 8/10
DBP - Want more dbp? I'll attack you :D. - 1/10
Reputation - According to your posts you're pretty famous, unlike me. - 9/10
Overall - 32/50


Nigerian prince

Points-8/10 top 100 well above average
Alliance-7/10 time shall tell the full story but not an MRA atleast
Abp-9/10 very good for size, always a good sign to be ranked higher in about than points
Dbp-7/10 good enough
Reputation-4/10 your 2 posts and me being a revolt player make not know you
35/50 great start

Playing world as Mad Maxwell


Mad Maxwell

Points - 7/10, 13th in rim ocean
Alliance - 6/10, 43rd overall 54th ABP, yet to lose a city
ABP - 8/10, ranked 503 in points and 198 in ABP - not a bad ratio
DBP - 5/10, only 40 DBPs but not necessarily a bad thing
Reputation - 6/10, don't know you but you seem to have some decent rep

32/50 doing well comparatively



Points - 5/10 Right in middle of core, should be higher but not too bad
Alliance - 2/10 Looks like your dying slowly atm (more DBP then ABP)
ABP - 6/10 Not too bad, but still core player
DBP - 5/10 God is no-one attacking you?, bit like me :rolleyes:
Rep - 5/10 Gone neutral as I dont know you and havent come across you in any other worlds.

23/50 Doing okay but being right in the core I'd expect you to have done more, sorry.


lets kill the thread again :D


Points - 9/10 sort of on the rim and top 50
Alliance - 6/10 alot more grey cities and internals on the conquest sheet than anything else, and looks like you haven't had a challenge yet
ABP - 4/10 nearly twice your actual rank... stop pressing Olympic Games and start attacking people
DBP - 5/10 Not much attacks against you
Rep - 7/10 Heard of you rather than visual.


Btw if you can't read my siggeh. I iz Dangerm0use


Being the tool I am, I read Dangermouse, instead of m0use.. :D

Points - 8/10 near the rim, 1st in O76, Ranked #68
Alliance - 8/10 owning O66, creeping into O76 too - although, you have 2 Sub-Alliances? ..Watch out for Itz so fluffy They have a despicable me CoA
ABP - 10/10 can't ask for much more, top 10, not in the core, hats off to you!
DBP - 7/10 still high! You must have killed most peoples troops before they could attack you ^.^
Rep - 10/10 Yep, heard of you in early worlds, i have a slight feeling i've played with you... I don't suppose you were in the world where we had "Team Dobby" and "Team Ryan" alliances? And i think you were on the same island as me, but in "Team Ryan"? You slaughtered me the second BP dropped if i remember rightly xD

43/50 dayum
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