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Points - 6/10 On the rim so not bad but not good too
Alliance - 4/10 Lots of loses
ABP - 6/10 Not too much but considering you're in 74 is good
DBP - 5/10 Not much attacks against you
Rep - 5/10 Haven't heard of you



Being the tool I am, I read Dangermouse, instead of m0use.. :D

Points - 8/10 near the rim, 1st in O76, Ranked #68
Alliance - 8/10 owning O66, creeping into O76 too - although, you have 2 Sub-Alliances? ..Watch out for Itz so fluffy They have a despicable me CoA
ABP - 10/10 can't ask for much more, top 10, not in the core, hats off to you!
DBP - 7/10 still high! You must have killed most peoples troops before they could attack you ^.^
Rep - 10/10 Yep, heard of you in early worlds, i have a slight feeling i've played with you... I don't suppose you were in the world where we had "Team Dobby" and "Team Ryan" alliances? And i think you were on the same island as me, but in "Team Ryan"? You slaughtered me the second BP dropped if i remember rightly xD

43/50 dayum
I was in team dobby. It was DrWho who I slaughtered at the drop of BP lol


Not bad... could be better ha ha when you can perfect snip3 in revolt you get better mark...

8 out of timings could all be same..

Ps kad your in found you now.. didnt know you were under dangermouse.. me and my crew joined this morning
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Let's get back on topic...


Points - 5/10 just to be nice
Alliance - 7/10 they are 9th so some love is given
ABP - 1/10 is 255 ish
DBP -0/10 i don't care much for DBP unless you are in the top 30.
Rep - 1/10never heard of you.

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Jake OSU

Points-9/10 I'm no expert, but 130,000 is a big number...
Alliance-8/10 13th is pretty high, seems well set up
ABP-7/10-once again, I'm no expert, but 38,000 ABP seems decent
DBP-6/10-still not an expert, but you seem to not be targeted much
Rep-1/10- I've never had any in-game contact with you




Points-4/10 - Progressing nicely but not there yet.
Alliance-6/10 - Top 50 Alliance
ABP3/10 - Ranked beyond 1000th, got a way to go yet.
DBP-3/10 - Same as above
Rep-5/10- Going neutral on this. I've only played Grepolis 5 weeks so I'm not going to know you.


Good luck in game :)


when rating the alliance, did you take our sister alliance, eviction notice too, into account?


when rating the alliance, did you take our sister alliance, eviction notice too, into account?

Yes, hence the score of 6 :) With the other ratings I've seen I would have given higher if it was a top 10 alliance.
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good. We actually made that alliance only a few days ago, we 38th at one point, but that does still seem like a 6.



Points - 4/10 - * cities 60k, i have 8 cites so not rated highly
Alliance - 7/10 - 35th alliance, has Phalanx75 in it who i rate highly.
ABP - 6/10 - top 100 not too shabby
DBP - 0/10 - you should try annoying someone.
Rep - 5/10 - Don't know you at all.


I've only been playing the game for 5 weeks so I will take that! :)



Points - 8/10 - Not bad for where you are
Alliance - 3/10 - Caps hurt my eyes!, you have 1/6th of the entire alliances ABP......
ABP - 7/10 - Doing Well for your area, esp considering several around you
DBP - 6/10 - Well its quiet where you are but hardly your fault
Rep - 5/10 - Neutral as I've not hear/seen you before.

Total 29/50 - Tbh generous scoring on some due to area of world, but easily best in that little area so well done



Points - 9.9/10 - top 30 awesome :D
Alliance - 7/10 - top 22 tbh looks like a about alliance that is decent so kudos!
ABP - 9/10 - top 50 in ABP nice.
DBP - 7/10 - Looks like no one hates you.
Rep - 8/10 - got a crown so fine by me :)

40/50 - Lots of points to a nice player :pro:


Hi close neighbour! :D

Points - 8/10; Top of your ocean, damned good for where you are
Alliance - 6/10; Recent encounters say you're a good alliance, correct me if i'm wrong, but you did great in a war against The Republic?
ABP - 7/10; Pretty good for where you are, higher then mine, so I can't criticise you much :'D
DBP - 7/10; Looks like you've defended off a few CS's, or just supported like crazy
Rep - 6/10; Came across you in the world before I saw your name here in the externals, but not in any other worlds



points-7/10 just about 400th ranked player, pretty good in my opinion
alliance-6/10 almost to top 30, seem like a good alliance
ABP-7/10 almost 300th with over 20,000, seems pretty good for a 70k player
DBP-3/10 people must love you, make some more people angry
Rep-10/10 seems good at judging strength, with means high experience