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Points-5/10 Common bud you are lagging a bit as the world is two moths old
alliance-10/10 Good alliance under strong leadership, talking about the main one
ABO-6/10 i dont blame you for low ABP as there is not much action in your ocean
DBP-4/10 seems like having a pleasant time with your neighbours enjoying tea :)
Rep- 8/10 dont know you much but still seeing the above post i can say you deserve it

32/50 :) :)



Points-9/10 Very high in points can't fault someone in the top 25
alliance-8/10 Secured their ocean but not all that challenged in there at the mometn
ABO-5/10 Really poor for a player of your rank to have such a low ABP what have you been doing?
DBP-4/10 This is also poor given your size I can only assume you're either not picking fights or just never attacked
Rep- 6/10 Never heard of you




Points- 8/10 ranked 65th with 21 cities. Good to see you growing again. Guess you picked up lots of slots whilst being with .aka
Alliance - 8/10 Didnt invite me when I requested. Missed opportunity for you guys lol otherwise the score might have been higher for this.
ABP - 10/10 You are clearly a descent player. Ranked 6th. Well done, that shows some good effort on your part to fight it out.
DBP - 10/10 12th in DBP rankings. No wonder your ranked 65th in points. You clearly spend your rez where it counts.
Rep - 7/10 While I dont know you as either friend or foe and I would imagine plenty of others do. I know of you from merely seeing your name at the top of end of the fighter rankings.

43/50 *cant tell if perhaps I am being too generous*



Points- 7-10 nearly within the top 100 in the world, Well done
Alliance- 4-10 you really need to join other players :) Can't take on the world!
ABP- 9/10 really nice amount of ABP there.
DBP- 8/10 good amount can tell you defend a lot aswell as attack
Rep- 7/10 Going solo has probably gotten you noticed although i don't know you.

35/50 i have no clue what is going on haha
You may have had a larger alliance at one point, i do not know, but i was just taking theses from what i observed from the rankings


Points 3/10 - pretty dire many better peeps
Alliance 6/10 - Good alliance has Phalanx who i rate highly, but we kinda enemies.
ABP 4/10 - gotta work on that m8.
DBP 2/10 - do you even get attacked?
Rep 5/10 - +Rep on forums so mutual.

20/50 you need some working to do.


Okay, lemme try this as well.

Points 7/10 - Top 200, closing in on top 150, and no city at more than 10k points, which for me is a good thing.
Alliance 6.5/10 - Initially I was a bit drawn back when I saw you're on no. 29 and the fighting points are also meh, but your conquests look good, and you seem to not be afraid of a fight. Keep it up, be aggressive, that's how you better yourself here. :) Still have a loooong way to go till you prove yourselves though.
ABP 6/10 - You're not by any means a star, but you're not doing bad either.
DBP 4/10 - Yyyyea... pick a fight... any fight!
Rep 6/10 - Seen your face a couple of times... 6 is for encouragement. Need to be present a bit more.

29.5/50 Above average... that's what I was going for. :)


I couldn't resist rating a new member.

Points - 8/10 - Not a fan of over built cities above 8k. Bigger the city, smaller the nuke.
Alliance - Can't really rate my own alliance, I guess I'd be "biased".
ABP - 9/10 - Currently ranked 11th and climbing. Bravo!
DBP - 8/10 - Given the current state of affairs I would have expected more, but backsniping over bireme sniping would reflect such a score. Looks good to me!
Rep - 10/10 - Seems like a nice chap, with nothing negative attached to your name.



Points - 9/10 - Cities looked to be honed for one thing and one thing only. A fight.
Alliance - 2/10 - Wouldnt invite me.
ABP - 10/10 - Hope you legit not just feeding yourself to stay on top.
DBP - 8/10 - Compared to ABP you are scraping around for DBP. Ppl probably to scared to attack you I suppose..
Rep - 5/10 - This is a tough one and my answer might be one you may appreciate. Given how aggressive you are I would imagine you are disliked by many and admired and loved by many. 5/10 is harsh but then being top dog is probably a harsh place to be on the social aspect.

You just got a rubbish rating. In large because of my own personal neglect by your alliance and to no fault of your own. Its a tough life this grepo business :pro:



Hahaha I got -rep'd and called an idiot for my above post on Biased..

In reality my rating was more like 44-46/50 .. I am only teasing Gwhizz!


I personally couldn't tell... So many ppl that think like that around that it's not even funny anymore. :rolleyes:


Points- 7/10 You are basically in the top ten for points but your cities are much too large, less pop for troops :)
Alliance - 10/10 1st in ABP,DBP and points I didn't have to put much thought into that one
ABP -9/10 Better than your points rank all that matters to me
DBP - 7/10 With all of those ripe cities you think you would have more people attacking you, so I figured you must of been so good and attacking, you scared them off
Rep - 8/10 Never seen you in other worlds but you managed to make a splash in this one

Grand total: 41/50...82% at least you made honours(scr)


OH HEY, you're in my Ocean!

Points- 5/10, 62nd in O74, Although you're obviously staying afloat.
Alliance-3/10, You're leader ain't the best of leaders, although he is a good player.
ABP- 7/10, good for your size.
DBP- 8/10, much better for your size, obviously been fending a few of our attacks off :'D
Rep- 3/10, not seen you before, but i have fought against you (i think?)


I'll give this a shot

Points- 8/10, Doing very well but for someone not in the core
Alliance- 7/10, I don't know much about them or who yall have been fighting but obviously the abp/dbp ratio is prime.
ABP- 7/10, Seem to know your way around firepower. Clearly dominating the fight
DBP- 6/10, High marks for staying aggressive but low marks because you seem untested to me
Rep- 8/10, Aggressive player and remarkable presence in the externals. Plus I think you said you were from Delos? Great world that. I don't remember you from there but I didn't stay all that long. I could be wrong...


Points 4/10 m8 ya tiny
Alliance 4/10 ditto
ABP 4/10 More dbp then abp
DBP 6/10 nearly got more dbp then me
Rep 7/10 ~ Lad


Points 8/10 - Awesome for the Rim
Alliance 9/10 - Brill ABP for it's size, wreaking Phalanx and Testudo, holding a strong core.. and very bias :'D
ABP 10/10 - Again, amazing for the rim.. #11, well done for breaking top 15
DBP 8/10 - Still very high
Rep 7/10 - Only met you on this world, but wow son, you've made a mark in it :D
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Points 8/10 not bad for starting later
Alliance 7/10 (i could not give a rim alliance more than 8)
ABP 8/10 while your points are great, rim targets are questionable
DBP 4/10 Very low which suggests uncontested sieges from weak targets and few enemies.
REP 2/10 Never heard of you or your alliance before today bored and browsing the forum... oh yeah and you started on the rim.

Sorry for being rimcist and im sure I could arguably be scored much worse in this world.



Points 6/10 - you are in core and have many less cities than me
Alliance 7/10 - Part of the ToTL MPA, only one direction to play with, and those the other side of the ocean will soon get bored. Inactivity and boredom will kick in unless you do something drastic.
ABP 0/10 - terrible I have seen quadrupeds with shells with more ABP than you, are you colonising again?
DBP 1/10 - equally terrible, you either use festivals like mad or there is some OG'ing going on.
Rep 7/10 - You are infamous around many parts, but you still have some catching up to do to hit parity with big names such as Lucifer, ItsOliver and Admiral Naji.

21/50 Oh dear.


Dangermouse -

Point - 8/10 top 50 is good 38 cities 8k average, very tidy smart player
Alliance - 7/10 ranked 8 so not bad at all.
ABP - 7/10 top 30 good going!
DBP - 6/10 You my friend need a good siege busting :D
Rep 8/10 very nice player known for your quality and leadership in game and out.

cant count for sugar nuts so figure it out for yourself.