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  1. Kal Gordon

    Kal Gordon

    Nov 2, 2016

    Hmmm. Let's take a look at this.
    - If you were already suspected of being a spy, then it's natural for people to treat you with distrust. I know a lot of people certainly aren't going to trust you after what you did here.
    - You could leave and leave a message explaining the reasons on the forum, but without handing cities over. That's annoying for TF, but still a lot better than someone intentionally leaking cities to enemy players (something which makes you basically as bad as being a spy anyways).
    - If you were suspected of being a spy and you suddenly claimed to know about the enemy's intentions, I'd be very suspicious. It implies that you're either on very friendly terms with TM, or that you use spies yourself.

    A significant number of your conquests seem to be from other TF/TB members. So you are complaining about handing cities to TF that you only took via internals/handovers anyways? Hoovering up internals/handovers, handing cities to the enemy, and then jumping ship to the enemy. Doesn't exactly make you look like the best teammate.

    So you are basing that entire claim on the fact that a TF player isn't posting much on the forums at the moment?

    I never said you should prove it to me. However I would state that you have proven yourself a highly untrustworthy player on this server, so I would expect that you may have to prove yourself to a lot of people in the future if you want them to trust you again. And running away from every debate on the issue isn't going to solve it either.
  2. collect78900

    collect78900 Chiliarch

    Oct 30, 2013
    You could leave and leave a message explaining the reasons on the forum, but without handing cities over
    i had sent a mass mail.

    If you were suspected of being a spy and you suddenly claimed to know about the enemy's intentions, I'd be very suspicious. It implies that you're either on very friendly terms with TM, or that you use spies yourself.
    I wonder why i was suspected in being the spy i guess only tf can tell us about it? Rx mentioned it in a pm that i was in the clear as well...

    So you are basing that entire claim on the fact that a TF player isn't posting much on the forums at the moment?
    Everything that i have said till now,i have proof about it!(no reason to share those who need to know all about it already know)

    And running away from every debate on the issue isn't going to solve it either.
    Whats left to solve?

    Kal how come u dont play the game actively but are perusing this matter why dont u log in and play for wws?
  3. Kal Gordon

    Kal Gordon

    Nov 2, 2016
    - That still doesn't excuse handing cities over, really.
    - Even if you had just got into the clear, suddenly coming up with intel about an enemy OP is a suspicious thing.
    - You said that TF players were banned from posting on the forums without permission. When I said I had never seen anything like that when I was in the TF family, you responded by saying that you thought one TF player was a bit quiet at the moment.
    - The fact that you seem to think it is fine to blame everyone else except yourself is something still to solve, I'd say. That and the fact that a lot of people won't trust you for a while.

    I got involved because I saw people criticising other people's characters when they themselves have severely damaged reputations. Especially as it involved an alliance I played in for a short while. I decided to stop playing competitively in this world a while ago because I was in too many worlds and was losing focus. As for WWs, I personally find the WW stage to be one of the least exciting periods of the server. It's also too far on in the world to catch up to the vast majority of active players. However that doesn't mean that I cannot take an interest in the events of the world.
  4. Grandaizer

    Grandaizer Phrourach

    Mar 3, 2011
    You must be high dude. I have never ever seen any alliance (including TF) warning players for posting on externals, or not giving rights to do so. It's really funny.

    I'm quite, because said everything what I wanted and I don't see point in continuing this endless discussion, which can't be ended with any kind of agreement.
  5. Heres20BuckKillMe

    Heres20BuckKillMe Phrourach

    Sep 2, 2016
    TF has no restriction on not posting on externals. Some have but TF does not or i would have been kicked a long time ago ;)
  6. Ahr-Ex

    Ahr-Ex Phrourach

    Nov 6, 2015
    Since my response was requested, here are my answers.

    The players in the Waiting List (academy) were not allowed to post in the externals until they got approval. Those players who joined us by random request for invites had to earn our trust.

    Pro-Grep is an experienced player, who know from prior servers on both sides of the battlefield AND the externals, so of course he is not limited. Same with AOK.

    Notice that Collect does not mention that in the PM with Fuzzer he requests Skype contacts so they could continue the conversation in private. He also doesn't mention that he used the forum rights I trusted him with to delete our entire forum, since that doesn't fit with his narrative.

    None of that matters. We were very pleased with his departure. We would have had more respect for him if he had been straight up about it, but as he says, the attacking was more fun. If it makes him feel better to cast a lightning bolt on us now and then and pretend he can actually take a city from one of our fighters, we can humor him, I guess.

    Now, can we drop this subject and move on please? The externals for this world have been so tedious I forget to check them for weeks at a time.
  7. collect78900

    collect78900 Chiliarch

    Oct 30, 2013
    Say Rx could u do a top 12 pls...
  8. QuantumGorilla

    QuantumGorilla Lochagos

    Jun 23, 2017
    Any updates? lol
  9. Donpj111

    Donpj111 Phrourach

    Jan 10, 2015
    Sons are fighting Magic, suicide squad, delta, BWR, Souls, Cleo (former indies/Repo)... did i forget anyone lol :p:p
  10. collect78900

    collect78900 Chiliarch

    Oct 30, 2013
    By the looks of it SONS are getting hammered these last 3-4 days.....:)
  11. TromboneTom

    TromboneTom Hipparchus

    Oct 8, 2016
    Trust you to be the only one thats proud of fighting 8 vs 1....
  12. collect78900

    collect78900 Chiliarch

    Oct 30, 2013
    thats a lie

    Sons of odin ,sons of tyr, tesla spears,lucid.......

    the odds are against u but this is what uall have been doing pretty much till recently.....3 sons vs bm??....

    its just that the tables have turned....
  13. Donpj111

    Donpj111 Phrourach

    Jan 10, 2015
    Lol pounded??? We have been pounding Cleo for 6 months. And you claim 3 SONS Alliances against BM? We havent been hitting you one single time yet simply because you arent worth our effort lol. But now that you have gone down the MRA-road that might change :p

    How many alliance jump are you up to now? Three?
  14. Donpj111

    Donpj111 Phrourach

    Jan 10, 2015
    Oh forgive me... its 5... what a fragile little noob lol
  15. stevious Ballista

    stevious Ballista Hipparchus

    May 24, 2015
    Well the 'Sons' have finally given up, The world winners and masters look to be Cleo, well done to Cleo
  16. Meltrix

    Meltrix Phrourach

    Apr 12, 2010
    Thanks for the shout out, stevious!

    As an early member and leader of Dark Souls, who fairly early in the game became allied with Repossession Agents, who eventually became Cleo Patra, which is now called "Cleos Magical Soul Squad" to honor the greater alliance, of which I am currently a member and WW island inhabitant, I appreciate the recognition.

    It's been a long, wild ride. Just for the sake of posterity, I'd like to give a short-ish version of the events from my perspective (and to the best of my recollection) that led to our win. I hope most will say it's deserved.

    In the run up to the WW era, there were 4 alliance groups in contention: RA, True Fear, The Magicians, and the Sons of Odin.

    Up until right before the WW era, RA and their core allies - Dark Souls and Suicide Squad - was as solid a team as I could hope for. Then things, at least for our alliance group, got really shaky. The main RA leaders went MIA, leaving their posts and going into long-term VM without a solid plan for return. Members went rogue, causing the remainder of the WW team to scramble for new islands. New leadership was put in place (mostly female, I might add) and a new alliance was formed - Cleo Patra. The WW era was upon us with us barely in position. But with some awesome favor managers and dedicated players we managed to get 3 Wonders in place quickly.

    That left The Magicians with 2 (pretty good for a small alliance), True Fear with 1 and the Sons with 1.

    Then True Fear made a deal with the Sons and dropped their Wonder, giving the Sons 2 before ghosting.

    So - Cleo 3, Magicians 2, Sons 2.

    As the dominant alliances in nearby oceans, 54 & 55, Cleo and The Magicians had good diplo relations pretty early on in the game. The Sons were always a potential enemy in a far away ocean - 35. So - we had to decide whether to team up with TM and fight the Sons and their allies and then turn on each other to fight for the rest of the wonders, or to work together for a mutual win.

    Despite what some will say, it was not a set plan from early on, nor an easy decision or negotiation. Both sides had members wanting to claim the win for themselves, and there were threats from some to not play nice if the "wrong" decision was made. To further muck things up was the sudden death of the Magician's leader. Controversy still swirls about whether his passing was real or a hoax. It was bizarre.

    I will say this, though, from everything I know about that situation, everyone in the Magicians and Cleo acted honorably with the information we had. And as a testament to the honor that grepo players can display, all alliances involved, including enemies, respectfully moved away from negotiations and attacks while TM dealt with their loss.

    TM was still shaken when negotiations and fighting resumed, and if it weren't for adept diplomacy I don't know where we'd be today. But strong and trusted leadership prevailed and we were able to achieve a peaceful merge with The Magicians - 20 of our players and 20 of theirs came into the now renamed Cleos Magical Soul Squad. They dropped a wonder and we got the 4 for the world win, and then the 5th. And then the Sons screwed up in a handover of a WW city and we saw it and got the 6.

    So it's up to the Sons - do they defend their sole Wonder to the end as we begin the slow move to their territory? Or continue their creep into our territory and along with their allies who surrounded us take down one of ours, denying us the 7?

    Nope - as I hear it, it was of the Sons' opinion that Cleo's merge with TM was a cheap MRA move and an unearned win, so the fight wasn't worth it. Their leaders agreed and key members ghosted. So 1 year and 3 months into the world we accelerated the last wonder and got the 7.

    Now we are rewarding every member of the allied group who helped us achieve the win by cycling them in for a crown.

    I will say I have nothing but admiration for the Sons and their solid team. There were many excellent fighters among them, and if I weren't fighting against them I'd enjoy fighting with them.

    I don't agree with their assessment that we're just an MRA of golding simmers, though. We did plenty of fighting early on to dominate our oceans. We didn't recruit the final team from anyone but our core allies and TM, each of whom earned a place there. And the obstacles we repeatedly faced made it seem at times that winning at all would be an absolute miracle. But the struggle was real, people, and miracles do happen - but not without a freakin' lot of work and determination of dedicated leaders and members. I'm proud of each and every member of our team, and equally proud of our win. It's been a long, satisfying, and (mostly) enjoyable journey. :)

    Cheers, Mel
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  17. Alexander the Okay

    Alexander the Okay Chiliarch

    Nov 21, 2016
    Congrats on the win. Probably not many servers will be won again from the same position of absolute disarray you guys were in at one stage.

    Unsurprisingly you missed the gentleman's agreement you had with TM about which wonders you pushed on with. Dropping off the keys to the lighthouse on our way out was the least we could do to redress the balance.
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