Top 12 Sink & Swim Series


Haha the privilege, so if you didn't hear about ppl then that's that lol I mean who am I to argue with you. Just a look at your cities and where they are positioned give me the chills, hell I think you might be carrying your whole team.

Well, you are stacking not only birs, but some DLU too and all that with a fat wall and that is a fact. Also now you have for sure seen me kill something ;)



hey... remembered... one thing, what i still after meny years do not understand..
so i like to ask from you vise guyes...where the hell the luck % comes...
hopefully here i got only reasonoble resbonse...


made for kids, but grown ups are fans ... blooper...or the batman is just one perv...

not a perv, we just live in a very soft generation where everything offends everyone.. its like walking on eggshells unless you are like me and dont give a crap about anything and freely speak your mind, no regret, no shame :)


i can use we all i want since i help with clears, what cities have you taken since the war started, alb boy's, yeah must be hard taking internals since thats all your team is capable of :)