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They really need to be deleted tbh... Never going to be used again.
The general playerbase are not going to be able to simply create accounts and edit the wiki ever again.

I'll do it soon :)


Sorry, its a thing I do IRL and it seems to have followed me here :D
But yes, cheers.

Cheers :p


Don't raise my hopes so much thomas!!! yes, i am talking about x-mas event


The awards page is getting there to those of you who reported errors on it.
But it is a pretty hectic page, so if you spot anything else, please let us know! :)


US team needs updating
All the buildings pages need updating with correct time and points and resources generated by res buildings
Worlds list needs updating
changelogs needs updating
many images need updating to bring up to new standard
Osl's big guide needs updating and re-posting

That's all i know so far.
Good luck ;)


The Christmas Event is soooo last year, and probably doesn't need to be on the sidebar any more.


I wouldn't double post, except nobody has posted since I did ;)
EN Team members needs updating
And the US Team too. Look, I did as much of the work as I could for you.

These people are no longer mods: chrss2128, Thomas, gunnellator, fingolfin
Dark Queen is now green but listed as yellow.

On the US side:
These listed have no colour, so may not still be in post : Adonis, Sasquatch6, Big Chiefum, primaryw, TigrisRivera.
These are listed as Ingame but their forum titles say Senior Ingame: kawoni, Nicciblue.

So I ToT that up as 33 right and 12 needing changed. Ofc there may also be some that need added, but I am not gonna do all your work for you :p

Normally I would just skype some guy who would do it within seconds, but yeah...


Not sure why this is the correct place to post and I apologize if it isn't but thread 51467 requested further posts be made to this thread.

Grepolis uniformly accumulates bonuses (plus or minus) on the base level additively not multiplicatively. That isn't always clear in the wiki, perhaps because it's tiresome to repeat it. However, if even a wiki-moderator was incorrect in his original response on that question, it might be worth repeating it anyway.


This probably isnt the right thread to ask this but does anyone know if there is a cap on how many resources you can demand from the farming villages? last night i got a message saying i have reached my dailly limit and i couldnt demand anymore.


The heroes page needs to be updated. Hercules can gain favor on defense. Orpheus gives +CP for all methods, not just festivals.

Looks like the wiki page was created before some Heroes got updated so I'm not sure what else needs looking at.