The fall of the evil Alpha empire.


Once upon a time in Omicron, around the year 2011 AD, 3 high princesses argued over who should be Queen of the Alpha kingdom. Hamwise, Spiller and amirashah decided they would ask a wise man which of them was the most beautiful and whomever he chose would be Queen. Princess Spiller said they would ask king Murtius as he was the wisest of men, plus Spiller loved Murtius and dreamed of marrying him one day.

Murtius was a hunter who spent endless hours with his friends hunting and killing anything that moved. It was in the woods hunting that the 3 high princess found him, they explained the case and asked Murtius which he thought was the most beautiful and should sit as Queen. Murtius paused for a moment, then he looked at all 3 of them and with a smile on his face he pointed down at his faithful hunting dog and said she should be Queen.


The 3 princesses were outraged and quickly headed back to their kingdom full of hateful rage. The decided to wage war on Murtius and his Unit, they were so blinded by their anger they failed to see winning this war was not possible. They after all were princesses not warriors, their people were dress makers and bakers they could not stand against a warrior tribe, especially one as elite as The Unit.

Murtius was a battle hardened leader who had fought many wars in lands far away as a younger man.


His officers were a mix of some of the greatest warriors in the world and horrid blood trusty monsters. His second in command Richard was a skilled military leader who had the reactions, speed and deadly strike of a wild loin.


rmoller was a wise and respected man who carried a large axe, it was almost bigger than even himself. Legend has it that he could kill 100 men with one swing of his axe.


Kilfford was a beast from the under world who sat at the right hand of Hades. He was sent to watch over Murtius in return for Murtius once sparing Hades in battle.


notguilty was an old and wise warrior some say he is as old as the world itself others say the gods built the world for him.

77734226.png a monster who killed men by the thousands and built his kingdom from the skulls of his victoms.


The rawr, dark overlord of the κόλαση φατριών μάτια aka Hell eyes clan, if eyes are truly the windows to the soul then these must be tortured souls. It is said that one look into their eyes is enough to turn a man's hair white.


Bli zankity TU's ambassador, it was his job to take care of foreign affairs. Due to all the travelling he done he was often ambushed by the enemy. Though Bli was was a brave warrior and fought regardless of how outnumbered he was.


And lastly Lavrentios an elite warrior from the east, one of the founding leaders of The Argonauts who join The Unit to unite the eastern alliances.


Despite facing the most feared army in all the world the princesses sent their commanders out to pick the strongest looking slaves from the field to build an army.


They demanded that the army set sail the next day, their commanders pleaded with them for more time to prepare. They explained to the pricesses that the troops would not be ready for such a task. Still blinded by their rage the princesses discarded their advice and told them to attack. The next day the small group of Alpha slaves readied themselves and their ships and soon set sail across the ocean.


Before long they reach a cold, spooky ocean, the air become icy and their ship surrounded by fog. A fog so thick they could hardly see their hands in front of their face.


They landed on a dark cold island, almost stiff from the cold and fear they marched on to the cities of TU. The merciful cries of the dead who had crossed these lines before them echoed in the air.


As the reached the top of the hill the fog began to clear, and across the battle field they got their first look at their enemy. They shook with fear as the gazed at the might of TU.


Alpha's army were crush under the feet of The Unit, all killed where they stood, all but one. TU spared one slave, they told him to return to Alpha and to inform the princesses that they were coming. When the slave returned and informed his rulers they simply laughed it off. No army has ever dared invade us they though, how wrong they would soon learn to be............


TU answers Alpha's attacks.

Soon The Unit had put a plan of attack in place, and assembled their forces. Before crossing Ocean 56 they decided to safeguard their own fronts, so they conquered many cities in oceans 55 and 66. These strategic positions would both act as a buffer zone to their 65 strong hold and prove to be a useful base from which to launch attacks on the Alpha empire. They also decided to use a weak southern tribe who ruled ocean 66 as bait to the princesses armies. They did know it yet but this would prove to be a major factor in the war.

One warm June morning the 3 princesses sat in the gardens of their kingdom enjoying the summer sun shine. The were completely unaware that just a few miles away The Unit were preparing to attack. TU readied their men and within moments hundreds of ships carrying tens of thousands of troops set sail for the evil Alpha kingdom.


After an initial victory against Alpha's most northern cities in ocean 55, The Unit members in ocean 66 along with the rulers launched against Alpha's eastern front. TU ships charged at the east cost of Alpha crushing anything that got in their why.


They landed without much resistance and mount their armies outside of Alpha's cities.


As night fell the troops smashed threw the city gates and chopped down the forest of Alpha slaves forced to fight by their cruel and selfish masters.


From the middle of their strong hold in ocean 56 the Alpha council could see the flames from their cities light up the northern and eastern sky's.


The new they had to act fast but what could they do? They new they could never take out the attacking TU forces, so they decided to take the rulers cities in hope of creating some kind of buffer zone between them and TU. They had taken the bait that The Unit had set for them. They pushed east into ocean 66 allowing The Unit to push in from a N/E to S/W direction from ocean 65. This allowed TU to split the Alpha forces, and to divide and conquer them.

TU worked quickly to conquer cities inside Alpha territory, they targeted their leadership and forced them to move south to avoid been killed by these blood trusty warriors. Alphas kingdom became uneasy, in house disagreements and the lack of trust between members was only over shadowed by the screams for help by their so called elite. The wiser men defected and join The Unit, some of their small members fled and were never seen again.

Princess Spiller began to worry and asked for the help of many alliances, she received help from an honour less tribe in the west by the name of Defiled Forest. DF pack Alpha's cities with troops and support, at last Alpha believed they were safe. The next time TU attacked they met a greater resistance than they ever expected and their attacks failed to break down the city walls. All of Alpha rejoiced, they celebrated and told the world they had stopped the might Unit.

Their celebration were short lived as The Unit sent for their secret weapon the unstoppable His fearful attacks swept threw ocean 56 like wild fire crushing not just men and the cities they protect but it crack the very ground beneath their feet. By the time had finished the streets of the Alpha kingdom were covered in the dead and wounded.


Now the alpha council believe this war was beyond them and some of their top members went into hiding, telling their troops they were leaving for vacation but never returned. In a desperate attempt to gain more support Spiller sent his lowest ranked troops to the public with stories of how The Unit were evil and how they attacked Alpha without reason. They tried to scare others into helping them by telling them if Alpha fell they could be next. However TU were well respected and viewed as an honourable alliance so this sneaky underhanded tactic failed.

All that Alpha could do now was sit and wait for TU to pick them off city by city. Each of them praying their brother would be next rather than have to feel the force of TU themselves. They dare not attack The Unit for fear it would draw attention to them. The writing was now on the wall, there was no hope for the evil Alpha empire...................

(Coming really soon, chapter 3 "The fall of Alpha")


Wow buddy, you have entirely too much free time. Do you ever get laid, or is all your time spent doing these types of things? Wait, don't you and Bli have something going on together?


Wow buddy, you have entirely too much free time. Do you ever get laid, or is all your time spent doing these types of things? Wait, don't you and Bli have something going on together?

Haha, o yes. I've been dreaming of an irish hubby for so long now! <3!

Murtyson it's funny he said that as I hoped to be your hunting dog in the story! So it's true! We have such a romantic relationship as I was chosen to be his queen!!

*eyes flutter, hair flips, teenage acne disappears!*

Hahah, Evi why are you talking? Clearly your panties are in such a bunch you couldn't even undress.

Also, great story. I can tell it didn't take much time cause it's basically true, with some creative twist thrown in. Excellent use of pictures too! Exspecially for us council! haha.


Haha I thought Richard's pic was cool but valheru's didn't do him justice. Yours is a little femenine Bli, maybe its just a coincidence though. I would have used some sort of 3 foot tall figure with a green suit for Murtius' picture personally, but hey you can't blame the little guy for trying I guess. Good job Murt!


Mines feminine?

Lol? Okay how ever you see that.

I think mine just comes from a game with bad graphics haha.

Although, mine is fitting considering I have cities on both the northern and eastern Alphan fronts. Along with cities near Armg to fight them.


Haha TGI, its closer but not quite right. By the way, I didn't catch your picture up there. I'd be :p


Unfortunately, I do not believe that I quite warrant a place among those Murtius mentioned. My part in the Alpha war has been far smaller than some of these individuals listed above. Hopefully this might change in the future, but in the mean time I am content with my role.


That was great murty i will read this to my kids for a bed time story LOL


Hahaha, great PnP Murty.
Let's see what Alpha has to say about this one..


Haha murty, you play Total war games?

They're lots of fun bofkees, have you tried them?
But their somehow addictive if you play on hardest niveau and totally struggle!

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I'm sure you and some others will get involved in this war more in a while, don't worry haha:p
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how is bli's feminine? It's a creepy guy in a cloak.
EDIT whoops I looked at the wrong one. Bli's is quite funny... not as feminine as the thre princesses of alphja though
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Come on bof, that's wrong.
I'm catholic for gods sake..

Bli's quite funny, but he openly told everybody he's Murty's mistress so Murty went and used that information everybody already had!


Wow buddy, you have entirely too much free time. Do you ever get laid, or is all your time spent doing these types of things? Wait, don't you and Bli have something going on together?

When your fighting an enemy who are too afraid to attack you, what else are you going to do while your waiting for your offence to rebuild?

@ TGI sadly the likeness of your pic is very close to what I really look like :D