The fall of the evil Alpha empire.

Discussion in 'World Omicron (en15)' started by Murtius, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. bofkees

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    W*arms, I'm catholic too.
    But he send the inquisition to two of my best generals...
  2. W*Arms

    W*Arms Guest

    Haha I can't wait to get back, I want to kick some alpha butt..
  3. When will 3 be done?
  4. The Grand Inquisitor

    The Grand Inquisitor Phrourach

    Jun 24, 2011
    Syron, as Murtius mentioned, we are currently working on completing chapter 3 (the fall of Alpha) in game. Can't exactly write history until it IS history ;)
  5. Eviciouz

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    I hope it has one of those plot twists where you think one thing is going to happen but the exact opposite occurs and the underdogs win :)
  6. W*Arms

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    Yeah right, no way that will happen..
    We could see the winner of this war months ago I think..
  7. Bli zankity

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    Ahh, I hope for a reality check.
  8. ash 42

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    very good murty cant wait till chapter three :)
  9. W*Arms

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    So guys, how's the development of part 3 going?
    Anything I can do without being able to login?:(
  10. bcae

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    I love how W*Arms has so little spine that he leaves his friends behind, and can't wait to get back and attack them. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.
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  11. W*Arms

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    bcae do you actually know what happened?:D
  12. Eviciouz

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    If I remember correctly little W*Arms was crying cause he dropped his binky, he threw a tantrum, left Alpha, tried to get people to follow his example, failed miserably because seriously who's going to follow a toddler, got beat up and had a bunch of cities taken, and now is hiding under his mommy TU's skirt.
  13. W*Arms

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    I always knew you were the dumb est of Alpha Evic, but I didn't imagine it was this bad?
    Story time!

    I posted the conquest counts for the war in the alliance forums of Alpha.
    After that I got a message from the council telling me to stop doing that because it would demoralize.
    This tells us that Alpha sucks, because the conquest cause would've been so bad that it would demoralize?:D

    So I got the feeling council is lying to everybody.
    I decided that I didn't want to stay in that alliance.
    I helped Alpha plan some OPs that turned out succesfull(no applause) while I was looking for other alliances.
    I thaught about DF, BS, and TU.
    Well, after I had some contact on the external forums with Bli, lord syron orm, and Murtius, I decided that it would be best to join them as they weren't lying and they were all kind to me and trusting me.
    So I prepared, did some damage in Alpha without them knowing, because I was their enemy at that time, and then they found out a day before I was planning to leave so no big deal after all.
    I got banned because I logged in at my friends house, and then while being banned Alpha's ultimate fighting force took just 6 cities right in the middle of their territory with no other TU member besides me?:O
    GREAT JOB GUYS!*not*
    You guys really suck at this game, and the only Alphas I think are as good as TU players are tizi, Harak99, and the proud Fregall

    And after that I took lots of cities from you guys, how does that feel?
    BTW, thank you for helping me becoming #3 defender of Omicron!
  14. superhempton

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    hey do you guys mind filling me out cos the map dont lock much changed the last 3 months.....
    and alpha have still not fallen. alpha have some problems. but they can pull together again, like df just did.
    all this propaganda is cind of enoing why cant you guys just defeat them and then make a post in stead og making one then wait?
  15. W*Arms

    W*Arms Guest

    Because laughing at Alpha players struggling while their leaders and top players go VM and then never return is just funny.
  16. bodnapa

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    Red Alliance:
    Alpha Academy
    Defiled Forest
    Defiled Forest West
    Grimm Sleepers
    Brotherhood of Justice
    Brotherhood of Honor

    Green Alliance:
    Black Sea
    The Unit
    The Astronauts - Unit
    Red Dragon Reclaimers
    Greek Empire
    Greek Empire Academy

    Neutral / White Alliances:

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  17. Is alpha demolished yet? I haven't been on grepolis for a while...
  18. bcae

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    Nope, not defeated, and I highly doubt they will be, Lets see what happens in the next few days shall we.
  19. bcae

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    @ W*Arms - Traitor
  20. W*Arms

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    Really Bcae, that's the only thing you can say?
    Then please don't say anything at all.