The fall of the evil Alpha empire.

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    Bcae I know you and your alliance are wishing and praying that Alpha don't fall because you know when we get by them your next but honestly mate you should really be wishing you last that long against BS. I know we're all wishing you do as we can't wait to get some of your cities. We are honestly so cocky we are actually planning ops against you already, we know its only a matter of time before your mates fall and then we'll rock your world.
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    Let's not grill W*Arms just yet. If what he said was true, he would not be a traitor and instead only be someone trying to save their alliance from a Tyrannical Council.
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    Part 3 Please Murty :)
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    @Murty. Story needs to continue with the new development which has taken place. don't you think??
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    Someone should post a new map, the old one, is so out dated, lol.
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    This was one of the best PnPs I've ever read lol
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    World is like this


    Red - The World
    Green - Evolution and Cosa Nostra
  8. nodcrush

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    May 2, 2010
    right on the money there buddy i had diplomacy experiances with them in Theta they were full of it...they even tried to blind side us once.
  9. Hey guys no long time no see. Is there a conquest update yet?
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    Omg lord how are you man? It is no longer possible to update the scores as Alpha have lost more cities than there are numbers, but each city was either inactive or we just got lucky.
  11. I'm expecting mostly inactive!
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    Well I can update you on one score. Taking of WW cities.

    Evo - Alpha: 4 - 0
    Evo - Little brother: 1 - 0

    But sure world has attempted, so far without success.
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    Moment of truth here, I must explain this as I have already admitted to the Alpha leaders. A few months ago I heard through our network of spies that Alpha and DF were planning on merging their top players. I thought that would make them considerably stronger so to prevent it I wrote the first 2 chapters of this story and said that the third would be coming "really soon". I also began a MM campaign against Alpha sending mails to all their members telling them how they would soon fall under the TU sword.

    I new between this story and the MM there was no way Alpha would ever merge and give me the chance to gloat. I simply used the hate and anger for me against them, I wont embarrass anybody too much but one of their top players admitted to me that it worked and I did stop the merger. So there was never meant to be a third chapter here, however with that been said due to public demand I feel I now have no choice but to finish the story.

    After all it looks like the smart players from Alpha have done what they should have done a long time ago and cut themselves free of the dead weight. So over the weekend when I have time I will finish the story and dedicate it to my real "lackies" the pale faces (or whatever they are calling themselves) formally known as Alpha's council. Thanks for playing your part girls you made it all worth while and just so you know deep down (I mean really deep down) I do like you and respect you all, other than spiller of course :)
  14. The Grand Inquisitor

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    Jun 24, 2011
    hey murty i see no alpha anymore so they are finally gone:) defeated and forever forgotten
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    Finally chapter we have all been waiting for.
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    When does it come out??
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    Murty is too busy drinking!!! :p
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    Should have guessed D:
  19. nodcrush

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    May 2, 2010
    haha i don't say this much but murty you dun jumped the gun...Alpha is still around they are Pale Riders now i think...they simply changed names (;
  20. bodnapa

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    well Alpha alliance is no more. they split into DF Alpha and Pale Riders. So techinically they are no more!!