Newspaper The LegendZ Take - Issue 5


The LegendZ Take - Issue 5
Welcome to the 5th and Special Edition of the LegendZ Take. In this satirical newspaper, I will take you on a sarcastic and insulting journey through the world of Epidamnos. Hopefully, I will reveal some interesting facts along the way, but mostly we shall see who has the thickest skin and the best sense of humour.

This edition focuses on some of the smaller guys, alliances that have not been covered. It is important we do not forget those fighting in the outer oceans. So today, we will pretend that the top alliances don’t exist and see what the world would look like, should Talos the destroyer (I wonder if anyone is still dreading him coming) choose to wipe out the centre oceans.

DISCLAIMER: I mean no offence to any alliances or players and am writing this only for a good read once in a while. If you hate it, tell me and I won’t come back!

SECOND DISCLAIMER: I do not consider myself a legend.

THIRD DISCLAIMER: Data for this paper was collected 16/04 (15:00)

The Paper consists of the following sections:

1. The World Rankings

2. The World Wars

3. The Interviews

For the special edition, there is very little gossip as these alliances are seldom seen in the external forums. I hope I can bring them here. The educational section will also be removed for this week and brought back for the 6th edition.


1. The World Rankings

Highlighted are the alliances that I interviewed. The world rankings is a hard one to do with me having paid little attention to this section of the leaderboards (naughty Slivas), so I am going off what I can see using Grepolife (a great website for those who like to know more about their world and enemies).

1. Epidemic Spreads – They have made a move up the rankings and shown very strong growth since the 6th of April. This looks to be largely due to the acquisition of a few players from ROTTEN, which has boosted their points. They are primarily based in O43 and we will discuss their wars in the next section. After showing stagnating growth, maybe these new members can overcome the vaccine and spread like the Spanish Influenza.

2. Raid and Ravage Go Steady – Out in O34, Raid and Ravage are growing steadily, showing no real dips or spikes. I think this suggests a stable time for the alliance. They have also taken on some players recently, albeit quite small, suggesting their wars are going well. They, of course, have the luxury of not having to fight P&P and are out of range of the Priory. Maybe an alliance to watch in the outer oceans as they have the luxury of picking their frontlines to a degree.

3. Legion Ex Machina ex-growth – They have slightly fewer points than they did two weeks ago. Now my maths ain’t that great but that can’t be good. But shout out for being ranked 17th in points but 8th in the fighter rankings. You guys are killing it! Or being killed… But we will find that out in the next section.

4. WE BE PIRATES STEADY AS SHE GOES – I actually had to screenshot this because it was so uniform. I can only assume that they are somehow interlinked with a y=x function.


Look at that steady growth… Are you opposite over hypotenuse because that steady growth makes me want to sin… Continuing the temporary maths theme.

5. Nocturne Centurion Fall – A mass exodus to The Apocalypse - fittingly describing the event – has left these guys wallowing in 23rd position. But hey, it now matches the 22nd in the fighter tables so maybe they can now sustain this size.


2. The World Wars

1. Epidemic vs Plunder & Pillage + Raid & Ravage – Not going well for the rapidly spreading virus. Appears their spread has been quelled by some angry resource robbers. They are currently losing the war with P&P 7-45 and winning the war with R&R 11-5. Considering these alliances are likely working together based on my interviews, this is to be expected. But their continued growth suggests they are soaking up the pressure and losses well. That’s what I like to see.

2. Legion Ex Machina vs The Apocalypse – Oh dear…… In your defence LEM you have taken 1 city, but you have lost 63 of them. Let’s hope they can recover from this. It explains their lack of growth over recent weeks and with a war against R&R 9-27 against as well it looks like the Legion are turning into the 300 against the Persians. But hey, if that’s the case you have great abs so who’s the real winner?

3. The Deadpool vs The Shady Bunch – Not sure the Shadies would term this a war… One sec…


Apparently not. Despite this, The Deadpool have lost
31 cities and taken none. Deadpool has the ability to heal though so they will be a tough one to kill! They also are still showing steady growth.

4. WE BE PIRATES vs Vikings Power – Ahah! We have found an alliance taking on a bite-size alliance that aids their growth, what a nice change. WBP are currently 18-1 to the good on this one. The first alliance we have seen to actually be winning their main war. Maybe a tactical leadership is picking fights it can win.


5. Nocturne Centurion vs Itself – I cannot pretend to know what happened with the mass exodus and whether it was agreed by the leadership. If it was, great, good job on the merger. If it wasn’t… Not such a good job. I know a great leadership TEDTalk from Simon Sinek if you’d like the link?

6. Spartanic Overlords vs ??? – Not a clear enemy here. Maybe they are the ones fighting Talos. The fighter ranking charts make for poor reading. 16th in points but 26th in the fighters.

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3. The Interviews

Let’s find out a little bit about these guys then shall we! Unsurprisingly Kurbads. was unavailable for comment. I imagine the mere suggestion of an interview nearly angered him to the stage of ghosting, just after declaring war on me. Also, many of these interviews were carried out last week so take that into consideration if some information seems outdated.

Zen Shadow

1. Would you say your alliance name is a good representation of your alliance behaviour?

WE BE PIRATES is definitely a representative name for our group. The name comes from previous servers where msyelf and a small crew of mates, premade a fireteam to take over an ocean with little to no regard for who is there or diplomacy by any means other than the sword. It's meant to be a fun alliance where we operate professionally and enjoy the game. No hugging allowed here, just slittin' throats...

2. Your core ocean looks to be O33/O34. Who is your main competition up there right now and how is the fighting going?

We have no competition in O33 at present. We've been taking cities from everyone, especially Vikings Power which is the last alliance standing against us in the North East of O33. The war has been lopsided, we've lost no cities to them. In fact, they only just started attacking back now that we are starting to take cites in and around their core. A convo with their leader back when we started attacking them went something like... Him: "You are too far away, find something else to attack." Me: "We'll fix that problem..."

Down in O34, the main competition is obviously Raid and Ravage who we've had some skirmishes with. They are turtled up in their northern cities, so actually taking their cities won't occur quite yet, but we are advancing south and increasing our presence in O34 due to taking in the Northern contingent from the now defunct Wrath which was our ally. I would expect O34 to be a lucrative battleground from a BP perspective for the foreseeable future.

3. Having the look in from an outer ocean, who looks like the alliance to beat right now to you? (Besides yourself)

Honestly, I can't give the Core too much thought at present. The server is young and alliances will rise and fall in the Core oceans. From my vantage point, I watch what is going on with Plunder and Pillage since they are Raid and Ravage's parent alliance and they have borders with us. We are skirmishing with some of their players from time to time, but haven't come to serious blows so far as they seem preoccupied with Priory et al. attacking from their other flanks.

4. How would you rate this world for entertainment vs past worlds you have played?

Entertainment? Well, that is the only reason I am here. Speed 2 with Speed 3 for troops is a decent setting and allows attacks across vast spaces of ocean. Morale, I am less than amused by, since small turtles can be a real pain to remove from core ocean areas. I've always preferred to play Conquest, as it is a more complicated system, but Revolt is amusing enough and easy to teach to newer players. That's a benefit for our alliance, since, unlike previous iterations of WE BE PIRATES, this is not at all a premade and I built this group from scratch on the server.

5. What can we expect to see from WE BE PIRATES in the future? Will you live up to the name?

We will certainly live up to the name. We don't hug like some core alliances, diplomacy is minimal, and only used to fight larger alliances we couldn't tackle on our own. My current ABP/DBP ratio is somewhere around 4-1 and my fellow Pirates are similar in stats. We like to attack, so expect more of the same. I would expect us to have tougher fights in the near future as we obviously are raising eyebrows. We flew a plain black flag at first to avoid being seen. We currently fly the ship flag as we have grown. Within the next day or so, we should be flying the Skull and Crossbones which is always the true flag of WE BE PIRATES... We live and die by our Pirate Code, which is the Constitution of the alliance, a set of 10 rules which keep our madness methodical and avoids internal feuding, unlike other alliances. In the end, the motto is "Condemned We Are... and Condemned Ye Shall Be..."

What we can take away:

1. Don’t slit my throat please!

2. Will be interesting to see “how she goes” considering they are not a premade.

3. Your fellow pirates are letting you down as you are rank 15 for points but rank 23 for fighters.

4. Hopefully they don’t bite off more than they can chew with a no holds barred policy!

5. P&P watch out…



1. Are you the fan of Deadpool? And if so, try your best to relate his talents, to those your alliance possess...

-Yes I am.

We lose limbs and take hits but we regenerate. We stay positive and happy. We have fun throughout the battle.

2. Your core ocean is probably 064. Who is your main competition there right now and how is the fighting going?

54 and 64. We have had some battles with both The Shady Bunch and Skull n' Bones

We put up a valiant effort and our team works well together.

3. Having the look in from an outer ocean, who looks like the alliance to beat right now to you? (Besides yourself)

-The Shady Bunch are pretty dangerous. I would think that they have a good chance

4. How would you rate this world for entertainment vs past worlds you have played?

It's quite fun. I'm more experienced and surrounded by some good players too

5. What can we expect to see from The Deadpool in the future?

We will continue to grow. Add a sister alliance and hope to defend ourselves as well.

What we can take away:

1. Shady you have another up vote!

2. They are jousting with the big boys. Good on ya.


3. He has nailed they key to this game… Having fun. Keeps you around a lot longer than being successful.

4. Plans already for a sister alliance… What you gonna call her?


1. What is the origin of the alliance name?

Name is a mix of things I like tbh..

- Warhammer 40K - Salamander's Chapter Homeworld : Nocturne

- Roman Era - Experienced Soldier : Centurion

It just kinda went together and stuck..

2. Your core ocean is O35 i'd say. Who is your main competition there right now and how is the fighting going?

- - - - -

3. Having the look in from an outer ocean, who looks like the alliance to beat right now to you? (Besides yourself)

Not sure what you mean by that tbh..

4. How would you rate this world for entertainment vs past worlds you have played?

Pretty standard run through. Always something going on.

5. What can we expect to see from Nocturne Centurion in the future?

- - - - -

I'm sorry, I'm pretty pezz and Grepo paranoid as I don't really know you or your intentions with this information.

Also, your movie qoutes are annoying me as I know recognize the first one and yet don't know where it is from! I wanna say 'Gladiator' but not sure if I'd be right saying so xD

What can we take away:

1. He knows his Gladiator!... But not me. I think he suspects we at The Priory are making a random voyage to O35 to meet them… They’d be right! We are coming to preach the lords word though, that’s all.

2. It was an interesting name!

3. I’m glad there is always something going on, although I am not sure what that something is.

4. ------ (Get it?)




1. Interesting alliance name. Where did it come from?

I came up with the alliance name for a few reasons. I am currently writing a book based on ancient Greek culture and infused with Japanese culture, and apart of my study was especially entwined with Spartans and how there comrades went through the Agoge together, hard work and trails. I decided that I wanted to create an alliance that really stood together and worked as a family, not just in this server, but in any server we decide to play.

Every Spartanic member is encouraged to help each other out and I think of every member as family, something which I hope instill into every member within the alliance. Some players who i started the alliance with had no where to go, or wasn't been given adequate support to learn the game, I decided to take 3/4 players when i created the alliance, to work as a true family and grow from there.

The Overlords side came from our ambitions to take over a server and dominate through sheer brotherhood/sisterhood. We don;t want to rise to be kings/ but king of kings and have a good fight doing so. Due to this we don't play any current orthodox alliance in this game, we have brought some new concepts, that are working really well I believe.

2. What would you say is your core ocean and do you want to branch out?

Our current core Ocean is 75 as we are no 1 there, and have successfully branched into ocean 65, being rank no 3 within 1 month of playing. Last week we captured 41 cities as an alliance and I am extremely proud of every player for achieving this, as I only set out for us to take 20 originally, as you can see, we are currently in 8 oceans in total, but currently we are only working on 5 of them.

In terms of how we grow and where we go to, that will be a surprise for everyone.

3. Having the look in from an outer ocean, who looks like the alliance to beat right now to you? (Besides yourself)

I have found out in this world alot of alliances currently have pacts or Naps with each other and most of the top ten alliance in some shape or another are currently together, I understand this is politics of the game. We are hoping to break into the top ten alliances, so fingers crossed we will get there.

4. How would you rate this world for entertainment vs past worlds you have played?

I found it very enjoyable to work with a solid team, regardless of experience as all the players seem to click and enjoy spending many hours together having a joke about each other and truly getting to know each other, this game has brought people together to be friends, it is ore than we could truly ask for.

5. What can we expect to see from Spartanic Overlords in the future?

To break the 1.6 million barrier :) and gain an emblem that will represent us all. and towards WW stage see us within the top 10 bracket of all alliances in this server.

What we can take away:

1. What a way to take a simple question about the alliance name and truly elaborate on it! I think a great insight has been provided into his mindset there.

2. A man with measurable goals. I think that is key to only look so far ahead and hopefully these achievable goals will help the alliance progress.

3. He suspects that not one alliance is currently the favourite and they all depend upon each other right now. Is he right?

4. He has been watching the TEDTalk I mentioned earlier.


1. Your alliance recently took a large dip in points between the 27th and the 29th of March. For those who don't know what happened, can you explain how it happened?

A. The previous leader of Legion had RL issues which meant he was not leading effectively. This caused some dissent among some of the higher ranking players who decided to break away and form their own alliance. As previous Founder of The Machine, I was asked to take over. After merging with another alliance we have brought our numbers back up to strength and are now sitting in 14th place overall, in the world alliance rankings.

2. What is your experience in Grepolis and how would you rank this world in terms of fun? (1 to 10 scale may be used).

A. I have been playing Grepolis for around 5yrs and this is my 6th server. I have been a leader in 5 other worlds and have loyal and experienced friends who fully support me and have followed me from one server to another. This is a slow world compared to others I have played I would score Epidamnos at 5/10.

3. Would you be willing to share who your main enemies are?

A. Not at this point in time.

4. Looking from the outside in, which alliance do you think is currently in the driver's seat?

A. That depends on your perspective and which ocean you are playing in.

5. What can we expect to see from Legion Ex Machina in the future?

A. Legion Ex Machina has a plan for growth. The game is constantly in flux and therefore our decisions and targets will also be subject to change. However, my leaders and I will do everything we can to ensure the success of our alliance.

What we can take away:

1. Always has his diplomacy cap on. I couldn’t get his guard down batting my eyelids.

2. I am going to use his answer to question 4 should I ever get pulled over:

Officer: “Excuse me sir, are you the driver of this car?”

Me: “Well that depends on your perspective officer.”

3. Another man who is not a fan of the slow speed. It amazes me how many players in this world don’t like the settings. What you doing here??

4. Explains the drop in membership.


1. Raid and Ravage seems very much like a sister alliance name to Plunder and Pillage. To what degree is this true?

We are certainly working together,I can tell you that,it aint really a secret I think everyone noticed around here

2. Your core ocean is O34. Who is your main competition up there right now and how is the fighting going?

would say that we are having 2 fronts at O34.. and WBP seems like the hardest opponent atm

3. Having the look in from an outer ocean, who looks like the alliance to beat right now to you? (Besides yourself)

Early to say honestly,expecting some major surprises soon, but my money is on PnP till the very end of the world :)

4. How would you rate this world for entertainment vs past worlds you have played?

Still a long way to go as I said,but I expect this world to be far more interesting then my pervious ones

5. What can we expect to see from Raid and Ravage in the future?

Hard to say,our goal is O34 dominance,so one thing is certain - no one is safe at O34

What can we take away:
1. They are indeed aligned with their fellow ravagers.
2. Get out of O34!
3. I think there may be some bias in that P&P vot of confidence. But despite that there is no reason to say that it is an incorrect statement. They are fighting from out to in which is always good.
4. Well done WE BE PIRATES. You are putting up the best fight.



1. Would you say your alliance name is a good representation of your alliance behaviour?

I would yes in that we intend to spread out taking down anyone in our path. Epidemic- a widespread occurrence.

2. Your core ocean looks to be O43. Who is your main competition up there right now and how is the fighting going?

I wouldn't say we have much of a competition really we obviously have one of the main alliances on our door step. But we have basically cleared out all others in O43.

3. Having the look in from an outer ocean, who looks like the alliance to beat right now to you? (Besides yourself)

I don't think you can deny that The Shady Bunch is looking like the alliance to beat.

4. How would you rate this world for entertainment vs past worlds you have played?

I cant speak for everyone here but I'm finding it fairly entertaining, I'm no usually a big fan of Revolt worlds but I'm enjoying this one.

5. What can we expect to see from Epidemic in the future? Will you live up to the name?

I think you will see a lot from us to be honest we have had a complete over hall in leadership and changed a lot about for the better. I expect to see us growing rapidly we are only ranked number 10 just now but that's the highest we've been and the new leaders have only been in charge for a week.

What can we take away:
1. We can expect to see growth under a new leadership.
2. The Shadies again! I might start up a fan club.
3. They haven't had much competition.....


Closing Note:

Hope you have all enjoyed an insight into the thinking of the “little guys”. Who knows, maybe these guys won’t be so little in the future! The normal issues will be back soon and my word do we have a lot to discuss. Until then, happy hunting!


Bonus Section!

Now for everyone who isn’t aware, jameslongst believes I am using this newspaper as brainwashing propaganda. Quite frankly, I realised that is hasn't been brainwashing enough! Great point james, so this section is dedicated to you.





Why hide my propaganda?


Excellent issue as always Slivas! It's always nice to see the rim alliances get some exposure from time to time and it was a pleasure and honor to contribute to the material. Also, from my perspective, it's nice to see several alliances I know, one way or the other, getting the same exposure. Thumbs up to Nislija for the grudging compliment. We consider Raid and Ravage our toughest fight at present. Honestly, they are the only people I don't have 40% morale against, so the BP ratios are better in O34 at present. Gotta use my Heightened Senses buffs from the chicken somewhere...


Great read. Just a note on the Epidemic vs RR, as an old coordinator of attacks on RR from Epidemic's side. RR and PP are 100% working together and have been doing so for a while, I've had leaders of both offer me (and some others) to jump ship and join them within 5 minutes of each other.

All cities Epidemic took from RR, as far as I know, have been taken over as part of the ops that has been coordinated by me. One of these was run alongside another big alliance attacking PP. The coordination inside of Epidemic was at a point where I personally didn't feel like it's an alliance I want to put my time into and have ghosted once the ops ended.

I've no idea who the leaders are as of now, but .loki was one of the few good players in that alliance.


james you are 100% right and I am glad 99% of readers haven't noticed this and I am slowly gaining influence. I'll give ya money to not tell them

Upon further reflection, I'm actually sort of a fan of this issue about the smaller teams. Its nice to see some teams that will actually FIGHT THEIR OWN BATTLES.

You see my friends, these small teams, whether they like it or not, are "do or die." If they win their war, they will live to face their next challenge. If they lose the war, their team is done. Its all on the line for them. That's how the game should be, but so many quote unquote Elites care too much about their score, too much about their pretty cities to ever actually put them on the line.

Slivas, its not what you say. Its how you say it. Quit licking the Shadys boots and stand on your own legs. Your team was doing good in your war against them. Losing cities, yes, but you were truly playing the game. Its not like they are invincible, just "Elite."