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Darth Legacy

LMAO, wanted NEM to be kicked out and only gave an hour's notice before leaving the coalition? A man can't take a swim if they wanna be your allies. The whole point of this post was to say hey guys were allied with CM now because it's NEM fault, in reality, it's the pool's fault.

Trist the untristworthy has his goons hitting us now too, but NO their "issue" is with NEM.


LMAO, wanted NEM to be kicked out and only gave an hour's notice before leaving the coalition? A man can't take a swim if they wanna be your allies. The whole point of this post was to say hey guys were allied with CM now because it's NEM fault, in reality, it's the pool's fault.

Trist the untristworthy has his goons hitting us now too, but NO their "issue" is with NEM.
Look buddy, I got no issue with you, although I did warn you against looking like an idiot... Point of this post was just to show why we left the coa, just find it funny people are coming back 10 days later to use it as an excuse to take shots on stooge lol. Call me untrustworthy (a good pun I'll give you that), I've made my point and shown my evidence, not just yelled out with nothing to show for it.

BTW everyone knows it's thanks to us and kleos that you're even in a position to do anything on this world, so don't get to high on your laurels.

Quick Edit - The point of the Original post is also to have a bit of fun, although all the information in there is true and my view point is quite obvious, i do try to add a comedy aspect to it so don't take it too seriously either lol (that's what top 10's for ;) )
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First off, maybe a no smack talk from Lykos (or previous Lykos members who were rimmed by CM) rule should be in effect for a while on these forums. Seriously the smack talk from you all is exhausting and confusing, take @Psychoticep for example and his obsession with CM. Seems like you have it too, were you around when we rimmed you all a couple months ago because I don't remember you? How is the scenery in O34 also, looks like you're in the middle of nowhere.

Second, I trust Trist so I think Trist the untristworthy is a bit overkill. Maybe don't ride such a big wave if you're going to get so salty.

At the end of the day only 30 people can win this world. A coa with 300+ was never going to last so get over it and have fun. Just be glad that you got to enjoy being apart of it and got to attempt to take cities from CM, we all know you couldn't do it on your own. Really I think only Stooges and maybe Kleos (big maybe) could have taken cities from us alone. So really, instead of insulting the people who enabled you maybe you should thank them and gracefully move on.


Oh well, I didn't realize that such flurry of comments would follow-on from what I wrote initially. But happy that some activity is back on these forums :)
Quick Edit - The point of the Original post is also to have a bit of fun, although all the information in there is true and my view point is quite obvious, i do try to add a comedy aspect to it so don't take it too seriously either lol (that's what top 10's for ;) )
I must commend that the original post was written quite in-detail and liked the theatrics and PotC reference :D

I guess everybody thinks that they are doing the right thing and and it's pretty natural to think so. Until they change stance and do something opposite to what they've been doing (again with valid reasoning that this new thing is the right thing to do!). Trist, I don't mean to refer it just to Stooges and this specific context, but to everyone. And that's what, in my opinion is spicing-up the game.
First off, maybe a no smack talk from Lykos (or previous Lykos members who were rimmed by CM) rule should be in effect for a while on these forums. Seriously the smack talk from you all is exhausting and confusing, take @Psychoticep for example and his obsession with CM. Seems like you have it too, were you around when we rimmed you all a couple months ago because I don't remember you? How is the scenery in O34 also, looks like you're in the middle of nowhere.

Dude this guy isn't even in Lykos, don't need to keep bringing us up...seems like your the one obsessed now...

Van Helsing

The fact is Nemesis broke the pact - we will not make excuses and we let our alliance friends down. We made representations to CM over the weeks but Stooges also did at the same time. We were played by CM when they said that if we did not take their players Stooges would. We made a poor decision but were dragged back to a sensible course by Kleos. Fact is we decided to stay with our closest friends Kleos and not go down the CM route. Kleos have supported us throughout and we are sorry we let them down.

We now intend to fight alongside Kleos and the remainder of the coalition against CM. Stooges have attacked us sporadically and we continue to defend.

Unfortunately when we told CM we were not interested they got their spies to pass information from the forums and discord to send to Stooges - hence the above post by Trist. And he did use the information well. We had no spies to do the same - but its history now. I have apologised to Kleos and other coalition members.


As much as I'm sure everyone appreciates you repenting, I want to correct you on a few things. Now note that since Mo operated solo on a fair few things I will give you the benefit of the doubt @Van Helsing and assume you didn't know this.

1 - We didn't approach Check until after we had left the coa, which as far as am aware at that point is well within our right, unlike Mo which did it a good few weeks before he was "kicked" for the coa.

2 - You didn't turn away from check, check turned away from you. I don't think it's fair to play the victim when you're the perpetrator of the crime. I mean you had your alliance name as "New Name - TBD" waiting for chack to come back and merge, it's only when move said no that you then ran back to kleos lol, that's not righteous and good of you, quite the opposite.

3 - If kleos were your closest friends, why did you look to betray them in the first place...

So conclusion (with benefit of the doubt), you're trying to play the victim and make yourself look like some kind of unfortunate soul saved by kleos, where the reality is that you're actually more of a murderer who got caught red-handed and for some reason kleos is happy to have you back after your life sentence (still baffles me btw but that's kleos business, they do what they do).

PS. We're hitting you cos you declared war on us remember ;)

Van Helsing

1. untrue - Goodie was the middle man and what I said is correct.
2. untrue - we turned away because they wanted keep their name and we said NO!
3. We didnt - they knew of our discussions with CM.

and whatever you say - its a done deal

Last point untrue - we never declared war on you - I dont see you red and we have defended against your attacks

You may be excellent at propaganda but you cant escape the truth.


Appreciate the compliment, but you seem mistaken again, or in denial.

1. Goodie approached me like he did every alliance, both stooge and kleos declined his offers, nem did not and entertained a pact and merge. Merc and Mo were both in the know of this the whole time, but again I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you didn't know this...

2. First, it's a pretty pathetic excuse to say that a merge of that magnitude didn't go through because you couldn't agree on a name xD, I mean cmon come up with something a little better than that. Second, having talked to both Mo and Move since they both confirmed that CM blocked the pact after Mo threw a tantrum over my newspaper lol.

3. So either you were actively working against the coalition and kleos was in the know, which incriminates kleos (something I am very doubtful about), or you're just making up another excuse. I guess we just need @Mercenary501 to input on this one and it's sorted :D.

Finally, can I refer you to the article above, Cannon ball 8 to be precise, where Mo declares war on stooge in his forum. Case close thank you :)

Evil MeIinoe

At the end of the day, we left the coalition due to the betrayal and sabotage when Nemesis was fussing our targets with defense.
Anything after that shouldn't matter, we were out and therefore we made other choices which occurred after we left and not before. :)


Stooges stop pretending to be the angels dropped from heaven, you all had your talks with Check Mate months before, and you all tried hard to reach an agreement. Like a player with a little reason would understand that everyone was trying to reach an agreement with Check Mate to secure the win. That was obvious for everyone, you all could play the kissing/hugging part in the coalition but you all were studying your options for what's going to happen after the fall of Check Mate, and therefore, everyone acted accordingly by approaching Check Mate with an agreement

Stirring the pot between Kleos and Nemesis won't work, they've been working together since the early start so you expecting them now to bail on each other? Nope

And Yeah, nicely done Stooges, you managed to make a deal with Check Mate and I'm glad you did

Finally, a coalition that was formed of 2/3 alliances endeavoring to win the world, and you expecting no shitty politics behind the scene? If you want to win, you have to play like Nemesis and Stooges. Kleos, you are too innocent for this world dear, but you are learning fast

Goodie Mob

Kleos, you are too innocent for this world dear, but you are learning fast

Merc (Kleos) being innocent is hilarious. Right now he has almost every top player in the northern hemisphere slotted for his dom team.

There is so much spinning in this forum that I am getting dizzy. I can’t actually tell how much is propaganda and how much people really don’t know about what their own alliance did or didn’t do or say. As a leader in CM, I’ve had a lot of conversations with a lot of people and feel I can offer a little perspective for anyone interested. This world certainly is the most politically complex one I have ever played.

The Rise of CM
The now infamous Move had posted on externals prior to EN126 opening that he was recruiting for a new alliance, Check Mate, that was tabbed as “no drama,” a statement I now laugh at based on…well, everything. He had recruited an experienced team and set aggressive timelines for growth. He organized some of the more detailed and successful OPs that I have been a part of and didn’t hesitate to internalize those who didn’t contribute adequately to the team’s success. Move is a great recruiter and OP planner, but also was secretive even within his council, about his plans. To his credit, he did roll out big decision points to the entire alliance for discussion and would go against his own desires if the masses gave good rationale. After all, we were a group of experienced players, many having won multiple worlds and led successful alliances of our own. Things were going well. A month or two into the server, I joined council, which is only important for context with the story below.

Check Mate had a NAP with Nemesis while we focused on solidifying our core (Ocean 54 and northern 55). Nemesis had long been an ally who we had defended vigorously for the first month of the server, even allowing them to retreat into our core when they had players at risk of being rimmed. We always considered them long-term friends. Through changes in Nem leadership and a lack of consistent diplomacy from CM, we lost our close ally to another, Kleos, like you lose that partner to someone else when you don’t consistently show them you care.

Following the dismemberment of SS, CM was presented with a decision about the newly formed Stooges. We could keep pushing south and finish them off in their weakened state, claiming north 55 and south 54 as our core, or accept a NAP, draw a line and co-exist while we began clearing out 54 as originally planned. We chose mercy a second time, because it is always nice to have friends and we all know there is a lot of attrition in this game. With NAPs with Nemesis and Stooges, we had two potential recruiting partners for endgame, though the plan was always to try to win the server with the 30-member alliance limit.

With NAPs to the south and west, CM was free to start clearing out Ocean 54 where Lykos, New Model Army, and La Cucaracha had formed. We battled these three alliances without the help of others, often rotating OPs between them, in order to carve our space. It was nothing personal (short of a few individuals on both sides who took it that way), though it may have felt like that. In any event, we made some enemies for the foreseeable future.

CM Gets a Big Boost
BP boosting has been a part of the game for a LONG time, but the addition of 2x and 4x BP tokens has certainly taken boosting to an extreme. The debate will likely long rage about the “ethics” of BP boosting for a long time, but that isn’t the point here. Having noticed some relatively big (6-figure) spikes in BP from Kleos and knowing they had a sister alliance to help them should this suspected BP boosting continue to occur, CM leadership was convinced that it was at least something we should consider and put out for a group decision while we had an event-awarded BP boost running. The vote passed and at least one good member left the alliance over it (RIP Jimothy5…your revolt world experience was too short).

Of course, roughly two million BP will turn some heads and CM’s BP boost gave Kleos founder Mercenary the ammunition he needed for a large coalition to form against CM. He himself stated he doesn’t think he ever would have pulled it off without this seeming misstep by CM. He drew up the terms of the coalition and termed this righteous crusade against CM as “The Holy War.”

The Holy War
Invoking religious references comes with its own actual ethics concerns, but certainly has a nice ring to it as a rallying cry and a way to cause division across the server. Say what you will about the ethics of forming a 15:1 coalition against CM on a 30-alliance limit server, the bullying (inappropriate messages on both sides), and regular spamming (oh, I mean HCs) to keep CM’s alarm bells ringing throughout day and night, but Merc’s plan worked. Merc had a goal of making CM quit. Within the first week, five CM members quit/perm VM because they couldn’t balance the game with RL responsibilities. Five more quit/perm VM after the second week. Five more were already in VM prior to The Holy War, which really made it more like 30:1 against CM (not crying, just stating facts).

A couple bigger alliances, Valiant (and sister alliances) and Chaos, stood against the coalition, though their distance from CM on the map made it difficult to offer any substantial assistance. Check Mate also found a couple other smaller players willing to use the situation to gain some BP. Big props to all these people for making efforts to balance the scales, some at their own demise.

During the first week of the coalition, we had members being actively recruited by at least two of the big three alliances (Kleos, Nemesis, and Stooges), including recruitment of some of the boosted players in CM. Despite CM’s NAPs with Nem and Stooges being abruptly replaced with attacks as part of the new coalition, CM reached out to their former allies to figure out a diplomatic solution. Nemesis was closely allied with Kleos and brought them into the discussion on their side. So now you have all four top alliances separating discussing options involving CM players. In the end, while very close, all proposals were found to be unsuitable for both sides. During this time, CM enters VM as a means of keeping the remaining 15 members from quitting while we try to continue to work on a diplomatic solution. Sadly, a couple players accidentally come out of VM during this time and are fed to the wolves.

The Fall of CM (and the server)?
The remaining ~15 members of CM have been holding up as best they can to this “holy” coalition for the last six weeks, but in all honesty, it’s ceased being fun and is more of a sense of pride at this point. Let’s be clear, CM is losing this one-sided war because of purely being outnumbered. Don’t get me wrong, joint OPs have been well planned and well-timed attacks have the same effect they would against any alliance, but it isn’t a matter of skill at this point. No doubt Merc has pulled the puppet strings and promised spots on his domination team as some of his players exit stage left and the beginning of the school year. Certainly, some of the bigger players in the smaller alliances will find their home with Kleos and feel good with a crown upon their head. But for those (or the rest) who would like to breathe a little life back into the server; for those who may begin to realize just how silly a 30:1 ratio is in this game; for those who feel the punishment might have long-since surpassed the crime, consider attacking someone else after a month and a half.

And on a personal note, anyone who is playing this game to make someone quit needs to re-examine their motivations. This game is great in a lot of ways, and it’s a testament that COVID-19 brought so many players back long since gone, me included. Besides the tactical aspects, which are a lot of fun, it creates a venue to meet new people from around the world. I have enjoyed chatting with players ranging from kids and their parents to retirees, and everyone in between. You never know, you might just meet your future spouse through the game (yes, this happened to someone on this server), or a lifelong friend. Maybe you find that you have a lot in common. I regularly chat with people attacking me and can still respect them despite the warring nature of the game. Consider not adding to a culture of hate in this game (or in RL).

Evil MeIinoe

I was one of the individuals who lost a lot of respect for Check Mate after the whole boost. However, personally my opinion changed after we got a knife in the back and we separated from the coalition. Now I look at it, it was our best decision as much as I wanted to convince myself otherwise earlier on. Both of our groups are the most hated here. There's been a number of inappropriate messages both Check and Stooges received. Amazing personal spams I received from one individual.
I got your back @Goodie Mob even if the odds aren't in our favor.

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Very well said, but we are at like 10 members now so more like 40v1. These people have no shame lol


I've never posted in the externals. Whole lot of unecessary drama that I don't need in my life. But this time, I couldn't resist. Goodie, I dont have anything personal against you, and from the limited interactions I've had with you you seem like a good, respectful sorta person and player. But I do have to say, that if you're getting dizzy from all the spinning going around, maybe you should double-check what you're writing. Your post has a couple of issues that should be addressed.

1)First and most obviously, you claimed that Nemesis brought Kleos into discussions with you guys. "So now you have all four top alliances [aka CM/Stooges/Kleos/Nemesis] separating discussing options involving CM players. In the end, while very close, all proposals were found to be unsuitable for both sides." I can't remember if it was Mo or VH, but one of the two was having an argument with Trist about why the Nem/CM broke down. I have no idea why your talks with Nemesis and Stooges (at least initially) broke down. What I do know, and you do too, is that at no point was Kleos interested in this in any way, shape or form. In the screenshot below, you can see Mercenary speaking for Kleos in the shared diplomacy discord that you and/or Nemesis created that we wouldn't consider any deal with Check Mate, as part of the coalition terms agreed between Nemesis, Kleos, Stooges, and the Rim alliances was that no such deal would be made. On top of that, he also went on to say why, even if Kleos was willing to consider a deal (which we weren't), your proposal was "absolute garbage" Clearly, neither Nemesis nor Stooges held up their end, but at no point did Kleos agree to even consider dealing with CM.

2)You flat-out suggest that the only reason why you guys boosted was because you thought that maybe a couple of people in Kleos were boosting. I'll give you something, this is quite creative stuff. In the story that you are telling, it's not that you guys decided to BP boost simply to solidify your lead and ensure your win. It was, instead, merely as a reaction to "supposed" boosting by Kleos. First, I imagine that if this were really true, we would have heard of this reasoning by now. I mean... it's been weeks and weeks of stupid propaganda war BS but this only comes out now? More importantly, however, is the fact that this just doesn't make sense. You say you saw a couple of players in Kleos get a boost of at least 100,000 BP. You also imply that this is completely equivalent to what you guys did "in response". But... that 100k bp could easily have been gotten through non-boosting means. Someone popping a double or a quad while attacking or defending has long been recognized as completely legitimate. Just this past weekend, Mark 65 of Polite Killers popped either a double or a quad while very ably defending from Lykos attacks. He's now ranked as 6th fighter with total BP of 824k, after getting almost 400k DBP in two days. I myself got 100k BP after popping a double that I'd been saving from the Spartan Assasin event and wasting away all my LS/OLU attacking your alliance. You don't hear anybody complaining. That's way different from the dirty tricks you guys did.

3)Regardless of your spin regarding the BP boosting, you say that Mercenary used this as an excuse to put together the coalition against y'all. In fact, the rim alliances already had a defensive coalition against the center. I know for a fact that Lykos had been defending Valiant from Kleos attacks, and in any case that coalition was formed, as you can see in the screenshot below, primarily "as a united front against Check Mate aggression but also includes attacks the attacks from other top ranked alliances such as Nemesis/Kleos groups.". So, the defensive pact that eventually became the coalition started as a group of rim alliances interested in stopping Check Mate aggression (who were the main attackers in the server at that point), but also others such as Kleos/Nemesis and, I imagine, Stooges. It wasn't until everybody saw your BP boosting that it became a group to stop you guys due to your BP boosting.
Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 12.51.39 AM.png

3) This is clear from what happened with Valiant. Originally, EchoEcho joined the rim alliance to stop Kleos/Nemesis trying to gain sole control of 44. They kept getting Lykos support to stop Kleos/Nemesis attacks. Once the rim alliance morphed and included Kleos/Nemesis and Stooges, though, Echo decided to leave it. Since he was worried about Kleos expansion, he contacted Check Mate and formed a pact (as you said). However, as soon as he found out that the reason for the coalition was YOUR bp boosting, he dropped the pact with CM.
4)You keep complaining about the numbers disparity, that it's so many people against you. This is a bit funny given that CM itself has pacted with other large alliances to take out enemies. Didn't you guys take out Animal Farm with Nemesis and Stooges' help? Further, if anything, you guys have been trying to pact with everyone left, right and center to get yourselves out of the hole you've dug for yourself. As you yourself mentioned, you had negotiations going with both Stooges and Nemesis (and, if it had been up to you, Kleos too), while being pacted with Chaos and Valiant. Just yesterday or the day before, Skud approached the Lykos family about a potential pact or merge, to allow the surviving CM players to move to the rim and join Lykos so they wouldn't be attacked by Nemesis and Kleos, since they're part of the coalition with Lykos. I wouldn't be surprised if La Cucaracha received a similar deal. if you don't like having many pacts, that's fine. But don't pretend that that is what is going on now, when all it is is that your alliance's diplomatic skills haven't worked too well, and your new pacted friends in Stooges haven't been able to effectively defend you guys.

5)You also say that there is something weird about having as a goal to rim other players. But, wasn't that what you guys basically did or were trying to do to the Lykos, Gone Fusion, Elite Squad Command, and who knows what other alliances that were in "your area"? Pretty much everyone from Gone Fusion or Elite Squad Command either quit or had to quickly relocate and join others to survive. Lykos only survived because they decided to move off to the rim in the opposite side of the map to y'all. Don't pretend to be all righteous just because it so happens that you're on the receiving end now.

So, basically, to conclude my first (and hopefully only) post in the externals, don't pretend to be a victim in all of this. Check Mate was and/or is a great alliance. I've got mad respect for most of you guys. But don't play the victim card just because, after a string of really wise diplomatic moves by your alliance, you guys miscalculated and did something that pissed most of the server off.


5) You keep complaining about how many alliances are set against you, and how the numbers are lopsided. Where was that attitude, when you guys were attacking Lykos months ago, who were much, much smaller than you guys? Further, I doubt very much that you have anything against having lots of pacts given that you yourself have mentioned how you formed pacts with Nemesis and Stooges. There's also the fact that you coordinated plans to hit and destroy Animal Farm. Not to mention how, as soon as you guys noticed that the coalition was really a threat, you reached out separately to Stooges and Nemesis (and, if it had been up to you, to Kleos too I'm sure). Then, when *that* didn't work, you eventually formed a pact with Stooges to try and take out Nemesis. And now that that looks like it isn't going your way, Skud has reached out to Lykos to try and join them, and move to the rim so that at least some of your players would be safe, since Lykos is friends with Kleos and Nemesis (I can't remember, but I think you also suggested that Lykos could eventually hit Kleos too). So it doesn't really look to me like you hate having lots and lots of pacts. It just looks like you don't like the fact that your diplomacy did not work this time around.

6)You also complain about people wanting to rim you guys or make you guys quit the world. You suggest that they should reexamine their motives. But just like in the previous point, where was that attitude when you guys basically caused most of Gone Fusion, Elite Squad Command, and Lykos to quit months ago? It was only a few who either stayed with Lykos, but moved to the rim to escape you guys, or who joined different alliances, that stuck around. Again, I don't think you really have anything against rimming or making others quit. You only have something against someone doing it to you.

To conclude, then. I have nothing against CM really (except for the boosting). As the beginning of the world showed everyone, Check Mate had competent leaders and players and they were dead set on dominating the world. No one else was even close. I got mad respect for you guys as players. I do mind, however, that you guys are now pulling the victim card simply because your tactic to definitively secure your domination backfired on y'all.