Top 12 Top 12 Allainces

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They aren't MRAs, they are MRAs! (Mass Recruiting Addicts)

Ok, addicts just HAD to start with an A... Make it not make sense!


We Are The Oceans Alliance. We are looking for strong, active, and determined players.
72 members(after one day) ,looking for more members ...they know is a 88 limit?what they will do when have 88 members ,form a wing alliance maybe:)


72 members(after one day) ,looking for more members ...they know is a 88 limit?what they will do when have 88 members ,form a wing alliance maybe:)
Obviously you arent aware of this all too familiar and effective tactic (in my opinion). Recruit good players in your area (at this stage of the game this means merely active players and players you know from other worlds, we have a bunch from gamma )

See how they do and trim the fat/inactives and keep the quality/active players. even if a player isnt experienced as long as he is active and has someone to learn from they can develop quickly.

I mean having 88 strong active players coordinating together should be the goal for every alliance right? I mean i could be wrong.
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1 Oceans Alliance - Look like they are doing well point wise for the second day.
2 Brotherhood of Steel - They like the word Chapter in the profile...Doing ok I suppose.
3 Warriors of Epsilon - Lol, Bunch of noobs you ask me.
4 Dixie Normous - Stop talking about me!
5 The Flying Dutchmen - I guess were see what they can pull together.
6 -Black Watch- - OUR OLD FRIENDS!!! lol, Wonder how this will go?
7 Tiki Warriors - Not sure...
8 Vendetta - Dont know what will happen to them but I like the small group they have going right now.
9 Knights Templar - Could they also be our old friends from epsilon? hmm....
10 The Plague - lol, I like the profile picture.
11 LORDS of WAR - Whats with the alliances that alway have pure caps?
12 Ultimate legendary - Not sure...

OK! Thats my go at it but its still early obviously...


72 members(after one day) ,looking for more members ...they know is a 88 limit?what they will do when have 88 members ,form a wing alliance maybe:)
Maybe you should check out the players we have. Our alliance was mostly pre made of some top gamma players and have recruited some active players on our islands.


I'm not correcting grammar but on the title it says 'Top 12 Allainces'. When people look at world Sigma and our 'flagship' forum Top 12 Alliances- what on earth are they going to think?

"Oh look, there's Sigma, they can't spell."

Note- If I made any spelling mistakes in this post then please don't point them out as I'll look like an utter idiot. Thankyou.

The Chosen 0ne

Top 20:

1. Oceans Alliance: MRA, no doubt about it.
2. Brotherhood of Steel: Weak MRA.
3. Warriors of Epsilon: MRA, same as 1 and 2.
4. Dixie Normous: MRA material, but good average. If they can keep organized, they will be good!
5. The Flying Dutchmen: Another MRA.
6. Tiki Warriors: Same as 4.
7. -Black Watch-: Same as 4 and 6.
8. Vendetta: Same as 4,6, and 7.
9. Knights Templar: Some good members.
10. The Plague: Copying off of Tassies premade, therefore n00by!
11. LORDS of WAR: MRA material.
12. Kitten Smashers: Cool name, but probably turning into MRA.
13. Ultimate legendary: Pretty good alliance.
14. Phoenix Risen: Last for maybe 2 months at most.
15. Crazy Uncle Jesters: Good looking.
16. MACO: Looks good, might be turning MRA though.
17. Malicious Paradigm: AWESOME!!!! Wooohhooo!!!!
18. Aegean Zero: MRA material.
19. World Terror Federation: Looking pretty good.
20. Legion of Death: MRA material.

4,6,7,8,9,12,13,15,16,17, and 19 are probably going to turn out pretty good.

The Chosen 0ne

Uhhh... You got over 70 players in the first day, and your average points is low. Also, you are bragging on your profile about being rank 1 in the world.


We do have over 70 players and as we continue to grow we will trim the fat and keep the good players. Our average points are higher than 4 out of the top 8 and only 20 under your alliance. We are no1, that's a good thing.

Are you gonna accept that we have A LOT of good players?


Highly amusing , I sense some SWAT noobs creating an MRA.


Ocean alliance. In the beta grepo, my account was called Sadone1


I tell you what is highly amusing- you, firelord001, having the nerve to keep coming back to the public forums where everyone clearly hates you (I see this through your 8 bars of negative rep) and then even daring to call an alliance with VERY experienced players noobs.

How about you join Gamma world and say that to players like Quayzarck, Dunk63, Gerdir and BasilBarfly. The list goes on.