Top 12 Top 12 Alliance Discussion


lol to giv you sum credit you are kinda right when you say INVICTA is on the far west and out of it for while but to say we are hiding behind Enigma is little cheeky,if you pay attention to grepo stats you will see that when we got our mind fixed on certain cities or even a location for that matter then we have the players to make it so,we have no need of hiding from anyone but yeah your right that we are placed outside the main action zone for now


1 Krypteia - Seams like a powerful alliance that will survive til the end of times
2 IGB- They are big, organized, and full of fuel
3 INVICTA - Big and powerful (but I think they are hiding behind #4 & 6
4 Enigma - Good size but I think they have communications issues 1st graders
5 Kryptonites Empire - haven't dealt with them yet seam to moving along
6 The Academy of Enigma - Few good players, but same issue as there parent's lack of Communications Pre-schoolers
7 Blades of Chaos - no dealings but don't seam to be losing any ground
8 Academy of Invicta - Same as there parents hiding behind #4 & 6
9 Quickly - growing strongly and has well thought out plans and Communicate fully
10 Chimera Elite - not much dealings but not moving ahead either
11 Romans - seam to be falling behind
12 Kyptonites War Academy - might be a great school for people

Now these are just my thought's but I have been known to be Right. :)

I think Krypteia is going to stay till the end too.