Top 12 Alliances

Karlo Makaj

Hello to all great players and alliances in this world

I have to say something and I know how someone wont be so happy

Eviction Notice carry stolen name - they are not Eviction Notice which was won 4 worlds - they have stole ours name

one of founders in original Eviction Notice
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Eviction notice has won 4 worlds with settings that were so terrible no one else would play on them.


Hello to all great players and alliances in this world

I have to say something and I know how someone wont be so happy

Eviction Notice carry stolen name - they are not Eviction Notice which was won 4 worlds - they have stole ours name

one of founders in original Eviction Notice
So sad, you guys would be rimmed if you play here.


1. The Exiles o44 | 1. ABP | 6. DBP - swim
2. 99 GANG o44 | 3. ABP | 3. DBP - float
3. Eviction Notice o45 | 4. ABP | 4. DBP - sink (float if they change name)
4. Insomnia o54, o55 | 5. ABP | 7. DBP - sink
5. Mesopotamians o54 | 7. ABP | 8. DBP - sink
6. Black Pegasus o54, o55 | 2. ABP | 1. DBP - sink
7. -Wargasm- o45, o55 | 6. ABP | 9. DBP - sink
8. The Lost Gold o45 | 12. ABP | 15. DBP - sink
9. The Dark Wolf o45, o55 | 14. ABP | 12. DBP - sink
10. Legions o55 | 15. ABP | 19. DBP - sink
11. Danish Vikings o44 | 9. ABP | 2. DBP - sink
12. Detrinoid o54 | 8. ABP | 11. DBP - sink


What does the alliance name have anything to do with their future?


To be honest, it's hard to see past Eviction Notice. They have some great players and leaders who know how to win without the mind-numbingly boring methods of the usual EN, and anyone who doesn't think that them pinching the name is funny has no sense of humour.

1. Swim
2-12 - Sink, albeit with some floating in there for a bit.

Quite like the look of some of the others, but this EN has Richard Thrust. ENd of story. ;)


You have Richard Thrust in your alliance?
You have been honoured by the presence of greatness!

Well, that's game over for everybody else!
When is the next world due to open?

Not my alliance, I'm hiding on the rim in teaching mode. But I recognise greatness, and with Salsa and RT in there, this "fake" Eviction Notice will be very tough to beat, and certainly more amusing to be around than the "real thing".


Sorry you lot :(

I'll jump to another world if that helps?


hihi all is well


Top 12- Authentic from the Rim

1. I'm telling mummy- SWIM,
seem like a strong Alliance based out of 45, don't see them collapsing anytime soon. May end up dominating their ocean.

2. The Exiles- SWIM,
I see them topping 44 eventually but I won't count out 99 GANG yet as both look like good squads.

3. 99 GANG- FLOAT, I recognize a few names and they are doing well in the BP ranking, but with Exiles in their ocean their path to victory seems brutal.

4. Insomnia- SWIM,
I think they will come out on top in Ocean 55, which IMO is the most contested ocean. I think they will last, but being close to Exiled and ITM might give them unwanted attention.

5. Mesopotamians- SWIM,
Tough call both they and Detrinoid seem to have a claim to 54, it will be hard to determine who comes out on top but they have a tighter core than Detrinoid. They may also end up sharing an ocean.

6. Detrinoid- SINK,
I favor Mesopotamians in a war with Detrinoid but it seems like these opponents are about equal in terms of power. This is a war that will be decided by the lower half IMO, who ever gets the most players conquest ready will win of course as long as those playes can land a CS.

7. WARGASM-SWIM, I see this alliance losing out in 45, but possibly gaining cities in 55.

8. The Dark Wolf- SINK,
Way too much competition in their area, but their leaders seem competent and they may flee south.

9. The Danish Vikings- SINK,
Most DBP right now, I personally don't think DBP is something you brag about and would rather us ABP to describe an alliance. T^hey may also flee towards the rim.

10. swords of justice- SINK,
In the path of Danish Vikings who could possible be steamrolled by 99 Gang and TE. They have pl;ayers in 34 but it is too early to see how they will do over there.

11. The Vikings- SINK,
Way to close to major alliances for them to thrive. They could always flee to the rim or into Legion, but even then Legion seems to have established itself solidly in ocean 55.

12. Legions-SWIM,
I see them build a nice core on the edge of 55, away from many of the largest alliances. They can grow strong were they are now and I only see them going up from here on out.



Really good top 12 Ponini21 (IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME!).

Black Pegasus - clearly, a strong alliance as they top both points and ABP. Their members make up much of the top ranking and they are definitely looking to dominate this world. Despite this, they are spread throughout the core oceans and this could prove to be their undoing if they overextend or face a war on multiple fronts. Evidently, the front runners in this world.

I love re-reading these early predictions a few weeks on. This was pretty spot on. They did have a war on multiple fronts and sank for it.

Black Horsies are now a part of Detrinoid who have because of it landed themselves in a tiny bit of bother because a fair few alliances were fighting the Winged Horsies and now there has been a tiny void created for lack of players/cities/an alliance to punch in the bonce ...

I think that Detrinoid (and their diplo) will have to successfully walk a tightrope at the moment to get out of this situation with an alliance at the other side.