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New top 12!

Alright @debone15 and @Strategus I. This is my second top 12. get off your backsides and make one as well!

1/3. Poor people. So, this alliance and its sister have now risen up to take 1st and 3rd place on the rankings. strategically they hold a very strong position in north 55 expanding out into 45 a bit. They have also eaten up Lucid. I expect this team to be a major competitor in the future. They are also lighting up the HRE so seeing how well both teams handle it will be vital factor in indicating how well they will do in the future. No offence to the guys at HRE but i think Poor people are going to win this one. Swim.

2. Fake News. Bunch of noobs. Anyone who thinks these guys have a chance is spouting fake news ;) Sink.

4/11. Licensed to Ill. I can't help but think that name in an ERB reference :) And if it is then i know immediately you guys have leaders of culture ;) But, cultured leaders do not win wars. Now this alliance is the merging of two alliances that previously were in 44 catapulting them into 4th. A lot of these merged teams will end up two ways. Either they will work amazingly well together and be absolutely amazing or their council will descend into pointless bickering. This will be one factor that will decide there fate. The other will be how well they can work together. They've lost a few cities to fake news (but nothing major) and have shown that they have solid defence. Now if i were the leaders i would start getting the team coordinated and start practising on local teams to increase coordination. But, thats just me. I think these guys are a swim but may be a float if they don't start moving.

5. Magister Mortalis. Holding a position in south 45 these guys initially seem like a solid rim team. But, I'm 99% sure that they OPed True Fear the other day. And they have only two new cities to show for it (but they have lost two more cities since). Not only that but they are also not doing incredibly well in their skirmishes against Invictus an alliance almost three times smaller than them. All that needs to happen is for True Fear to hit back properly and these guys will probably fold pretty quickly. Sink.

6/17. Saurons Elite Alright @Strategus I . I was going to burn you because i thought your name was fake ancient greek but as it turns out your name is ancient greek for officer. So, I'd say we both dodged a bullet there ;) Now this is annoying because it means i have no pointless filler to skip out on doing analysis on your alliance ;) Has it worked? No? Alright here is the analysis. Saurons are spread out across two parts of 44. this isn't good and allows LTI to drive a wedge between Saurons and divide and conquer. But, Saurons have done a good job of crushing local teams so well done for that :) Its your main exterior threat in LTI that has lead me to the conclusion that you'll be a Swim then sink. I would loved to be proved wrong though.

7. True Fear. I suppose you could say I have a true fear of analysing this alliance :p Now that awful pun is out of the way onto the actual analysis. True Fear continues to expand from their very solid position in 45. I think they will fold MM soon and after that the whole world is open to them (literally). A lot of what True Fear does now will affect how well they do in the future. Its hard to predict any future wars at this stage apart from MM which i think True Fear will win. Swim.

8/10. HRE. I'm sure these guys will jump up the ranks after being filled up by there sister a bit but for now i think they are in a very precautions state. The poor people are lighting them up (HRE is losing the BP exchange) and they have also lost a few cities to MM. I think these guys will be dead in the water soon (just like the OG HRE). Sink.

9. Vacate or Die. So, these guys seem like to me to be fiasco folks with a few extra people added on. Im pretty sure they are playing for fun as well. They have a very tightly packed core on the 54/44 border for now but when they get expanding its gonna be interesting to watch whether they go for MO or SE. That will decide their future for now but i think that it will be a swim.

12. Invictus. They've had ups and downs growth wise but seem to be holding strong. I dunno why but i think these guys might be going places. If they stable there loses and grown from the collapse of HRE and potentially MM they would do a decent job. For now its gonna be a float due to there limited growth options. Also shout out to Dheginsea. You have reminded me of the worst three hours of my life ;) Float

And thats the top 12. Please bear in mind some of my information may be off and if it is all you need to do is correct me politely ;) I've done my part. Now someone else start putting in effort!


I swore I was done with the externals, like I have so many times before, yet here I am. @1saaa props buddy, you got an analysis spot on. TF > MM, Incivtus and whatever other alliance they bring into the fold.

We bend, but we never break.


Can i ask why did crazy asian take a city in our core, golded it to 4k and it had no birs no wall ? so we just took it :D


Okay, here it is, my top 12.

My top 12 is based mostly on geographical location, rather than digging deeper into the diplomacy between certain alliances.

1/3 - The Rich Boys & Girls: These guys are almost double the size of their nearest contender in second place, Fake News. They are clearly making nice food of those in and around their core, feeling pretty sorry for the Holy Roman Empire right now - Julius Caesar would be turning in his grave!
All jokes aside, although the boys and girls are killing it, they are sandwiched by a bunch of other teams in the top 12 - a few behind closed doors handshakes and brown envelopes may be able to stop these guys in their tracks - may being the key word.

2 - Fake News: These guys are a strong premade and look like they have a lot of prospect to do some serious damage in this world. From an expansion point of view, both their east and now north look like smooth sailing - a lot of these factors will have been helped by the direct intake of some of Mischevious Ones top players. I will add more context on this soon. The only hindrance I can foresee for FN would be trying to grow and expand too quickly without any friends in this world - but they have shown they can do it before.

4/11 - Licensed to Kill / Ill: An alliance formed in the merger of Pearls of the West and Ill Tempered Sea Bass, these guys have a decent core and a solid group of players too - I noticed that FN took a few cities from them before though no further exchanges have been dealt. It appears that these guys alike with the rich boys and girls are sat in a bit of a crater between teams , no doubt they will have to chose their expansion plans wisely. They seem to be fairly untested at this stage.

5 - Saurons Elite: not my place to say, no doubt some of you guys will have a few things to say;)

6 - Magister Mortalis: I think these guys are positioned quite nicely on the south west of the worlds oceans. True Fear to their north (of whom they seem to be taking cities from) and the Holy Roman Empire to their East. If they play their cards right and do not start to fight on too many fronts they could get a nice foothold in this world. They are also pretty high up in the ABP leaderboards, so enjoy a good fight.

7 - True Fear: True Fear are an experienced bunch, an alliance built upon a team who have fought before, which is a great starting point. Their core however seems slightly scattered and they are highly engaged in combat with MM. I think a battle between these two alliances will be an interesting tale of events, though should someone else wish to intervene and start hitting TF from their north / east I feel they will struggle.

8 - Vacate of Die: A highly experienced bunch that seemed to be spoken about in here when they were in 20th place! As of recent they took on a bunch of players from Mischievous ones in a form of merger which left many players stranded or in the ranks of FN if they could make the cut. These guys are very much on the rim at this point, though seem to have their eyes set on north 44. It surprises me they have not pushed further south into 45, but perhaps they are avoiding FN, the demon MO seemed to have fled from in this merging process? Regardless, solid team, just not sure on their intentions.

9/10 - Holy Roman Empire: An alliance that is disappointing in my eyes right now. They have a large proportion of their ocean under control geographically speaking, but they seem to be taking a heavy pounding from the boys and girls. Perhaps they are planning an OP, something to surprise us. I somewhat hope this is the case, not because I am anti boys or girls, but because I feel they could do so much more with their numbers and positioning. Maybe they need to work on some diplomacy or hire a new head of offensive operations?

12 - TBA: Who? Haha, I am not too sure on these guys. They seem to just be chilling out on the eastern side of the world, doing their own thing. They seem to have a few experienced within their ranks, though I cannot seem to find traces of engagement between them and the rest of the top 12. Perhaps in a few weeks we shall see more from them?
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LOL... I love the forum sometimes. People so serious but things will never change, @1saaa thanks for the top 12 analysis, feels good to read these again after 10 years away, its been fun so far. Grepolis has more action than any war game out there still even after 10 years

It sounds by what @pgalland25 saying, all will berimmed shortly for starting in his ocean, Backpack is ready but will have fun on my way down ;).,god its good to be back. (Even if it will be short lived until the next server)