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Everyone is pretty much doing the same and yet trash talk of this world still grows


Everyone is pretty much doing the same and yet trash talk of this world still grows
Except the Hive, no one knows what they are doing

So speaks the King of the Rim.

Stop entertaining him, the lad legit has nothing better to do then to post on the externals of a world he ain't even playing, or as far as i know, not even a game he is playing
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Oh gosh, will you? Geez thats exciting.

Friends, I can't stand bullies and this "guy" right here is one of the worst cowards I have ever seen in action. Trolls like this are the very reason we find grepo in such a low state right now.

If "win" means gang up with the biggest team next to me and harass people online like a teenager, then I would much rather "lose." Its called honor, dude. Look it up in a book.

And finally, if you don't play on this server you shouldn't be posting on this forum. Buh-Bye.

Or we could hide on the forum and make snide comments like the mighty leader of the epic Chrome Bangels. I hate trolls worse than lurkers, but just barely.

Its fun to have fun, friends, but you gotta know how. Golding up your wonders isn't everything in this game. Trolling isn't everything either. Some teams still fight, but you gotta look for em. Mostly you will know them by the scorn lesser players heap on them. Trolls hate us, MRAs hate us, but the real players know the difference.

Lets hear that again Ranga:

Bout time you wrote a wiki guide to this game James? You always seem to grace us with inspirational ways of how everyone else should be playing grepo, just a pity you dont pratice what you preach :D Home James!


This interloper will check in a few months from now to check the ghosts. Be well.


Heh, hola RX. Where I started was the rim but I seemed to make my way into your core just fine... but we don't have to rehash. When you ghost out give me a ring and I'll play in the next world you join so you can show me the right way to play again.

ooorrrrr, you can come play with this guy? :D