Top 12 top 12 sink or swim


i guess so i figured out that leading wasn't for me im better at just playing
My point was some teams are going to fail. Sometimes its just bad luck, bad decision making, the lack of a decision for that matter or well the combination of the three. But one shouldn't quit trying, you learn and get better with each try. At least let the noobs come outta bp before beginning the trash talk haha
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I know I am a good swimmer but fear this domination way wil get some peeps deep down to the deepest parts of the ocean. Hope it turns out all good for Inno otherwise it's Inno who's gonna sink.
Good luck to all. Watching from the side line hope it's going to be a good game.
  • The system will sweep the entire world from the center out, checking for substantial player presence and marking the valid islands. The system stops once it reaches a predetermined percentage of player presence.
  • Only cities in these islands will be considered for the total domination value.

I don't think players in Ocean 1 etc will have islands that will be marked for the domination endgame. If thats what you mean by deepest parts of the ocean

(EDIT OOPS Ahr-Ex cleared it up for me)
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O Orador

Let me tell you about Velha Guarda...
It comes from the portuguese server
Its leadership has won 5 worlds on that server
On Upsilon PT they holded the record for the fastest time on buliduing 4 world wonders that wich was breaked later.
On Efeso PT when VG trully formed they gained the record for the fastest build on both 4 and 7 world wonders
Then they joined the spanish server...within 3 months they dismantled competition already and were ready to build the world wonders..
wich they did...holding now the world record for the fastes build of world wonders...9days and few hours if im not mistaken...
They are a elite level of portuguese players who play together for years and have a top score on activity and gold use...adding to the most condecorate and old leadership on portuguese server.
They usually are an unstoplable force :)
Oh and by the way...dont think that they didnt do there homework...they did...and i guarantee is a 100% probability that VG has spys on all top alliances on this world...
Why im telling this? Just a figths with ex leaders of VG and i wanna spoilled your sentiment of surprise when you realise that youre facing on of the most internationally dangerous alliances :)
Salutes too everybody
And to Eriko(wich inst erik from EN in case youre wondering) i hope that revealling who VG is pisses you off...
Gotta to break your plans ahabah