Top 12 Thread


Haha yea man it became so quiet in here , :D hmm u wanna argue about something cornetto

List of alternatives
-which gummi bear is the best gummi bear
-beer or whiskey
-if you could choose would you have cheese on everything or never again cheese.
-what player on this server would u least like to meet in RL
-best tv show on tv the last decade
I'm sorry. what are gummy bears?
Have to say beer incase a certain player of mine reads this post ;)
tough one. i would have to say the first one so i can have cheese with steak without society judging me.
Any player who DOES NOT GIVE THEIR PMS TITLES! Also any player who gives me a heart attack when i see their name in my inbox ;)
Don't really watch TV shows that much. Here are a few favourites:

Brexit (season one and two were great. But, the PM resigning at the end of season 2 was predictable. Also it got a bit confusing).
Leontini and Pharae externals (great popcorn material. The fanbase is really toxic though!) Was gonna include Side externals but the episodes have got worse recently.
Avatar the last airbender is A personal favourite of mine.
The clone wars was also very enjoyable for me.


I can confirm this. Sloth and I have planned this entire war from the start. It's a charade meant to make Goats think we are fighting each other. Then, we will merge and become Anarchaos United, and sweep the entire server.

All the cities we have lost and troops that died were all part of the conspiracy. Even our own members don't know it!
Oh, talk about aging well.