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To be honest, Fiasco have already proven here to cuddles, TF and the rest of the Grepo world that if they want to make you suffer and lose they can even with a limited amount of their players. They should just leave the world and not allow some of the 'scavenger' players that joined them to avoid being rimmed in winning a world.


things are going much the same as they have for the last few months, fiasco continues to take cities form every inactive player on the map (special mentions for canibal - Jaded Slick and the number one inactive fighter sib-273 ) looks like there are to be 3-5 groups that will try for WW building from what i can see Fiasco United are likely to be the winners here given their rapid growth rate and current size, 2nd/3rd will be a race between -SPITE- and Novichok, novi are the larger of the 2 but have a very green list of players most of whom are player their 1st or 2nd world so that could go either way. La Cucaracha are likely to be bringing up the rear with a solid run for 4th place.