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it's been long time didn't play.

I really want to play, does anyone have friend who want retire with atleast 10 cities ? let me playing for you and your alliance :)



SUGLo -- FLOAT (Not a Contender for World Win)
*** This alliance lead the leaderboards in average points per player. However, with the recent collapse and some of their bigger members flipping sides to YG I just do not believe this alliance has the numbers to take on a world contender. When I was in this alliance nobody communicated and there was no sense of direction from leadership. Il Bunna has taken the reigns and now leads the Italians. I am excited for when they start to play like they did on their last server, Hyele. Please take a moment of silence to wish/pray for good fortune to the old leader Perseus. His mother recently underwent a complex surgery, it went well, however he has had to step back from the game for the foreseeable future. My thoughts are with your family.

Well, it seems we keep our word to make this Trapezuz same as hyele, am I right? @Finegold


a lot of hc-s i guess :cool:


Percy V

Lmao I am not playing this world but here is a funny story. And hey @x78186 hope you are enjoying the favor farms.

Mr @xx6xx6xx6xx decided to favor farm me and never spell his attacks. So i militia and rage his favor farm. He sends me a hate message about him going to rim me in any world I join (not the first not the last who will say that), and that I am a bad play etc.... (normal small D talk).
Then i take it as a habit to rage and miltia and ended up with 50ish mantis, 10 ladons, and 70 harpies on my wall just from him.



Am playing 5 worlds right now.
You do you I guess, I recommend playing less worlds and instead of dividing your time between them you pick 1 to play. And your answer is a nonanswer... The point was that this world isn't worth your time investment anymore. The world is certainly won by SUGO and there is no reality where that changes unless there is a civil war and that is certainly a farcry wish for certain people, lol.


Well with Just under a week to GO!!!!

The predictions are now up against the facts (Click the link for a better image)


Simply SUGO For the Win... Nicely Done.
Glory to Ukraine... To Take Second Place.
Third Place is still to play for... However, Vikings have some big players in VM (and pushing their limits on No Days Left).

From my point of view.... Never Take Grepolis for Granted .... It has this weird way of pulling the rug from under your feet and turning things around. :cool:
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Hot off the press... The Third place has changed !

A sly move by crapulescu leaving Glory to Ukraine and joining Vikings has meant that Alive Indefinitely have been knocked off the Third Place.


Whatever happens in the next three and a half days... is fine by me. I have meet some Great Players along the way. I have to say the core essence of Alive Indefinitely is looking extremely healthy.
The question will you see us again? Maybe after all we are Alive Indefinitely.

Kind Regards