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They left WW. So that puts me on two trains of thought.

1) Either that person couldn't be trusted in OSG's case. They joined last second on WW. Which means there wasn't really much time to build loyalty. And he wasn't the only one to offer WW cities up. I'd name and shame the other one but I like them and they only offered to me.

2) OSG was incredibly rude to that person.


No, we hadn't hit your closer WW island. But either way, you couldn't crown without breaking the Wonder islands held by OWS and OSG. If you had broken those islands through conquering a city, I would have congratulated you on a good crowning.

But as it is you broke those islands through the defection of players. And you can't claim that Lolislayer just left and applied to Quad and got let in quickly - Orphaeon has admitted that Lolislayer was talking to Quadripartite players for at least a few days, about the possibility of switching sides.

For a team composed of some strong fighting alliances, I am not sure I quite understand why they felt that the best way to win was through treachery rather than through a decent fight.


Why would you like to hang on? Tell me. After the 4/4 win, the world is already done. And after OWS, there is no point of holding cities and sitting like ducks . Let's finish this world now, I am bored.
And Okay, you don't want to Congratulate us? Point Fingers? Cool, No Problem.
But We do care for you all, after each and every member of Quadripartite gets his reward (I know you will mock this, I seriously don't care about your opinions mate) , We will humble enough to leave the world to you all . Have fun building all wws and fighting .
Officially, Olous is done. Thank for trying.!


Well I didn't get a crown but at least I got good experience from this world. As an osg-er I say well done to quad;fun fighting you before WW's and all.
And tbh not much point arguing about ww's now when pretty much everyone thinks the end game is crap.
In fact all this arguing is one of the reasons its crap.
In the end its just a game, obviously having its winners and losers.


Who world guys


The player who was previously banned for scripting and jumped a ton of alliances to make one big switch in the end, how "unpredictable"?

Imo most of OSG didn't expect to win (atleast that is how I felt). Combined Quad had about 7k+ cities while OSG+Simmerville had 4.4k combined cities. The difference was clear from the beginning. As someone who play this game for fighting I would have liked to see them actually break our island though. I stuck around for my alliance and to have some good fights around wonder islands, sadly we never reached that stage.

I'm a bit sad it turned out with Quadripartite convincing a player on each wonder they didn't get to leave/jump ship. I can't say this ending should feel good for either party. This is why most top players dont really consider crown or victor achievements to mean much. All in all I'm happy that we can finally move on from Olous, only reason I managed to stick around this long are the good friends I didn't want to leave behind.

This was my first slow speed world and have to say.. wars don't mean anything with this speed. Top alliances have been at war for 4/5 months yet barely manage to take 30 cities off each other. Is this the speed or were we just close to each other in combat abilities? Dunno.

Also to the Quad players mass mailing OSG to taunt us.. thanks for giving us an easy report? Don't know what you expect to happen

World ending on a negative note but still had good fun, thanks Bunnies for keeping me up every night
and congratulations to Quadripartite.


I think OSG had a chance to win. What they lacked in size they made up in prime WW location compared to ours.

But yeah I agree, @Ylyssia this end game is terrible. The fixes didn't fix anything.


quad won
would it have been less of a letdown to have them win by fighting for a ww island, yes
but the same could be said for any team fighting for one of quads islands too
and if the turncoats were wavering for days, their leaders had time to get them off island and secure wws
quad leaders took advantage of a weakness; smart move
it appears all sides hate the end game
now those that want to move on can
and those that want to fight can continue


I've wasted slots founding near the enemy ww's with the view of fighting for them. Only to in the end have them offered to us. Ows founder offered theirs on a silver platter and then a player decided he'd had enough of their crap and jumped.

Similarly for osg. Player fed up for whatever reasons. I'll respect their decision enough not to ask. Then ww was there for the taking.

Everyone bitching about Quad and how we won are just sour. If the shoe was on the other foot, you'd be taking the opportunity too so before you all go pointing your fingers, make sure your hands are clean because this "hollier the thou" crap is getting old.


I just want to point out that we built a wonder right in front of our main opponent's faces. Everyone else hid theirs away. This was a massive risk...or so we thought. We blatantly called it an act of disrespect too which should be enough to want to attack it, nobody attacked it seriously. We then pulled far ahead on it and never looked back which should have been further incentive to attack it, still nobody attacked it. It became the world win clinching wonder and the last one Quad had to finish to win, this should have been an overwhelming incentive to attack it, STILL nobody attacked it. It feels from my POV that our enemies banked on Quad not happening for WW and then yelled a bunch of profanities to themselves when it happened, made a series of mistakes, and still expected things to just work out, then cried foul when it didn't go that way for them.

I can think of numerous ways that OSG probably could have won or at least held their wonder. Hell they started with every advantage in this world and lost it all. Here's the short list.

1) Fight Tri - Say what you will about OSG. They had a lot of good fighters that could have made things interesting up north for us. Maybe a certain lighthouse couldn't have been built.

2) WW Prep-
They knocked Winners so hard for doing it after S.T.O.R.M fell. I think the ultimate irony is that this was the smartest move on the world. Winners prepared for WW and built its core around the wonders they were tasked with creating. This made them a driving force in winning the world.

It became obvious OSG was running things down to the wire and wasn't really prepared. This is probably why OWS would have gotten two wonders to their one.

3) A Better Guard System-
If you look at Quad, I think you'd see most our WW islands and some back up islands have only 2 players that we trust on them. OSG should have picked its 14 most trusted players. OWS should have done the same.

Second (third) place sucks and people are going to start looking to cash in when a team is a disorganized mess. That's what OSG's WW plan was. A disorganized mess. I firmly believe that if we didn't exist, OWS would have won.



i told winners and their famillies that inviting my friends and former mates into their hugging plans isnt gonna work out !!

my bro horsevong showed them the hard way



i told winners and their famillies that inviting my friends and former mates into their hugging plans isnt gonna work out !!

my bro horsevong showed them the hard way
Showed us what noob boy? Im looking at my crown now boy, also said WINNER IN OLOUS.....where is yours Ghost the Great hahahahah noob


What's more likely. We got horse angry some how? Or Horse was always a roni plant?

PS: This is a game that you don't win either way. Either you're flatly lying. Or you waited until we won and crowned to activate it.


Exactly. It's more likely that he got angry at us telling him to hand off his WW towns after you guys put a CS in him and he made us wait around for an update.


He did everything he could to sabotage us though.

Let OSG land without giving us a heads up. We fixed it
He hit vm and tried that way. We put all in siege and fixed it.
He logged in to see all in siege, hit disband and then ghost.

Fact, we should've taken away authorizations when the first sign happened and that is on us.
That is our fault and i'll wear that. What i won't wear is the blatant lies from him.
I'll never play with that guy again.


According to him it was someone at work. Which is about as believable as a Rosie O'Donald lecture on healthy dieting.


Of course there's an excuse and it's not surprising how terrible an excuse it is. The age old "It wasn't me". Now he's respawned [town]88850[/town]