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    Nov 6, 2015

    What on earth is he talking about? The days of world wonders and grep mafia are ending. How about we all just move away from this corruption and play a better game.
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    Feb 12, 2016
    See boi, your post is the perfect example of reading what you want, instead of what I have actually said. I try to be understanding, objective in my views. It is my opinion after all, but heh, whatever I am not gonna bother explain my points to make you understand what I have said. No offense but most of it doesn’t make sense to me, but hey I am gonna read what I want. Thank you giving me a reason

    You just had to turn it into trash talk. Boi do I love a good trash-talk, trash talk me? More like digging your own grave.

    And if that’s what you want, it’s what you’re gonna get junior.

    You want to know the reason you have won till now?

    Its cause you have never gone up against me when I have been serious, and you better pray to the father, the holy spirit, the holy spirits mother that it stays that way.
    You like to think you are so good, the meanest biggest baddest huh? I have seen ya play, all that self hype and all I was left with is blue balls. Dissapointment.

    Let me tell you what you really are, an average scrub. Better than most of the scrubs in your alliance I will give you that much credit, but average at best.

    You like to think you are the biggest golder, ooo but you are not even close. If you are a river of gold, then I am the sea itself and pray to god that sea doesn’t break tide cause what follows next is tsunami.

    Now if you’re smart boi you won’t bother replying to me, go rotate that crown you have been circle jerkin for, you have earned it <3
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    Aug 15, 2017
    WOW the great keyboard warrior having to throw about names relating to a person's sexual or gender identities, makes one ask the question what other nasty discriminations you may enjoy poluting the air with ? :( Colour, Race?....the Disabled maybe ?

    For somebody that repeatedly bores the pants off everybody by preaching about just how much you don't care about the in game stuff you sure spend a hell of a lot of time writing articles that suggest exactly the opposite. Its like the works of some hypocritical but-hurt William Shakespear wannabe.

    Erik has obviously touched a nerve lol, to the extent where you are made out to look like some frustrated old Grampa ranting and raving at the world because the mail man has mislaid his viagra package.

    Well Gramps the big difference between Erik and yourself is that Erik just does it, he's a Rottweiler. You on the other hand, are more your yappy dog type - yap yap yap yap , in the words of the film, "Are you gonna bark all day little Doggie?... or are you gonna bite".

    Rather than embarass yourself on the forum actually get on in game and do it, if you have the bottle of course, which i doubt, yap yap yap.

    You mention "blue balls" - the only balls i see are a rather cowardly shade of Yellow. :(

    Lets see if the actions can match the yaping , now you have stated to the world just how awesome you are (or could be - Hold me back LOL) but being a generous fellow I will set you a simplistic target - take ONE city from Erik, and I will gladly revoke your "Yappy Dog" status and elevate you to "Rottweiler" status.

    So nows your chance to redeem yourself rather than just make yourself look like a fool who lacks the courage to actually do anything... even against an Average scrub LOL.

    Warrior or Keyboard warrior....i think everybody already knows the answer to that one :)

    Time for walkies ?
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    May 20, 2017
    It's rich that Erik's sidekick is calling someone else a keyboard warrior,why don't you bend over,since you seem to like it so much?I guess you won't do it cause you'd then have to expose your spine,which we all know doesn't exist.
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    Feb 12, 2016
    first things first LOL^^
    I had a good read at my own post
    Discrimination? Racism? whateverism? where the hell are you pulling this kind of crap out of? I have only stuck to in game characteristics, probably would have have gotten a ban by now if i had discriminated but here I am wasting my time replying to you cause I got nothin better to do hehe. The only thing I can be called out for is language.
    I got nothing against anyone in RL, I am sure they are all great folks. Whereas as my post was only trashing the player in game you seem to be blurring the line between game and me outside this game. That speaks for itself.

    Mate, you don't get to play the oppressor and the oppressed card at the same time. The discrimination card has been played out too many times and it was lame the first time it was played.

    And is that really the best you can do? Calling me out for being a keyboard warrior? Something that has been profile status for a very long time now. Something that I have implicitly stated myself "Boi do I love a good trash-talk." Gotta say, still kinda ironic coming from someone who doesn't want to reveal his in game name. Did i forget to mention? a self proclaimed spy as well. Garbage.
    Gotta ask, your not Erik's second account are ya? o_O

    What's done is done and I don't care about it, 4 days now since i last logged in :/ this world has been the most predictable, dead world I have seen till now. But if someone's gonna quote me, you sure as hell bet I am gonna respond scrub.
    (Funny enough I was having a convo with someone a few days back about one of the most important skills in life being not responding to someone, girl if you are reading this I am sorry, have to sometimes still got a bit of growing up to do it seems haha :p)

    This it as much entertainment you are gonna get from me on these externals so don't bother responding. Now go, shoo, get some mouth-wash, can smell ya mouth from all the way here, been kissin butt 2 much.

    and on that final note @MahimCFC You make me wheeze lol, but man I already have a tainted rep now on the externals, don't ruin yours cause of me. It's not worth wasting your time on trash like me, you are far better. <3 <3 :):p Been good while it has lasted eh (brofist)
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    Jan 27, 2014
    :D that's gold. Don't bark unless you gonna actually bite. Anyone can say anything here obviously, but until you do it you just full of garbage. No matter who you threatening you should put up or shut up
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    Mar 2, 2012
    please can we make a thread exclusively after me love it
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    Nov 29, 2011
    You won worlds because you cuddle with everyone, that`s why :D :D :D First sign of trouble you run like a chicken(remember what happened to your 23 alliances coalition when you fought TS in Emp, 1.2k players against 70? ) and then Gigli or whatever was the name you ghosted just because you had to fight against the same numbers. So your kindergarten stories please keep for the kids. I saw you started playing again for real so get ready and collect as many lap dogs as you can because we will be back soon. Your nightmares will start again! Start saving money, you know how much we can spend :p
    P.S. You must bring Teabag and Ranga and my love Iconic :D :D :D
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    Jan 27, 2014
    Mungus come on, just admit you love erik. Every post you make has something about him. It also has some sort of boast about this mythical 1.2k players you fought 38 years ago :D time to act like your other hero Elsa and let it go