You know you've played too much Grepolis when...

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you know you play Grep too much when you and your husband are talking about sending such a person (Ign) a message and that CS lands at such a time and your family and friends are like "WHAT"!?

(only on grep so my husband wont get in trouble as much for been on so much)


When you can't get the Grepo tune out of your head and you keep humming it! :)

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You know you've played too much Grepolis..

- when your phone goes off and you immediately think you're getting attacked.
- when you start 'harbor checking' your girlfriend/wife.
- when you ask for a forum instead of a newspaper.
- when you wonder why wars still continue during Christmas.
- when you change your internet service provider due to your timings jumping more than 10 seconds.
- when you use 'I'm getting rimmed' or 'i got rimmed' as a subsitute for 'I'm losing' or 'I lost'.
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when you have dreams about getting banned and losing alu nukes (did this last night)


When you pause mid love making because the attack alarm went off


You know you've played too much Grepolis when you write an email to someone for work and sign it with your ingame name :)
i have begun to think of myself as chalna, i actually thought of myself as chalna yesterday, after i messed up a date.
"chalna that was stupid"
i have since changed my skype name to my real name to counter act this :D


You know you have played too much grepolis when the game checks if you are a bot(true story).
You know you have played too much Grepolis when you wish you had as much VM in real life as you do in game , and even worse .. you refer to it as VM in real life