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    Am I Allowed To Time?

    A preposterous, head-scratching sequence of warnings. Why even introduce sirens if you are just going to give bans and accusations towards players that correctly utilise this mechanic? The moderators are out of their depth. Instead of beating around the bush, should there not be an outright ban...
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    Update to version 2.242 discussion thread

    Lots of dopamine hits going around between the select few players still able to log on..
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    What external tools are you all using?

    For the curious minded, Grepoinfo is good in that it shows general world statistics and fighters of the day with decent layout. It also shows alliance changes over the past week, eg. how much BP gained every day, cities conquered and so on.
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    The Trash Talk

    Fair enough deus vult, different worlds, different contexts, too many variables and factors in play. although I do agree that it is indeed very very difficult to win against a world coalition, it was a special case in which I mentioned above. Triad did have 2 previous crowns and is a well...
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    The Trash Talk

    IIRC Triad back (recently) in en83. Granted it was conquest and higher alliance cap, there was a worldwide coalition and controversy with a single city wonder island, Grepolis had to change the game rules (Update 2.126), but anyways consider your question answered. EDIT: Proof...
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    End Alliance Caps

    Gamma was my first world as well. Can't believe I completely forgot about Paper Tigers, but I thought GrepoHugs were the no.1 alliance for the entire (or most) duration of the server, or were they only #1 from the start?
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    End Alliance Caps

    Be careful what you wish for...
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    The Tripartite vs Stay Cool

    Winners: Winners, OSG Losers: Everyone else I predict Tripartite win. Honestly it depends on whichever alliance gets the upper hand right off the bat, and whoever is more aggressive (and has more gold). OV and TT will tough it out, after SC's defeat, they will disband and their gold players...
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

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    Newspaper Olous

    Would like to see an interview for Sohoglory :P
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Whilst Stay Cool's skill is undisputable, their leadership seems dodgy at best. Disputes with Dia Luna, not upholding their part in negotiations between Dystopia + Order clan. Their talent should make up for the questionable leadership, but I personally think SC and Project Snuggle are...
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    Olous Rumor Mill

    Can't wait for their 3rd academy, if you know what I mean ;)
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    Noobiest mistake

    I accidentally attacked without light ships accompanying and I lost all my attacking troops + 0ABP. :(
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    Peace! Please Stop Attacking Me

    Cool, another city to farm. :P