Pnp a Open Challenge The Legend(War Angel) VS Fiasco

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First ever City Revolted by Fiasco,i Just got it like a few hours ago even though i caused @Deathstrike47 quite a lot of problems i thought lets make it Fun

a Open Challenge to Fiasco.

Me Vs all of you, Skill VS Gold i will fight all of you for 24h and in that time if you dont win if you dont take this City off me i win, and i want to be Proclaimed as God of Fiasco,a Legend The Number 1 Player in this World(Keppoi)

Also lets make it even more fun the Winner will get 50k Resources Each,if you win i will send the resources to @Deathstrike47.

Lets Once and for all See who the Best is, no more trash talking and acting strong on the Externals i am just 1 player but i am confident,you wont take anything off me.

Post Here if you accept or not

Peasco,Fortis and the other Sub alliances aren't apart of this its only Me VS Fiasco.

here you go again, acting as if you don't spend gold
Actually it's a battle of our skill vs Morale. I got 75% with War Angel. Dirty little secret!



Magnus Zen today at 15:35
People like you guys are ruining this game. What do you get if you conquer one of my cities?
Let me guess. A big fat nothing. I have been under attack constantly and lost only 8 cities to you guys so far and don't even put a proper effort in defending them. Tells me how lousy players you are.
Get a life mate........
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