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oooh wow.. looking forward to see how this turns out.
I like both HaP and FBRD as alliances.
Are you going to be friendly towards each other or not?

We're too far away to hurt each other properly right now =P But who knows how things will turn out in the future.

Iseedeadpeople1, it's a top 12 alliance thread so it's always gonna be top 12 XP would be good to see a thread for alliances below that though.


Controversial top 12

12 Liquid Propinquity:-not sure on this alliance, they seem in a good location nicely positioned, but there profile seems
un-finished, expect us......(to what)? Fail, merge, cry shout?

It isn't unfinished. You can call it our cry shout, yes. You don't know what you're expecting. So maybe you aren't even expecting something of us? Our profile sais you should...


we are to far apart to fight and there are to many MRA's that are here to be killed 1st

Rising legacy? what is a whorehouse ;)


I thought your banner said Brothel of shadowmelik for a miniute


I am not sure who will turn out to be good.
I do have a view on how these will turn out though:



Twisted Thoughts hear dont judge a book by its cover have a reed first my alliance will hit like a bomb and create ripples that will last so plz hold ya tongues for now :) think before you speek :p
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think before you speek

As much as I understand English as a second language things, and that the rule is not to pick on someone for it, am I allowed to point out that you really shouldn't be telling others to think before they speak if you aren't going to think while you're typing? My apologies, Jorisva1, you are the first mod I have ever forced to edit one of my posts, hopefully I am not continuing that trend lol

AND, since I enjoy doing this so much, Let us keep this topic on ...uh... *looks up* Oh right! Top 12 Alliances (it wasn't quite off, but leaning there lol):

1 Honour and Power - We are chugging along tikkity-boo thus far, BP-End will be the teller, in the end, but there's a bunch of experience here, so I don't anticipate surprises or changes.....
2 Immortals - MRA. A few that look like they might be able to withstand some punishment, perhaps, but we all know where it eventually leads, don't we?
3 Black Templars - x4, who could ask for anything more?
4 Immortals II - wait, didn't I do this one already? oh no, right, because two alliances share a win
5 Tormenting Hellraisers - Honestly, they are out of O55, so I haven't really noticed them. They are #1 in their Ocean, half-decent average score, will see what happens to/from them when BP runs out
6 FireBreathingRubberDucks - Just the name makes them likeable, but I see a few names from a long time ago in a server far far away ... seems to me a few of these guys wore pink at easter at one time or another, maybe?
7 Byzantine Empire - uh huh, just like any other server, right? start out, then Empire falls - does seem appropriate, though.....
8 Black Templars II - again? which part of "winning alliance" means "make 14 of us, that'll help" to some people?
9 Spartans - Alliances don't go to 300 here, guys
10 Black Templars IV - "Never repeat myself, Herc, never repeat myself" ~Newton the Centaur
11 Vengeful Might - see "Tormenting Hellraisers"
12 Liquid Propinquity - Not sure what to expect, but I won't have to expect it for a while - nice profile pic, though!


Firstly, yes you are correct about it being wrong to pick at someone because of their spelling, i do have difficulty with this, and i dont appreciate this being so openly broadcast, there are others on here that, unlike myself, who arent english by origin, have too the same issues, are you going to be doing the same to these. We are supposed to be encouraging people to use the forum, not ridiculing them for a simple error.



Please stop the talks on someone's spelling and continue on the topic of this thread or it will be closed.

Thank you!



hi i am mackin a knew tribe it wil b me an my frand we are 36 yeers old 4m turky i am very intrestid in join ur alliance and pact we b frends n 2gether talk over the world