Top 12 Alliances of Zancle


.........~swim! they will just recruit more and more players to be at the top. And most people quit the world so they got a good chance here

The Empire~Swim! They are going to pact crazy everyone so they'll be really safe

House Lannister~Swim!~They are going for both ".........." And "The empires" style of play.

your joking right? House Lannister has 1 pact xD


Top 1 --- Sink
Top 2 --- Sink
Top 3 --- Sink
Top 4 --- Sink
Top 5 --- Sink
Top 6 --- Sink
Top 7 --- Sink
Top 8 --- Sink
Top 9 --- Sink
Top 10 --- Sink
Top 11 --- Sink
Top 12 --- Sink

You're practically stating that the top 12 will sink with your last line. You use the word "Top" referring to everyone in the top 12, you didn't have to spam top 1, top 2, etc.


Rock5's Top 10 Sink or Swim

Rock's Sink or Swim Predictions

310,000 pts. 186 members. 1670 average. This is the biggest alliance of Zancle. They recruit everyone in their ocean and they pact with at least 2 alliances, maybe even more. Currently they are mostly located in O54 however there are many cities outside of their ocean. I said sink because of their massive amount of players, low average and low BP( I know we got out of BP a day ago, but if they were actually aggressive, they would be first but instead they are third). Oh yeah, they also got an academy ASGARDIAN in a 200 cap world. Impressive!

The Empire~Swim, for now.
293,000 points. 157 members. 1872 average. Nice average. They are 2nd in everything which is consistent. They managed to stop a conquest today, which is impressive. They also got 2 cities which is a good sign. They are most in O54 and they are pact with "........." And some of the other top alliances in that ocean so they should safe....for now.

Last Legion~Sink.
250,000 pts. 163 members. 1566 average. A pretty bad average. They were first in the ranking during BP and since the. They have begun to fall. They are MOSTLY in O54 but don't know what their diplomacy with the other alliances are. They will either be food for the other alliances or pact with them so that they will be safe.

House Lannister~Float/Swim
235,000 pts. 149 members. 1581 average. Their average isn't so great. Their average is so so. Mostly located in O44. Since there's not really much in O44, they should solidify their ocean and expand. Otherwise they will lose in a war. They have a pact with The Empire so it'll buy them some time.

Alpha Dogs~Float
200,000 pts. 120 members. 1700 average. Their average is OK, I guess. Their ABP is OK as well but their DBP is good. That means they are good at defending themselves(or they are doing quests, which is a good sign for activity.) they are mostly located in the ocean 55 sharing the ocean with Pirates. They could either fight it out and win(which would threaten other alliances nearby them) or they can go for diplomacy and plan everything out.)

200,000 pts. 126 members. 1600 average. Their average is a sliver less than what I would consider,"Good". The alliance is mostly located in O54. They'll have to fight the top alliances in that oceanHowever, like I said before, BethannyySalter is their founder and she'll do some voodoo magic to save her alliance. :)

198,000 pts. 133 members. 1493 average. Their average is the lowest out of the top twelve. They are mostly in the ocean 55 but there are also cities in other oceans as well. They will be in O55 for a while but when the smaller more alliances begin to have conquest they will slowly fall.

The Wildcards~Swim.
167,000 pts. 101 members. 1650 average. Their average slightly higher than most alliances and they do not mass recruit. They are at the top of ocean 45, which is isolated from most of the top 12 alliances. I would consider this alliance a "Dark Horse"(Not referring to Katy Perry) alliance and I see great potential in this alliance.

Triad~Being Humble Here.
My alliance, but going to say, topping the ABP and BP rankings and highest average. Mostly in O54 with the "top alliances".

Raven Republic~Float then merge.
150,000 points. 91 members. 1675 average. They are originated from Sestos and had been remembered as the alliance who betrayed at Sestos WW. But who knows what will happen here. They are currently in the Anti-Triad Coalition. Mostly in 45. Will have to deal with Triad and The Wildcards.

Thats all, folks! Hope you like it!
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Joseph Nieves

Triad~Being Humble Here.
My alliance, but going to say, topping the ABP and BP rankings and highest average. Mostly in O54 with the "top alliances".
Didn't get to read the whole thing, but thought I should point out that Triad has 3 cities in 54. So they are not really with the top alliances in that case.

Herpus Derpus

Didn't get to read the whole thing, but thought I should point out that Triad has 3 cities in 54. So they are not really with the top alliances in that case.

I think he was referring to Triad being in the same ocean with many of the alliances atop the rankings, not that triad was one of the top alliances in ocean 54.


Perhaps the RR developed their sense of identity and honed their teamwork.

Sometimes lessons learned on one server bring rewards on the next.
I will be impressed with their team if they can war with an alliance for a full week without surrendering. That would demonstrate that they have made progress as a group.


Unless there is a "Stab in the back" award for trashing IO's WW core by joining PR with WW just about to start :)
This is what IO've got for babysitting them Ravens for 9 months and feeding them with LTS ... on the other side, we never received a single unit as LTS.
Once a traitor, always a traitor :(
lol. We didn't slap our little tweety birds around for long enough the first time Vel. Never taught them how to respect. :)


4th edition

........ ~ They are eating alliances, not by conquering but by merging. Already a Wing in place with a huge alliance cap ... 3rd MRA discovered. They are already annoying everyone in O54, i don't think they will last long. Sink

The Empire ~ No comment

Last Legion ~ They did fall after BP, now they are trying to get Pacts and NAPs with everyone, and they are still trying to get everyone to join them. MRA one day, MRA forever Sink

House Lannister ~ Decent alliance, i dont know why people said they would fall. On the other hand it is going to be them vs Hector's House and Gods of War for the control of 44. Float

Alpha Dogs ~ With Pirates falling they will have control over 55, maybe they will start expanding in 45, where a quarter of their members are. Swim

Retribution ~ Why does everyone say they have voodoo magic ? because they have a bad average and would need magic to win ? Good core though. Float

Pirates ~ Worst average in the top 12, already failing and disbanding a bit. Sink

The Wildcards ~ I can't wait to see the fight that will happen in 45, The Wildcards, triad, RR. anyway they are the worst of the 3 it seems but you never know. Float

Triad ~ Best average and DBP, they must be getting hit hard... Already a coalition formed against them, Float/Swim

Ravens Republic ~ The a bit over average looking alliance of Zancle. Have potential Swim

Hector's House ~ Sink
Gods of War ~ Sink


Personally I think it really is too early still for this. A proper top 12 will probably come out in about a week or two


The dots started to shrink (and sink)? Funny. But not unexpected.


Yeah, I feel bad for Karth. It's not his fault his leaders are clueless. Oh well.

Joseph Nieves

1) ........- Lost 8 players. That's including one of the great leaders that help keep the alliance together *sarcasm* Given the size of the alliance they might stay number 1 for a few more hours, but they are sinking away into the Land of the Forgotten. Sinking

2) The Empire- They got a nice average points and decent bp. Still I am not impressed with their leadership a bit. No offense to mat640, who is a great player, just that leading is completely different. Their diplomacy moves are a great example of that, which includes pacting with many top alliances that aren't very good. Though I would like to thank this alliance for always excepting my gold trades, I really appreciate it :) Sink

3) Last Legion- They are still alive, although the credit doesn't go to them for that. It goes to the fact that they also like to team up with the top alliances,and it shows in the bp rankings. They have the 2nd most members in the top 12, and with there pacts those shared forums must have at least 400 people. Have fun sinking with The Empire Sink

4) House Lannister- Hmm 5th in bp and one of only 3 alliance with over 150 players. Not really any good alliances in their ocean though, so they are going to have to sink due to internal problems. Now they are taking ...... players too, and the ones that contribute zilch. Never mind these guys will sink next week Sink

5) Retribution- Pretty much thinking the same thing as when I did my other top 12 a week ago. I still see them as the dark horse alliance in Zancles, and they haven't proving me wrong yet :D Rcok says Beth has voodoo magic. Need some luck to go far, maybe voodoo powers can be a substitute for luck. They are also the only top 12 alliance that has leaders in the Zancles World Chat, no other leaders want to join us :( Swim, or maybe walking on water with their magic :eek:

6) Alpha Dogs- The current 5-7 alliances I can see as the 1-3 alliances in a month, maybe sooner. Still recommend they get a picture of a better fed dog, but they are doing pretty good. They are the top alliance in Ocean 55 like last week, and I don't see any reason that it won't continue. Swim, doggy paddle style :cool:

7) Triad- Yes it is the world's most talked about alliance. They are living up to the talk so far. Triad has the highest average points, highest bp, highest number of forum spammers, and highest number of goldwhores (including bittleschagmichnicht, who spends more on grepo than on living expenses). ;) Swim on a golden surf board

8) Hector's House- Nice profile pic, and that is where my compliment ends. Don't really see anything special. Can't understand why this alliance is also taking ....... players not in there ocean. Especially one with a personality problem in Earl of Sandwich. Sink

9) Pirates- Went from 5th to 9th, so I would say they are sinking already. Pirates are 10th in bp, and have the lowest average points in the top 12. Still have respect for them for the time when there alliance profile promoted gender equality, but that is not enough to revers their fate. Sink

#10, #11, #12- Sorry but none of these alliances are really good enough to comment on individually. They have decent average points, and decent bp. But they are lacking the firepower needed to be successful against the other good alliances in the top 12. Sink, Sink and Sink

In total that is 9 sinks, and 3 swims. Might be more accurate, or I just may be too pessimistic in this one.