Top 12 Alliances


HERT has not run another Op again.....many thanks for the DBP should not run Ops more often ;)

Email address

again boring posts???
I was think that is TOP 12 alliances


First Top 12 of this thread coming up.......

HERT have spent the week doing what they do best.... Not running ops :D Instead they chose to send masses of attacks at a 3k city and promptly had to have their derriere confiscated while it recovers. Pick me next time you break your offense guys???? Anyone seen their Alliance profile too? Think we need to patent a larger door :D

2 Byzantine Empire
BE have spent the week doing their Best Mr. T impression and introducing HERT to their friend Pain and also encouraging them to get some nuts!

3 Enigma BC
Wanted! Dog Walker.... to walk 200+ Cerberus. Must have their own transport and previous experience. Warning: Cerberus can get quite aggressive when Excited, Have previous form for Aggression (See below) If interested in the job please send your CV :D

We were feeling generous letting that CS live ;)

4 Minions
In the East, following the breakout of war between Minions and Enigma BC, Minions have been hitting the gym hard for the upcoming conflict.

Wish I had abs like that :(

5 Fighting Hellfish
The Mystery behind the Fighting hellfish's Name have now been unveiled. It's a pretty Badass Emblem if you ask me :D

Long suffering Academy to HERT, didn't participate in the ceremonial derriere hand-off ceremony

7 Flying Hellfish
Same goes for the flying hellfish

Don't know about you but I'd not want to meet that nasty looking fish on a dark night :D

Honour by name, Honour by Nature. Was told the split off was a result of greed and the green eyed monster.

If you see this monster do not approach, he is extremely contagious ;)

9 The Hammer
I did like them, not so much now Email address has announce his presence on the forum.... first impressions and all that :Angry:

10 Antigonan Guard
Have finished their long-standing War with Looneys and now revelling in an extended break from conflict.

Is this you Dim?? It's alright for some :cool:

11 Titanomachia
Another of HERT's academies that they deny is an academy. Seem to be in O25, no doubt providing HERT cities to replace what they lose :D

12 The Battle Show
The Battle show are fishfood and seem to enjoy it as well as for HERT..... not looking good for them :pro:

Thats this weeks top 12 for you now onto more important things......

Who's watching the World Cup final and who are you supporting, the Argentines or the Germans?


C'mon Germany.

Thanks for showing my city name so everybody in the server knows I'm a massive turtle by the way. :p


Gunnellator, correction, the fish are not at war with TBS. Mistakes were made while TBS was merging with a smaller alliance

Otherwise an entertaining top 12 :)

Also, minions at war with Enigma BC?? news to me but that makes thing interesting


What's up with this alleged ringer brought in by Minions if I may ask?


It's col3ton I'm referring to - a friend from another wolrd doing a late start is my guess. I'd like to know more too :)

And some details on Nanatea ghosting would be nice to ;)


gunnellator, correction, the fish are not at war with tbs. Mistakes were made while tbs was merging with a smaller alliance

otherwise an entertaining top 12 :)

also, minions at war with enigma bc?? News to me but that makes thing interesting
we see all that fish on flag enough for us...dont worry ;)
another fish academy??but all members from fish cant destroy my 10k biremes and 500 dogs??what we can talk about here???;):d