Best/worst Iota Alliance names

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thrillkill, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. martijngoofy

    martijngoofy Phrourach

    Aug 16, 2010
    can someone comment on my alliance name oblivion?
  2. sparkz104

    sparkz104 Guest

    i don't really like names that are just rip offs of popular things
  3. Godforsaken

    Godforsaken Guest

    So I guess Spartan Nike's are out of the question..... hmmmmmm.

    I think Scary Potter would be a good name lol
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  4. chrisbryce

    chrisbryce Guest

    its a nerdy game :heh: i never really like it, so i dont really like the name oblivion
  5. jarpenguin

    jarpenguin Guest

    The House Elves!
  6. Vexnel

    Vexnel Guest

    Look out, Dobby might sue you ;)
  7. R.A.L.E.

    R.A.L.E. Guest

    And what´s so ironic about this to you? Or funny...? Maybe cuz you don´t understand what it means, so by giving it all sorts of attributes you heal your own complex of not being able to decypher it...

    Shhhhiisssshh.... First learn, then comment.
  8. jarpenguin

    jarpenguin Guest

    No one knows what it means.
  9. Last Legion? The movie? Ugh!
    Not ironic or funny.
    Still lame, sorry.
  10. kopenu

    kopenu Phrourach

    Jul 2, 2010
    The best alliance name I've seen is the exploding tacos.The worst is The Chilli Dogs really that is like my least favorite food.
  11. R.A.L.E.

    R.A.L.E. Guest

    Looks like some do... Some can speak their mother language AND foreign. Some can´t even their mother language.


    @Urza: I wasn´t trying to convince people that it is good or funny or ironic or lame. Just trying to make a point...

    No hard feelings...
  12. Sorry, commented but got off topic.


    300 Spartans: Really?
    Confederate States: Rednecks. lol
    ISA --- I Stand Alone: Why is there more than one member of this alliance?
    10 Man Army: Has 6 members


    Have You Seen My Camel: Haha

    Not at all.
    All good here my friend.
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  13. R.A.L.E.

    R.A.L.E. Guest

    You´re right, I also got a bit carried away. It´s just that these kind of things make me a bit nervous since Croatian is my language and I feel sad that people don´t have a point of tolerance for us few.

    Lets get back on topic....

  14. lordfunnythe3rd

    lordfunnythe3rd Phrourach

    Nov 20, 2010
    Hey sorry for this its a bit off topic but i was thinking of an alliance called the "Navy Seals" since this is a war game and all. any thoughts?
  15. crusnicXIII

    crusnicXIII Guest

    best one I have seen was Rosenkreuz Orden(rose cross order)
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  16. Best:

    Game Over
    Phi Munchers


    anything with spartan in it there is alot of them
    and names that are spelt wrong.
  17. najimur

    najimur Guest

    best name would be "the best" worst iota name is "Underwater Ninja Tigers"

    whooops, got them mixxed up

    i mean it the other way round! :)
  18. awesome name! ;)
  19. najimur

    najimur Guest

    ikr? the best ftw.
  20. Jennesis

    Jennesis Guest

    I think she was talking about Underwater Ninja Tigers ;)