Best/worst Iota Alliance names

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    omg i keep getting it mixed up!
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    Going way back in time I really like the whole Athenian family. my favorite of the three was Athenian Heirs. I thought that was a great name. I dont really think there are to many bad ones besides ones with "Elite" or Spartans.
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  3. aww thank you lol I take no credit for the athenian bit as it was someone else. But baslisk and I came up with Athenian Heirs cos they were called something else heirs and when they merged we kept the heirs bit :)

    I never did like Athenian Elites name for the very reason you said above.. 'Elite' usually screams noobs lol which were were tbf early days haha! ;)
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    Lozza ! You did too..Cause I was in that branch..For a short time ! :p lmao.
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    gods of everything - ftw?
  6. Death Star inc are insanity brigade

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    How about this:

    "Black Lust Champions"
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    Hey has anybody heard of an alliance called "Roofies"? There profile descriptions says "We will take advantage of you while you're sleeping"
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    It latin...........

    Si vis pacem, para bellum........................ means ....................... If you wish for peace, prepare for war