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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by owen66, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Raffy21

    Raffy21 Guest

    I would love some settings similar to Thetas, just conquest and morale deactivated ;)
    World/Unit speed: 3
    Alliance limit: 250
    Beinners protection: 5 days
    No morale
    Would be pretty interesting, IMO
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  2. .FatLady.

    .FatLady. Guest

    yeah that would be pretty good raffy..
  3. Mike62

    Mike62 Strategos

    Jan 27, 2010
    Speed 1 is ideal for people who have to work for a living :D
    As for the other settings ive played lots of worlds but looking forward to matching up speed 1 with troop 3 see how it goes before making my mind up on its benefits.
    As for morale its here looks like we are going to have to deal with it or just hang around for a world without it.
  4. I would like:
    World speed:fastest possible (3,4,5 the fastest)
    Unit Speed:^ The same as above
    Alliance cap:200 or 150 so we can have some MRA's to build our cities.
    Moral/No Moral:Anything is good
    This world can be for "speed liking" people maybe so if Grepolis can do it I can bring some people from Athens to it.
  5. TomPrimus

    TomPrimus Guest

    Only complete grepoholics, who have no real life, would play such world, .
  6. or people who love this game very very very very much and want to have conquest researched before BP ends :p
  7. aka complete grepoholics who have no real life ;)
  8. charliedude6

    charliedude6 Phrourach

    Feb 21, 2010
    I'm in this world. Time to help those beginners.
  9. monoplizer

    monoplizer Guest


    sorry i need to ask one question
    world speed 1 it is mean production less and time for building more that right?
  10. fhibner

    fhibner Guest

    Yes the production is very low and the building time is in calculated in years
  11. Sunfire418

    Sunfire418 Guest

    World speed: 1
    Unit speed: 3
    Alliance limit: 250
    Beginner protection: 6
    Morale: Active
    Conquer system: Revolt

    This blows big chunks. I am into this world about a week now. bored with this already. If this company wants money they should make a world for people that want to play the game...

    World Unit speed 5
    Alliance limit 40
    beginner prot. 6
    Morale.. not sure
    conquer system not sure.

    But faster man...faster. World speed 1 your killing this game. Also... with a World speed of 4-5 have it based on Turns...hours. with a Limit. say 3500 hours. With an Ending. At least that way there would be a definitive Winner Loser situation... This is why I left AE. AstroEmpires.. No set limit to the Servers they have. and too damn slow. Your customer base wants a speed world. Give it to them and you will get their money.
  12. gadzooks

    gadzooks Phrourach

    Jan 19, 2010
    Actually, AE does have a speed server now...
  13. TomPrimus

    TomPrimus Guest

    Sunfire, You have to check the World settings before you start the game !!!

    You can blame only yourself if you feel like you are wasting your time.

    I think Byzantium is great for active players who want to dominate the world. Because, not many Byzantium players can be online 8 hours per day.This world is for real life busy people.

    So, Sunfire, keep the "demand" button hot and you will grow faster than your opponents. And when you start chopping your enemies ,who started the game earlier than you, then you will have pleasure.
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  14. Sunfire418

    Sunfire418 Guest

    Thankyou Gadzooks and TomPrimus.