Enigma? Vacation mode?? Really???


WebRep, How many cities did you reap in that alliance attack? Even 1? Nope. How many did you go for? I saw your name come and go in my command tab. Mostly go. You have good players in your alliance, you, are not one of them. Congrats to those that got what they got.

And how did you know what time my VacaMode kicked in? Is there a Grepostat for that?Just wondering...

Christmas Holidays are meant for family.... There are more important things than this game. I didn't have the time to fight the good fight. This is the time Vacation Mode is made for.

Nothing more.


now c'mon brbn, we all know VM was made for enema players to run to when they come under attack ;)

I'm currently trying to demo some buildings in the city I took from you. I'm not much on the sim stuff.

by my count we took 8 cities of yours. This was the second time you ran to VM in the last month or so after we started attacking you. I guess it didn't work too well.

As for knowing what time your VM started, easy enough to tell when some attacks will work and some won't. :eek:

Blame the holidays all you want for you running away. We both know the truth ;)